BLACKPINK’s Jennie becomes the new unlucky member in Runningman Ep. 409 with EngSub

You will sit at a table
and mix the briefcases well. Then you will exchange
the briefcases. The team that gets
two bombs will lose… and receive a penalty. Are you ready? (The deathmatch requires
luck and intelligence.) It’s a psychological game.
Who should go first? – Shall we play rock-paper-scissors?
– Play rock-paper-scissors. The winning team
will have a chance to choose. – The winning team gets to choose.
– Yes. – Okay. Let’s go.
– Rock-paper-scissors Jennie. – Rock-paper-scissors
– Rock-paper-scissors (Between Jennie and Ye Jin,
who is fated to choose?) (Ye Jin wins.) – Okay. Good job.
– Oh, yes! (I am sorry, Kwang Soo.) – Jennie.
– We have to choose carefully. Seriously. – This is driving me crazy.
– You know, Jennie is really unlucky. – You know,
– Jennie is… she is the unluckiest guest
I have ever met. She is really unlucky. Despite that,
she keeps trying to do things. – Unlucky people are like that.
– You are right. They like to take the lead. My goodness. And for some reason, we feel like
we’ll strike gold this time. – That’s right.
– It won’t happen at the end. – We won’t be last. I promise.
– Unlucky ones always try to lead. – That’s right.
– Let’s get started. – Pick one.
– Good luck. – Choose one for me.
– What if… (A butterfly lands on his glasses.) (Screaming) Hey, you coward! (Screaming) (No, save me!) – It’s just a butterfly!
– It’s over. Jennie, you’re okay. It’s all right. – You’re okay, Jennie.
– The butterfly landed on you. It was just a small butterfly. – It startled me. It hit my face.
– It was a butterfly. – No, no.
– Hey, right now… By the way, Jennie is a new… – addition to the unlucky ones.
– That’s right. She does fit in with you guys. – She easily gets scared too.
– No pretty women were this unlucky. – It’s my first time seeing one.
– It’s a rare mix. It is rare. – Seriously.
– Exactly. – Can we choose ours?
– Yes. Will you choose, Se Chan?
Or will you let the other team pick? – It’s your decision.
– Make them choose. – We’ll make them choose.
– Yes, that’s better. They have the worst luck. – You should choose, Jennie.
– Do I need one without the bombs? Yes, of course. This one. – Okay.
– Then which one do we get? (She chooses Ye Jin’s
without any hesitation.) – All right.
– Which one will you switch with? – Is it done?
– No. We’ll choose Se Chan’s. (The winning strategy is to pick
the one she didn’t pick.) – Kwang Soo.
– Jennie already chose. – It’s because she chose it.
– Trust me on this. – Yes, trust her.
– I don’t think we’ll be last. Let’s just go with Se Chan’s
this time. What do you think? No? (Shaking her head) – I think this is the one.
– Gosh, she’s stubborn too. – I have no control over this game.
– By the way, – She’s unlucky and stubborn.
– That’s how unlucky people are. She chose the briefcase
with the bomb card to begin with. – All right.
– I’ll open it. – What could this be?
– I can just… (Is there a bomb card in Ye Jin’s
bag which Jennie was certain of?) – Hey, darn it!
– Okay! (Hey, what is this?) – Okay!
– Yes! – Let me see.
– Did she really pick that one? (You have my respect, Jennie.) – Jennie. You’re truly…
– No way. – You should join our club.
– This is unbelievable. – No, don’t shake my hands!
– We hold regular meetings. – We have regular meetings.
– Come to our meetings. – This is incredible.
– You’ll be a regular member. – That’s not it.
– Kwang Soo and Jennie lost.

77 thoughts on “BLACKPINK’s Jennie becomes the new unlucky member in Runningman Ep. 409 with EngSub

  1. And i just realized this episode blackpink also bring a rain to the show, is it because of the unlucky jenny ?

  2. Fortunately jennie with kwangsoo. so she get more air time with unluckiness. good job jennie haha

  3. i really laugh a lot when the butterfly come to jae seok face and the effect make that really really and more funny 😂🤣

  4. She's not unlucky she's very lucky.. Her unluckiness made her get most screen time and she is the literal star in this episode

  5. there should be an episode where the unlucky member hold a meeting on what kind of game for the episode of rm

  6. I’ve been laughing the whole time watching this because of my bias Jennie and my fave rm member kwang soo. They make a really good unlucky couple. Jennie is the cutest, and the scene with butterfly only adds more laughing to these series of unlucky moments lol

  7. do you guys even notice? jenni was considered the luckiest member in the earlier episode of running man… 😂😂

  8. Well i really curious about how jae sok saw the butterfly in front of his glasses ….do u guys imagine it?🤐😲

  9. laughing so hard when kwangsoo yells "hey, coward" it feels like older brother who's always there to annoy you 😂😂

  10. It funny and sweet how kwangsoo knew tht she be running awy went butterfly comes. Kwangsoo was about to hold her hand

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