BLACKPINK Member LISA Is Going SOLO on YouTube

One member of the chart-topping k-pop
group black pink is breaking out and getting her own YouTube channel. You’re
watching what’s trending I’m Casey Spivey, don’t forget to like and
subscribe for more social media news daily. Black pink is a South Korean girl
group formed by YG Entertainment that has four members. Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé. And while jenny has been making headlines lately for her upcoming solo
release, it’s Lisa that’s starting her own YouTube channel. The channel named
Lily Film was announced on Lisa’s Instagram and supported by Co black pink
member Jisoo. The first video uploaded on the page featured Lisa and jisoo walking
around Tokyo. The girls spent the day shopping, sightseeing and eating Japanese
snacks while black pink song see you later played in the background. And while
of course jisoo seemed supportive, the pear company YG entertainment and the
other members of the group have not come out publicly to support the channel.
Rather the company has been heavily pushing Jenny solo song. Which begs the
question, are these early signs that the group might be dissolving? Black pink is the highest-charting
female k-pop group on the Billboard Hot 100.
Recently, branching out to collaborate with international star duo Lipa the
group has been performing together for two years and their YouTube counts over
13 million subscribers. The members have diverse backgrounds and distinct
personalities. Lisa is the youngest member of the group signing with YG
Entertainment as a trainee when she was just 14 years old. She was born in
Thailand and speaks four languages thai, Korean, English and Japanese. Fans call
her the Thailand princess and she’s known to her girl remembers as oppa which is a
pet name for Big Brother. Lisa recently joined the cast of real men
which is a South Korean variety show featuring eight celebrities as they
experience life in the military. Which is a requirement for all Korean men for two
years. Lisa serves as the group’s main rapper
and dancer and has not attempted to release any solo projects until now/
Fans are curious to see where Lisa’s new YouTube channel takes her. And of course
it’s no surprise that all good things including good bands do come to an end.
Take one direction for example, a band that toured together for six years
before they each pursued solo careers. Camila Cabello was a member of the
massive female pop group fifth harmony before breaking out with Havana as a top
hit. And the Spice Girls even took a hiatus after six years together where
some pursued solo careers and then they just announced a reunion tour. But other
famous groups didn’t quite make it all the way. Like Destiny’s Child which
infamously had a rotating door of members until Beyonce decided to break
out on her own. But black pink is just getting started, and if they follow the
six year trajectory set before them by one direction and the Spice Girls,
they’ve still got a long way to go. The group is even set for a seven city tour
in 2019. So, what do you think about Lisa’s solo
channel? Let us know in the comment section and for more of what’s trending
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100 thoughts on “BLACKPINK Member LISA Is Going SOLO on YouTube


  2. -,- Separating? -,- WHY DID THRY EVEN DEBUT AS A GROUP IF THEY ARE GONNA GO ON SOLOS ANYWAY -,- SHEEEESH. Ever heard of the boy group BTS? They have Solos YET they are together and they did NOT SEPARATE. No one LEFT the group, sheeeesh. I don't think you know how YG works, how Kpop works.

  3. Hello!!! Lisa only have her own YouTube channel as a hobby because it is a hobby of hers taking pictures and filming is also her hobby. That is it.. pls do your research carefully, and do not assume…

  4. i think lisa deserve it because she is pretty ,kind,sexyand good voice and also she is a dancer and lisa is my bias or blackpink is my bias

  5. This is absolutely ridiculous. What happens in the west may not happen in the east. WT channel needs more KPop schooling, yo.

  6. what splitting?!are you nuts thats how kpop works… kpop and american groups are not the same heck.. do you even have your own research on how kpop groups work? before sending wrong info with views.. And Its one of Lisa's passion… taking photos so she make an account… shes my bias so before you post it check it.

  7. I’m starting to think lisa and jisoo are closer than lisa and jennie, jisoo also wrote lisa a lovely letter while she was doing the military reality show, their like opposites attract

  8. Jisoo simply supported because she was apart of the video. Bruh you don't even know how to pronounce "Rosé" so don't even think that you know anything about them

  9. Don't jump into conclusion like dissolving the band😢 You said it yourself that they are just starting. So please don't spread rumors like this. BLINKS will not be happy about this. Right BLINKS?


  10. There is so much talent that Rose, Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie could all have solo careers and still be members successful of BLACKPINK when together. BLACKPINK is here forever!

  11. What the hell is wrong with you, dont assume thing just because of a solo improvement, this is a result of not doing enough research and just being generally lazy!!!

  12. Sorry but that is not a sign that the girls are going solo and splitting up, they are under a contract and can not split up until YG says so, and trust me. That is not going to soon

  13. Now watch gayo daejun every single member of blackpink performing solo with jennie
    Now y'all haters ….hit you with that du dud du dud du du
    See you later maybe never !
    And take one direction for example …no I won't

  14. I am so happy that Lisa gets her solo after all the others because with the awards season we will maybe have the chance to see her perform during these events shows and get reaction from other idols… Can’t wait omg each of them is awesome and deserve a solo song.

  15. I'm pretty sure Lisa will have many projects if she will go solo…She's gonna shine brighter coz she's still very young and talented…


  16. Fuck this shit
    I was quaking when i saw the title
    Turns out that y'all dont have any brains
    Please stick to the things you know best and quit spreading these false rumours
    Im glad i scrolled down the comments before watching this shit

  17. Lisa is main dancer and lead rapper. If you don’t know anything then don’t say anything. None of them are going solo. Yes Lisa May have a YouTube channel and yes Jennie may have a solo song and maybe Rose and Jisoo might come next. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE DISBANDING. You are comparing them to western group artists. So leave our girls alone. Btw you exaggerated the title.

  18. She doesn’t know anything about Kpop or BLACKPINK because she said two things wrong and the two thing are Rosé and not Rose second thing is Lisa is the youngest member of BLACKPINK and not Rosé

  19. Western don't even know how kpop works so shut the fuck up.. Newbie to kpop is the western and always compare to their artist.. C'mon.

  20. The group isn’t dissolving. Lolol. They probably just have another account to probably upload Solo videos.

  21. Lisa is Main Dancer, Lead Rapper Jennie is Main rapper not she learn more about them and they position in Blackpink and people they not disbanding they just doing they solo processes and not Lisa is doing second of blackpink solo debut but Rosé

  22. She had her OWN channel but still her agency have the full control to it LOL
    kinda useless because she can’t even upload on her own will and style.
    Hope they would unchain the members somehow tho, They are versatile, BLINKS/ALL PEOPLE WHO KNEW THEM knew that they can do better. That THEY ARE MORE.

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