Black lab mix for adoption. Phoenix, Arizona

So I am here with my sweet friend Nova
who is not paying any attention to what’s going on because she’s got a Kong
behind her. Is that a good Kong do you like that? Is that good? Okay so um she’s
so sweet, so on Friday night I was sitting around and I thought I should
have a pet and I should help a pet, so, off, good girl. So I went online in
Phoenix and I put up that I was interested in fostering a pet and it was
amazing, the next morning, I did that I’d like 8 o’clock at night, the next morning
at 8 a.m. I had somebody phone me and then I had two emails and then the next
day another person called me and they all wanted me to sponsor or foster a dog
so I have Kona, I mean Nova, I find her name really hard
to remember I don’t know why but um I was probably calling her Kona earlier anyway,
um I’m determined to find her home. She is such a well-trained dog she is
amazing, she’s so good-natured and she’s loving and she’s affectionate and she
likes to play but she’s equally happy hanging out here with me in my office,
I’m just sitting right over there and this is where she’s been lying here.
We’ve been having a nice time haven’t we? Haven’t we Nova? Good girl ,do you want to
say hello to anybody out there your fans your future fans.Okay, bye. So the rest of the
video is of what Kona can do, uh God Kona, what is wrong with me? Anyway, I’m
not retaking that. Okay so we’re gonna try something that she’s doing very well.
Sit, good girl and I’m not gonna talk as I go up the stairs because I have
done the other time and she followed me Stay. Sit, stay Come on good girl good girl you are so
smart and so disciplined, you’re such a good girl you’re so good, I love it you

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