Birdy – People Help The People [Official Music Video]

48 thoughts on “Birdy – People Help The People [Official Music Video]

  1. Folks, we have to help each other, we’re here to to make it together. We’re only one, brothers and sisters and we all need each other <3 help with some attention, with a smile, with a prayer … it really fill your heart with tremendous love and strengh.. you will die the happiest if you care about people as much as you care about yourself. Love for all of you <3

  2. Please help me save my fater's life. Any help is of great importance. Kindness will not be lost. I need help from good people. Excuse me I do not know English well.
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  3. Je sais que les personnes qui sont là sont souvent triste , mais il y a toujours une lumière dans le plus sombre des tunnels. Courage lache ton téléphone et dance,chante . Vis ta meilleure vie comme si il te restais juste quelques temps à vivre . Relève toi et bas toi .💪🏻

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