Billy Madison – Business Ethics

24 thoughts on “Billy Madison – Business Ethics

  1. If the unethical has been committing the crime for a period longer than 2 weeks then the matter should be brought to the attention of the staff.

  2. Let's try answering this Business Ethics Question for real guys——-
    The American Business environment has fundamentally changed, following the insider trading, savings and loan scandal.  Explain business ethics, and how are they applied today

  3. @CoolerKing37 He was there to help out, because Billy apologised to him earlier on in the film. 

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  5. Wasn't he entitled to a "free question," considering that Billy was awarded no points for his answer?

  6. I like the look on billys dads face when erics trying to start his answer. Hes like "and this is my vice president? Oo"

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