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okay okay welcome to our online broadcast you know that I love preaching worship together of course let me tell you a little bit about myself before washing I'm 24 years old I came to America because I was called to preach by God you know we all come from various backgrounds because of who God is on if you are you are listening to this you will find in the inner something that God is know he loved he loved us so loved this world this universe so much that He gave His only begotten he gave us his only begotten Son who died on the cross so that all sins can be forgiven I mean so let's pray dear Heavenly Father in the name of our Lord Jesus we thank you for this day that we have received today continue to bless us with your word and as we cherish each and every day for in heaven Lord Jesus we breathe we breathe we we bless each and every one every one of us as we received this miracle I pray we pray that we receive receive and now in your name Christ Jesus you may be seated I want to talk to you a little bit about counterculture this is something that we hope in work a message that I've been working on for quite some time we need to confront the lies that we believe is the devil whatever the case may be you know the lies that we've been told by many overall speak but the thing of the matter is the truth of the matter is we do not have to believe those lies the person that you would to put the truth is Jesus Christ I mean and so do we really believe that or do we see ourselves still struggling in everyday services because actually there is a lot of people in this society ever experience life here this would be one trust Jesus as their personal Savior just to get to heaven and I'm telling you there is not do it because He loves us shiny we will same-sex marriage there is going for centuries now we've been going into the century okay being together getting much actually getting married and let me tell him that that is against the Word of God we also learn that when good touches things in our hands we ought to take it serious good made man in his own image just like we see we are transgender when eating there's a thousand genders out there doesn't need to gender male on female there are no transgender people so we need to get that out of our minds right now because because when I'm gonna tell you why the radical the radical left-wing to tivoli dot there is a such thing with transit gen transgender this person wants to want to be wants to be a month where this person wants to be a woman that is not possible be cool if that's possible but look at the suicide rate that's so high because because of the transgenders prosperity I make it a poodle you too because of this but look at this explicit if you know something is wrong with and you're doing stuff like touch your body that is cool evil desire that is cool evil desire on you and as the price to pay for that which will gets a lot later boot when good touches tea as I say with touches tears in our life we want to take it seriously because every blessing is for us but we have to take this placing series we also open our heart out shout out to God and this this this is not food that this world this country is the rest of this one too people are not respecting their wives or people are not respecting their husbands it's good who have the final say because does not leave I believe God so loved us that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus to the cross no just imagine we need to teach our son certain God says about Jesus about how he died on the cross rules I continually nothing better then to teach my son or daughter about Jesus so when you begin to open your hearts to Boyd in France you in 30 I don't need to think about things like the rest of this world world owes and it's the civil you open my heart to the rest of this to the goodwill 20 people system mr. Ripley no voted – mister – no team it's the right kind of mindset trust with they justified them we have among young man earlier than just some that code themselves woman or the we have woman that justify themselves Aslan amen book of Genesis the Bible even says this God created man in his own image good created man in his own image noble new merging a toy boy your son and daughter and this is room two parents allowing this pornography stove to continue to hold all allowing six people marriage is disgusting we need to not allow allow our kids to Shaco with somebody else we need to teach our kids to get married before they do anything else we need to teach our kids how to pray we need to teach our kids to respect the ways to respect their parents to teach to teach they are kids how to read the Bible even breathe of I believe we need to teach our kids about good you know so many things that you can do also funny to get them ready to go to church to get them ready for the cooling but the problem with this society and this world is Paris will not teach their child about good you know I was read I was an indigo often only do something else we host a teach our children about boat to trust Jesus as their personal Savior and we can get through those two things they couldn't be pulled a miracle from boat from boat because that's what Jesus wants is for us to become holy the only insight on the outside too he wants our hard to be on our minds to be holy because when we say in good we trust we really mean not me in the devil we trust because I think a lot of people say in the devil which was in Mon we trust it is counterculture and we need to pull us to to it but we cannot do that I'll to help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that's where the blessing comes in you know I'll never forget several years ago when I was preached preaching on a group home you know people still tried to stop me but I still kept on going because no matter what hoping no matter what hoping at the end of the day good one says don't tell people tell me what about Jesus he will send it on source to tell people about him but you can't really go to the Heavenly Father without Jesus you know we would sit and Lancet window when good touches things in our heart we also take we cannot take it like we altered we have to take our blessings seriously because if we don't there's a heavy duty price to pay for it because a lots of people will will tell you don't take your blessing seriously well I'm telling you take your blessing seriously because it's the will of God and you can do absolutely what God is telling you to do don't sit there and say that you can do what God is telling you to do you can do many great things if you allow yourself to meet the Jannah I mean so I just want to say one more thing we probably closed this song we who you are Google created don't be who you are be who God created you to be which is be identified in Christ when you can do it I know you can you hold the string to do it and you can get there I know you can no let's pray this prayer did you do you see us Jesus else would be as you were do you see us follow me some of those some of these follow my or viewers today but once they answered yes they are in the right help them to guide them step guidance step by step using your using your no power no precious thoughts we breathe it they will worship you they will register place them and they will only work they will not disobey you but obey and know Jesus we breathe they were able to us would be of this one will be be like in Jesus name we pray when we will we receive it now

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