Bill Nye Destroys Noah’s Ark

Bill Nye: “Mr. Ham and his followers have
this remarkable view of a worldwide flood that somehow influenced everything we observed
in nature. A 500 foot wooden boat, eight zookeepers for
14,000 individual animals. Every land plant in the world underwater for
a full year. I ask us all is that really reasonable? You’ll hear a lot about the Grand Canyon
I imagine also, which is a remarkable place. And it has fossils. And the fossils in the Grand Canyon are found
in layers. There’s not a single place in the Grand
Canyon where the fossils of one type of animal cross over into the fossils of another. In other words, when there was a big flood
on the earth, you would expect drowning animals to swim up to a higher level. Not any one of them did, not a single one. If you could find evidence of that, my friends,
you could change the world. One of the extraordinary claims associated
with Mr. Ham’s worldview is that this giant boat – very large wooden ship – went aground
safely on a mountain in what we now call the Middle East. And so places like Australia are populated
then by animals who somehow managed to get from the Middle East all the way to Australia
in the last 4,000 years. Now that to me is an extraordinary claim. We would expect then somewhere between the
Middle East and Australia, we would expect to find evidence of kangaroos, we would expect
to find some fossils, some bones in the last 4,000 years. Somebody would have been hopping along there
and died along the way and we’d find them. And furthermore there is a claim that there
was a land bridge that allowed these animals to get from Asia all the way to the content
of Australia. And that land bridge has disappeared – has
disappeared in the last 4,000 years. No navigator, no diver, no US Navy submarine—no
one’s ever detected any evidence of this, let alone any fossils of kangaroos. And so your expectation is not met, it doesn’t
seem to hold up. Another remarkable thing I’d like everybody
to consider. Along, inherent in this worldview is that
somehow Noah and his family were able to build a wooden ship that would house 14,000 individual
– there were 7,000 kinds and there’s a boy and girl for each one of those – so is about
14,008 people. And these people were unskilled. As far as anybody knows they had never built
a wooden ship before. Furthermore they had to get all these animals
on there, and they had to feed them. And I understand that Mr. Ham has some explanations
for that which I frankly find extraordinary, but this is the premise for the bit. And we can then run a test, a scientific test. People in the early 1900’s built an extraordinary,
large wooden ship: the Wyoming. It was a six masted schooner, the largest
ever built. It had a motor on it for winching cables and
stuff, but this boat had a great difficulty. It was not as big as the Titanic, but it was
a very long ship. It would twist in the sea. It would twist this way, this way, and this
way. And in all that twisting it leaked like crazy. The crew could not keep the ship dry. And indeed it eventually foundered and sank—a
loss of all 14 hands. So there were 14 crewman aboard a ship built
by very very skilled shipwrights in New England. These guys were the best in the world at wooden
ship building, and they couldn’t build a boat as big as the Ark is claimed to have
been. Is that reasonable? Is that possible that the best shipbuilders
in the world couldn’t do what eight unskilled people, men and their wives, were able to
do? Shipwrights – my ancestors, the Nye family
in New England, spent their whole lives learning to make ships. I mean, it’s very reasonable, perhaps to
you, that Noah had superpowers and was able to build this extraordinary craft with seven
family members, but to me it’s just not reasonable.

100 thoughts on “Bill Nye Destroys Noah’s Ark

  1. He is no better than the idiots who belief this because he takes the bible to literal.
    It wasnt written for us now it was written for people who lived then

    This is so stupid
    The numbers dont add upp because the numbers arent actual numbers
    There ideas
    Indecators of the wild card that is live
    Faith is more than believing the numbers

    Its actualy seeing things as tbey truely are

    Not numbers

  2. Giving these, "Creationists," a platform from which to debate an actual scientist doesn't do anyone any good whatsoever.

    In a scientific context, which is the most effective and primary driver of the world's economic, political, and societal health, there is no more place for Religion than there is for Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

    Scientific literacy is the best inoculation against those who would try to B.S. you.

    Think for yourself, don't believe anything without actual, objective EVIDENCE.

    There IS NO debate to be had.

  3. But the thing is what happens when u die why do u die why is it that your body is still here but it doesn't breath and walk around why is no man immortal till their body is still here why why logic can't solve everything bro iam not religious very much myself but some things can't be logical thats what i believe

  4. Bill Nye IS the stupid'est of all. Why use the middle east as an eksample ? The same story is all around the world ! That does'nt mean it happened 2000 years ago but rather 9000 years ago ! dah . He is just another evolutionist that tryes to pin down religion .

  5. Bill Nye is a total Liberal Moron!!! Noah didnt put live animals into that ark but a DNA specimen of every animal on the Earth at that time. like a DNA and Seed Vault that was on the Ark!!!.. people were lot smarter back then. !!!!!!.. There are fish up on Mt Everest that are still seemingly swimming but are fossilized up there on Mt Everest..Noah got the very detailed specifics on how and what of to build the boat and he took 120 years to build it w his sons.. Shut up Bill Nye.. you are such a moron.. and something like this guy is a damn professor.. no wonder all our young are braindead Moron snow flakes ! There is facts of archaeological finds that not even this clown can disprove.. He doesnt know history thats his problem !!!

  6. If you think about it the continental drift where the tectonic plates moved and the fossils are lost in the bottom of the ocean and in another place where no one has looked and bill has also talked about evolution before so the animals could look different from before the flood and after and we would never know

    I totally agree with everything he says. I am not a Christian. Because i know that much of the writings in there are wrong. Maybe 70% of the whole book is made up, But watch this, some of the things in the bible could acctually be true. They have found proof.

  8. God , means simply life itself. How does life itself have a begining, will it stop or is it eternal? is it all powerful and everywhere, yes.
    welcome to pantheism.

  9. O look , it is Bill Nye the MORON Guy and his pseudo kids science….and worse in the comments you see the tiny morons who follow him….Bah ha ha ha

  10. HEEY, listen here buddy, My dad is Noah and let me tell you he fukn did it so check ur facts, also MechEs are trash engineers

  11. This is why the Islamic view of Noah AS’ life was more logical. We Muslims believe that quite a number of biblical stories have been modified and corrupted through the ages, unlike the Quran which is scientifically proven to be preserved very heavily.

    In the Quran, the flood was in no way global. It was only occurring in a particular region.

    This means it is pretty much in line with Mr Nye’s explanations. It shows that animals and races native to faraway continents were there from the beginning instead of migrating from the Middle East which is impossible.

  12. It’s 2019 and people still think Noah’s days were fiction ? damn you guys have really not done your homework, Amen.

  13. The sad thing is that Atheist's forget we are talking about God instructing Noah how to build it,sending the animals extc…

  14. I think that austrialia argument is good but take it one step further and ask about the tortosies on the galapagos island, they can't swim and weren't placed there by noah.

  15. …waiting on the argument, Nye.

    For people who are so sure God isn't real, y'all sure fight hard against him.

    I came with genuine interest in a conflicting idea, and I have to say, I don't see why people champion this guy.

    A practitioner of the teaching of theories, never fact. After all, to this day, it's still called the "theory" of evolution. Not the fact. It's called the big bang "theory". Not the history of our world.

    Because nobody can prove it. Evolution stops being feasible when the argument is "some aqautic life form landed on the shore one day and grew legs".
    First and foremost, if an aqautic animal landed on dry land, wouldn't it have died shortly after?
    How can a dead organism have offspring?

    Going back further, if there was a high enough concentration of methane in the air that mixed with the lightening that struck whatever organism that is claimed to be our scientifically verified "Adam", then why did it stop evolving? Why did we?

    Going back even further, if before it all, there was nothing, then why all of a sudden did something spring from it? You're saying inanimate forces decided to rouse themselves into a creating mood? Why does our planet serve as the perfect vessel to host life? How can you give something as intricate as solar system such a lame origin story as "something went poof" and here we are?

    If this universe created itself, the wouldn't that mean it was in a state of existing and not at the exact same time? Meaning this whole thing should never have gotten as far, seeing as it'd be in a constant loop of creation? I don't see any mountains popping up, do you?

    It stopped. As if it was done. Complete. Now, who else but an all powerful God could create something like this?

    I'll wait. And while I wait, I'll remind you all of what you conveniently look over. Pangea. Wouldn't it make sense that the flood is somehow connected to the world's form as we know it? Think about it.
    Fossils are being "discovered" all around the world that point to what shouldn't be. Indigenous life forms appearing where it'd be impossible for them to be.

  16. imagine how silly he feels now with regards to the land bridges. I don't believe in the ark story but there is significant evidence suggesting there was a flood. just look at the work of Randal Carlson, Robert Schoch, Graham Hancock. a significant amount of evidence! but Yeh Noah didnt save every species, hence 60-80% of all flora and fauna in north america went extinct at the end of the last ice age.. probably due to a huge flood. where was Noah?

  17. 1st- God have him instructions on how to build it.
    2nd- Noah was 600 years old, do u really think with that many years he was completely unskilled…? No
    3rd- You can’t say evolution or the Big Bang is a fact because u honestly have no idea how it happened, u can’t explain it, u can’t see it, it’s pure guesswork, ur theory completely breaks off all the laws.

  18. Well I can't wait for the future when people read JK Rowling and start making wands using wood to prove that they can cast a spell with it. 😂

  19. All I’m gonna say is.. God works in mysterious ways. You can follow him or you can leave him. You do you. But you ain’t changing my mind 😂

  20. Jesus Christ is love.

    Maybe people should visit some African countries:
    I'm so confused and surprised by how people don't know they live in a spiritual world. My little brother hears God, that's normal in my home town. All my friends have the spirit of prophecy that's normal (Acts 2:27). I don't get why people are so hyped, amazed and dazzled by Harry Porter. Just last week, to the horror of one of the women in a neighboring church: She discovered that her beloved grandmother was a witch as she turned into a snake right before her eyes. In other parts of the world, you call it fantasy. Why?

  21. trumps never built the original wall, border has been over it.We are over it. somewhere theres illegal americans in mexico.

  22. The best comment ever about Noah's Ark was from Richard Dawkins who – after thoroughly debunking the whole thing using similar arguments to these – said

    "I am sorry to use a sledgehammer to crack so small and feeble a nut"

  23. Statements are far to flawed and hypocritical.

    To assume how animals gathered all over the world is putting belief in what is written in the bible then secondly guessing how they gathered around the world. Basic psychology; if you have no belief in a topic you don't conjur up hopothetical of how opposing your original belief.

    I don't think a person on earth has written an autobiography detailing their whole life from week to week. An ark was built, people an animals got on, the world flooded, it dried up. A 2nd chance was given. Any other info needed to be written in that story? Nope.

    There's many ancient cities underwater, you can even scuba dive some yourself with the right certs and licences. To say there was never a flood of this magnitude is obserd considering the things found in most the the recorded underwater cities has been proven even by atheist scientist that it had to be tsunami like flooding for what was left untouched or not taken

  24. If you look at the story from an advanced civilization perspective, then it makes sense. Like a digital arc of all plant DNA/seeds.

  25. He said we didnot find any fossils, well maybe you should look more carefully. they know the flood is real so they now tend to disapprove the ark. God is good, god is real

  26. You must live in your own little bubble , there is nothing fraud about the ark story , it repeats all over the world. You don't even address what ark story you dispute , all of them ? Bill Nye is NOT a scientist. Where in the world did you get that from ?

  27. the ark story isnt true but u know what is? the planet is on f u c k i n g f i r e

  28. I have alot of respect to bill nye and admiration to science thinking.the historic literature the bible brings has alot of facts and truth to it though some or unexsplanned seem fictional.but all around the globe there or writtings on the walls of this so called flooding of the earth by our to dinasours pictures on the walls.if man did not exist during that age but a ape man.ape man with fire and sticks ignorance.there is no plusable truth of fact there on the wall is a dinasour and a picture of a ark and past down from generations written in a book of the event of both though the bible uses dragon or behemoth discribing a beastly dinasour.i have trouble believing the evolution due to uncommon grounds when there is true facts to the bible as a historical events.not tuaght in has tried to find the big bang theory and time it is just that.a big fat theory without facts allways we found it but wait there is something missing or lacks or the so called numbers dont they found nothingless at the end of the what created nothingless out nothingless.why i never went to college to be tuaght mindfully to ignorance preserve my thoughts on my own.

  29. 4000 years? Regardless if it was true or not, Noah was set way before ancient Egyptian civilization which is 7000+ years ago. You can have your opinions of whether something is unreasonable or not, but that claim alone was invalid if your approach was to compare facts with fiction.

    Also, there is scientific evidence that continents were interlocked at one point.

  30. "All climate deniers should be in jail " How on earth can Bill Nye be a respected scientist saying that , when :
    1.) Bill Nye is NOT a scientist ! and 2.) He denies any man or woman on earth to form their own oppinion in their head about it ! If anything then Bill's brain is the one that's in prison ! What a jerk puppet !

  31. The difference with the Islamic view is this and the Christian view is that muslims believe it was a local flood while Christians believe it was a universal flood so the islamic view seems more probable.

  32. Very nice. Very nice, indeed. Now in your infinite scientific wisdom. Please explain to us how you scientists. With your science. Put a man on the moon? And now since the breakthroughs in CGI have to come up with another moon movie… Year. After year. To keep the brainwash going. There is no possible way the moon is that interesting. Explain to me these satellites you've developed that travel thousands of miles an hour through space. How far is Pluto from here. Show me the wonderful pics you have of it. Show me all the CGI. Make me believe its real from other planets. Even though the simple math doesn't add up. You Havnt even explored the Earths oceans.

  33. Noah didn't need to be Superman to build the ark. A) he had plenty of time to carry it out, and B) he most likely had hired workers, who may not have believed in the project, but still wanted a paycheck.

  34. I think it was a local flood
    And he built an ark to save animals native to his area
    He certainly could not have rounded up penguin or venomous animals

  35. If new Orleans was around in biblical times….the people would have said that god destroyed it due to the evil ways of its people I.e. Mardi head crime etc

    Destroying in terms of Katrina

  36. the problem is with the translation not the event.

    the bible just says 'erets' or dry land as in one continent.. erets is not a globular world view AT THAT TIME.
    Erets would not be all the continents already divided at that time as we see it on a map today. So erets is translated whole world.. (whole is an added word, btw and not a sourced word), world is not the globular planet too them as this book was written by them we have too understand their meaning we just cant come along with hellenized understanding of our language and superimpose our modern definitions of word, specifically the word world because it meant an entirely different thing too them.

    a localized flood answers more questions than a WWF.

    what happens with reprints and new versions is every author becomes a "clarifying entity" concerned with clarity of the sentences meaning and we get a catholic doctrine bible. So when the king james was written there was this dissention about a round planet vs flat earth, but when making easier to read versions of Gods word they greatly depart from a word by word translation and therefore, we get to read .. redaction for clarity sake.. which is to clarify the doctrines.

    another example: is john chapter one. and the Word….. capital W… and the Word.. well, that Word there with its capital on it is the doctrine of jesus christ. Its not just a word, its jesus.. jesus is the Word. So again we get a doctrine of in the beginning was jesus christ. Rubbish.
    In the beginning is a jewish torah tag line.. that takes the reader back to gen 1.. in the beginning yahweh created.. everything.. not jesus.
    and God said.. Yahweh said.. not the Word said.. john vs 1 is talking about yahweh, not jesus.. but you have another doctrine shoved up yer nostril.

  37. If you watch the whole debate, both sides make compelling arguments to support their beliefs. Definitely gives you much to think about and easily proves why there is so much debate. The explanation of historical science vs observational science was very interesting.

  38. Hey Bill! Loved watching you as a kid and then I realized how impossible macro-evolution was. Still like your show though, just gotta chew up the hay and spit out the sticks. You'll see the truth someday, unless you already do…

  39. So how do you explain a huge boat at the top of mount Ararat that is older than 5000 years old and has the same dimension as the bible recorded.

  40. I just realized that the a global ocean that would be caused by the flood would have gigantic tides on account of the body of water being at least twice as big then the current global ocean.
    This would mean the storms Bill Nye mentioned would be even bigger in Noah's case then in the Wyoming's case.

  41. Without faith you cannot please God. You would be a fool to reject Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Repent or indeed surely perish. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

  42. For those of you who doubt & mock the biblical facts as written.
    If Noah’s ark didn’t exist, then what is the huge wooden structure 14,000 feet up on Mount Ararat?
    Look it up on YouTube.
    Hand made wooden beams now encased in ice?
    Mortise and tenon joineries?
    Multiple rooms & floors?

  43. Why are we here? Is there a reason? Who created us? What created us? How did it all begin? When did time begin?

    Total Insanity to actually say that you know all these fairy tales to be true. Break Free. You're looking at the world through a pair of toilet paper cartridges. It's so much more fascinating if you take them off. All the things we don't know that we get to try to find out! Invigorating!!! We don't know the answers to those questions!!!I'm so glad we don't or it would really be boring here. Insisting that you already know why we're here and how we got here, just like most every other religion in history mind you, is sooo boring! I think maybe there is something that created us but I have no proof of that just like you. I also think Bigfoot might be real! If there is supreme creator and I ever find out I'll be even more shocked if it gave a shet whether or not I had dirty thoughts!

  44. Hydroplate theory, "nuff said", all should look it up, it is brilliant!!! Boom! Home run! And the crowd goes wild! Creationist 1 Evolutionist 0 Debate over!!!!

  45. Saw the 2 hour documentary of the walking debate was disappointed in Nye for not admitting what he can't prove absolutely. Hann seem to honestly say what he can prove and not prove. Just disappointed.

  46. You have to realise that God is not restricted by things like gravity, weight, etc. He is the ultimate Creator of the world. He is in full control of all forces and can have anything happen if he wishes it. He isn’t constrained by anything, so it is pointless to try and argue that the Noah’s ark story is not true due to scientific reasons.

  47. "Ganesha with his elephant head has never been observed in the fossil record."
    The science guy Science science science the science guy

  48. God is not logical, so stop assuming everything has a logical explanation because we humans don’t even know the fullest extent of our worlds powers and gifts. We are still learning.

  49. My question is – If you''re surrounded by water, 360 degrees, in a blinding storm, how can you ever know the entire world is flooded? Did Noah manage to navigate his unpowered ark around the world using GPS?

  50. It has always said in the bible it was a global flood, a flood that covered the earth. I have never heard of ancient records of a smaller flood being recorded. I would like to know what these records are and where they were found.

    The Bible gives the date of the flood as beginning 2345 BCE and ending in 2344BCE. No civilizations around the world show a disruption in their history — as no one but the 8 people and thousands of animals on the Ark survived. Archeology and history does not corroborate the biblical story.

    The city of Ur of the Chaldees (ancient Sumer, location of the “plains of Shinar”, a place Noah inhabitated) was the leading city from about 2400 BCE until about 2285BCE and its history is not broken by a global flood.

    Babylon was rising to power from about 2400BCE and reached a great height of civilization under the famous King Hammurabi and again there is no break in their history due to a flood.

    In Egypt the 5th Dynasty which began to reign about 2465BCE was followed by the 6th Dynasty (2323BCE) which ruled to about 2000BCE. The time period is very well documented and there was no disruption during the 5th Dynasty at the time of Noah's flood 2345BCE with the nation remaining strong.

    The Harappan Civilization (2300–1900BCE) in India shows no record of a global flood and, ironically, appears to have ended because of a region wide drought.

    Chinese history begins nearly 3000 BCE. The Shu-King historic record of China shows that King Yao came to the throne in 2356BCE and ruled for many years after the alleged flood. Incidentally during the reign of Yao, the Shu-King reports that the Hwang Ho River broke its banks a number of times for three generations but no global flood. (Yao is short for Tangyao).

    Ancient civilizations in India which predate the bible entirely show no evidence that such a catastrophic flood ever happened. Appearance of the oldest book of the Hindu religion, the Rig Veda predates the Bible considerably, according to dating by astronomical events listed in the Rig Veda.

    The flood was global as stated in the Bible. It was sent by god to wipe out man as he had become too sinful. It hardly holds up to its purpose of killing all on earth if it was a much smaller flood. What would the point of a smaller flood be? I'm sure there were smaller floods all the time as stated about the Hwang Ho River flooded numerous times.

    No as far as the bible says it was a global flood to do away with mankind and that's why two of every animal was taken on board. As well as the ark as described in the bible not being sea worthy, the proof that this flood didn't occur is the continuation of all other civilizations in earth.

  51. Bill Nye was pretty generous in this clip. The details of the Noah's Ark story make it far more implausible than he lets on.

  52. It always amazes me how the faithful have this ability to turn their intelligence off. And the extreme lengths they will go to in order to try to defend the obviously absurd. The believers can be guaranteed to do one of two things:

    1: They will simply go into denial and say the Bible is the final word no matter what. This is a form of self-lobotomisation, presumably to continue to cling to the comfort blanket called god. They live in a simplistic world where any difficulty is overcome by saying "god used magic" and "don't question"
    2: The handful who have no lobotomised themseves will actually employ their intellects in concocting and confecting ever more ridiculous theories in order to defend the story like "maybe Noah was given genetic engineering". There is a subset of slightly smarter people who will say "it's a metaphor"

    The Noah story is so obviously absurd, demonstrably absurd, there is not one shred of evidence in it's favour and mountains against – it's a done deal: it never happened, it couldn;t have happened. Yet people cling to it like pre-schoolers who refuse to give up Santa.

  53. the human give an example and said who revive the decayed bones, who creates them at first is able to do that the understanding of humans is very short

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