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  1. Girl you got me in my feelings
    Billy do you love me
    Are you riding
    Will you never ever leave from beside me

  2. You know what would be great is if one of the producers of the reality wives show (pick your favorite) rigs the private plane they took to a private island to blow up BEFORE they can get back home (I’m not saying kill them) but keep the cameras going for a month and then go pick them up and see how they respond. Now that, I would tune in my DVR for.

  3. I'm 71 and I understand it perfectly. Most people today are bunch of simps who love shows like the Kardashians who are just famous for being famous.

  4. Sorry to hear Nia falls for this shit. "Reality" shows are not real. They're scripted and the producers don't have to pay professional actors to do them. If the characters stink that just makes them look more "real". What a rip-off and insults to the intelligence. Reality shows are to reality what WWE is to real wrestling.

  5. 4:50…It's extremely difficult to work a Dennis Green meltdown reference into casual conversation. Well played, Billy

  6. Talking about herself talking about The more people watch these senseless Reality Shows the more these senseless cunts stay on the Also id love to watch a BILL BURR REALITY SHOW. He has an awesome sense of humor and opinion. Boss.

  7. My favorite shows are shark tank 😭 and nailed it lmao. Can’t STAND THE ONES WITH PEOPLE SHOWING THEIR LIVES I COULDNT FUVE A SHIT LESS

  8. If anyone ever wants to get to know me, I'll just show them this video. Because I have the exact same mindset.

  9. That’s cause old people are dumb. I’m supposed to believe the average person whose education ended 20, 30, 40, or 50+ years ago didn’t need to update it and keep up with the changing times? That the education they got that many decades ago (more than half their life for most of them) is good enough for modern times? What else do we keep using from those eras? Damn near everything has changed and improved-yet most of these old people didn’t bother doing the same and now we’re supposed to pretend they know shit and their opinions should count for something simply because they lived so long? Nope, sorry. You’re gonna have to show you know things before I’m gonna listen to what you have to say. We’re taught more these days than you were back in the day and thanks to the internet we have access to more and better information and don’t have to rely on what the people in your immediate vicinity know to get your information about the world

  10. Fuck I had to walk away from my desk. I’m laughing way to hard at work right now. “Fer meeeeeeeeee” 🤣😂🤣😂

  11. reality shows Bill are made entirely for women. because obviously they have so little in their own life but they have to worry about what's happening in these fake on-screen personalities wives even though what is portrayed is absolute fantasy. it doesn't say much for our society when shows like this are so popular but popular with who? definitely not with me I stopped watching TV because it's full of drivel, 1500 channels and nothing on. turn on the idiot box and there's a ocean of bullshit and garbage to drown in. that infernal machine tells you what to think what to buy what to love what you really supposed to want makes you feel like you're not beautiful like you're not good enough like you don't have enough and worst of all it promotes poison in the way of fast food portrayed as being a healthy way of eating and then after you've consumed that shit for 20 to 30 years then they have all the new drugs that are completely untested and they will give these drugs a 92 maybe one year trial and then say that they're okay for human consumption even though after 2 years you'll you'll have organs failure and an ass that's 2 and 1/2 feet wide and your tits and your belly both hang down past your groin. Hahaha

  12. I hate all those too , “real wives of whatever “basketball, football all they do is spend their husbands earned money and act like they’re business women making a difference which they’re not

  13. Nia legitimately said she liked Logan Paul, wow. She sometimes lets me down by saying she like this, not that she cares.

  14. "I need to clear my head from talking all this shit and complaining on tv. I'm gonna go on vacation even though my whole life is basically a vacation"

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