BIker News Motorcycle Club Colors Not allowed in San Antonio Laconia Motorcycle Rally Starts

[Music] Josh wood in Laconia New Hampshire he’s there man why do bikers love Trump so much there is the President of the United States sitting astride a motorcycle in a ruther jacket in front of the Capitol a rifle in hand there he is again once more rubber clad both of his middle fingers extended as he stands on those southern border the words women on the t-shirt and denim vest alongside the imaginary biker version of Donald Trump they sued similar vibes find me someone with balls punk shit spit web Trump 2020 malala’s come in at Waconia New Hampshire’s annual motorcycle week the oldest such rally in the nation apparel supporting Trump is on sale everywhere you look Liam Andrews an 18 year old who it was working at a vendor tent that had perhaps the most portable showcase of Trump shirts doesn’t care much for politics but he does know one thing the Trump at its core American biker subculture is rooted in the ideal of rebellion against society’s norms and against Authority it is a brash individualism of saying and doing what you want despite what others think in Trump many bikers have found an unlikely Idol a non biker real estate billionaire who nevertheless paints himself as a rebel outsider and disrupter I think that you like his crudeness his rudeness said Bill Thompson a long lying on word wrong life for a biker who’s a professor of sociology at Texas A&M Commerce where he studies motorcycle culture you got a study yet ray is like Laconia we’re tens of thousands gather along the shore of Lake Winnipeg every June support for Trump is easy to find for most of the summer Laconia swears beaches of family-friendly destination a time capsule of nostalgia replete with arcades a lakeside boardwalk and one of the nation’s few remaining drive-in movie theaters that for a week every June wears beaches transformed as bikers descend here for the largest motorcycle rally in the Northeast the language is foul the wardrobe is leather engines are loud as is the music booze flows freely tencel chaps and bus with gun pockets you can smoke where you like for the most part there are daily wet t-shirt contests in the most raucous bar men men picking women in lingerie to spank their bare bottoms with a paddle and for a state so far north that it borders Canada there are surprising number of Confederate flags on clothing oh my god there’s that a sign of the link some bikers have with white supremacy you are so full of crap by enlarge bikers are an aging demographic at at times it can feel like spring break for baby boomers a time and place where the generally accepted rules of society do not apply you could tell who’s riding us right shirts sell more than anything else by the time Laconia Bike Week came to an end last month this store had sold out of its most popular t-shirt which red truck 2020 because blank your feelings most of the bikers here hate liberals he said well yeah it is among these holdout rebels that Trump has found a wellspring of support personally I think it’s because he’s for the commoner he wants to make sure everyone gets a fair shake says Vince Kenyon 53 who was wearing a leather bikers for Trump bus while smoking a cigar when they see someone doing good bikers will come together and support that person others echoed that sentiment I don’t think he’s one of those bikers said gal a 59 year old rider from Massachusetts who was browsing Trump apparel and asked at her surname not be used for fear losing business in her home blue state he’s just in touch with the blue collar people while Thompson sees reasons as to why bikers are attracted to Trump he says the overall support still seems somewhat baffling only would it be to a liberal I would almost guarantee you Trump has never even sat on a motorcycle in his life he said yet you go to a rally and these badass bikers are wearing t-shirts they’ve got stickers caps and decals he’s their man back when he was still the host of The Apprentice Donald Trump actually did sit on a bike when the bike makers from the Discovery so American Chopper made him a custom motorcycle predictably it was gold and had his name on it however Trump is emitted lead not a biker and in 2017 recounted how he turned down and offered a ride Harley Davidson bikes brought to the White House by the manufacturer other politicians had more actively engaged the biker lifestyle Trump’s former rival Blake Arizona Senator John McCain addressed bikers at the Sturgis Rally during his 28th presidential run canary Trump’s vice president Mike Pence has frequently taken part in motorcycle rides and even named his dog Harley but none saw the worship from bikers that Trump does it’s all about attitude said Randy McBee an associate professor of history at Texas Tech University and the author of born to be wild the rise of the American Motorcyclist he’s got this sort of no shit taking kind of attitude that fits in with the image of the outlaw biker all these professors out there right guys right wing ideals he had it have been popular in biker circles for a long time but in Trump they found somebody to purse my god with Marty’s people bill Hays a California biker who has written a number of books on motorcycle culture and outlaw motorcycle clubs says conservative candidates have always been attracted to bikers but that Trump’s flamboyance has resulted in an equally flamboyant embrace he’s from Cali remember that a lower key politician that embraces the ideals would we like him or not here yeah he said but in this case it’s all so over the top that the support is over the top the biker love has not gone on return Trump has repeatedly held the bikers for Trump group which is now a political action committee and painted them as key allies I had the support of the police the support of the military and the support of the bikers for Trump he told the conservative website breebauer in March I had the tough people but they don’t play a tough until they get to a certain point and then it would be very bad very bad Trump statement was read by many as a threat of potential violence against opponents if his administration were cornered he has also weighed in on biker issues calling for a boycott of harley-davidson last year after the company announced it was shifting some production overseas to avoid the tariffs this spring Trump reversed course on the company called an EU taxes on the bike manufacturer unfair and bowing retaliation but at Laconia Israeli a world away from trade disputes Trump remains popular despites his c sod on the country’s most beloved bike brand damn rue liberals not a white man the Trump shirt so everywhere we go said Reid effect on Farhad who immigrated to the u.s. from Lebanon nearly twenty years ago and sells biker apparel across the country outside her tent on the sidewalk two topless women the breasts only slightly obscured with paint and pasties were offering to pose for photos with passer buys for tips a stall next door was sellin bong engine wrap and the tattoo guns whined the Trump t-shirts continued to sell man cupcakes get over it will ya man more psycho profiling project by double D San Antonio police say where MC colors in public is a crime o motorcycle profiling and is Anna depa demmick in Texas demand and judicial and legislative relief it appears that the level of unconstitutional absurdity has reached new heights as captured on video members of a motorcycle club were cited by officers in San Antonio for disturbing the peace for display in their motorcycle club insignia in public which the officers considered a public display of gang colors the officer’s actions are outrageous and blatantly unconstitutional under both the first and fourth amendments to the US Constitution all officers in San Antonio and throughout Texas should immediately sister cease and desist from any further illegal searches or seizures and citizens based on the fact that a person is riding a motorcycle where motorcycle club related exact Nia he goes on the same motorcycle profile in an epidemic in Texas yes it is this incident in San Antonio was only one of the most recent incidences documented and reported across the state according to the 2018 National motorcycle profilin survey executive summary Texas is among the worst states for reported incidences of profilin in America the 2018 MPs confirms the white held belief among motorcyclists in Texas that incidents of profiling have dramatically per lip related since the Twin Peaks tragedy that occurred on may 17 2015 the 2018 MPs shows a 100% increase in the percentage of survey participant incidents of profiling in Texas since 2013 the impact on civil liberties being stopped and cited for wearing a motorcycle club colors other the guise of disturbing the peace would be laughable if it weren’t actually happening wearing motorcycle club colors in public has been recognized by federal courts as expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment moreover where motorcycle club colors is not reasonably suspicion of a traffic infraction or criminal activity the minimal threshold for a seizure under the Fourth Amendment independent of this obvious misapplication of statue profile and incidences take many forms and impact a wide array of civil liberties motorcycle club members with a legal license to carry have been arrested for possession of legal firearms simply for being a member of a motorcycle club club members had been stopped and threatened with jail if they did not submit to happen every tattoo on their bodies photographed against their consent unfortunately the fact that these attacks and civil liberties impact well established rights and fly in the face of well-established judicial precedent has not been a deterrent to law enforcement video is critical to fighting back the video captured in San Antonio could be a critical piece of evidence demonstrating the essential facts required to successfully defend against the infraction and maybe file an injunction against the practice of stopping and/or citing a person for wearing motorcycle club colors the facts are all contained in a short video which you can see on the profile and projects website the individuals in the video are being cited for disturbing the peace because wearing motorcycle club colors is displaying gang colors in public yeah I hate to live down in Texas me and I’m Tanya for a state that’s supposed to be so free yeah it’s not so free down in Texas man uh-uh uh-uh not so free anyway that is your biker news and with that I’ll catch you later [Music] [Music]

26 thoughts on “BIker News Motorcycle Club Colors Not allowed in San Antonio Laconia Motorcycle Rally Starts

  1. What do you think about what happened in San Antonio with the Motorcycle Club Colors?

  2. Too many college courses with these reporters they get their reporting mixed up with courtroom stenography, that's why they can't write where people can read it

  3. I have a friend who's sister happened to be a cop. She happened to see his and my own BoozeFighter support gear. First and last thing she said on that subject is they (BoozeFighters) are nothin but thugs. I happen to know differently as I grew up with many in the particular chapter I grew up partying with. To the cops in North Texas you on a bike and wearing leathers you are a target. The club members Ive known all my life are good people that care about their communities. 8m independent but most people I ride with are club members from various clubs. Most are patriotic folks that don't take no shit and willing to defend most anybody from any who may persicute them. To all MC fighting the good fight & watch your 6. I'm no club member but have a love for and support all clubs except the supposed L.E.O. clubs.

  4. Hey Hollywood since you're a reporter it would not be the nine of you to make a call to the FBI and ask them what is going on how come people civil liberties are being violated and they're not doing nothing that would be a hell of a story

  5. San Antonio is the test City for violating rights. We need to file suits on the city council and mayor

  6. Hollywood this isn’t to you. This is to San Antonio πŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸΌ

  7. I grew up in texas as a 1%er. It used to be alot worse here. I remember once being stopped on i-10 by a black cop with a white partner. The black cop says, 'we need to document all your tattoos, as he takes a look at the first one he reads, 'thank god i'm white". The black cop had a look of shock, while the white cop was rolling on the hood of the squad car laughing his ass off. The black cop gave me my license back and shook his head and walked off.

  8. Heres just how i see it, The Police and LEO of any Kind have more corruption reports against em Than bikers yet police and leo can freely wear body armor with their branding in public they can use their weapons without just cause and get away with doing so. So who is the Gang Who are the Criminals Whom wear their Cutts everywhere even in places bikers and street gangs take off colors out of respect Leo and Police still Rock up in Theirs WTF. As for the trump acticle well its just common sense really Trump is a rebel that gives a shit where the lefties just talk shit and burn down schools and cry like bitches

  9. Ok I live in San Antonio. And the official word is that no order was given to stop bikers wearing colors. The actions of profiling bikers is from a few dick head cops So says our source

  10. I ride daily with colors on and with my club and pass cops all the time. It’s literally only a coupe of them being thier normal selves. Assholes

  11. So the state of Texas seems to be above our constitution so we don't have no rights there and no government political figures feel this is ok spit the face of all who fought free these freedoms on our day of Independence πŸ–• Texas

  12. Now up in Dallas/Ft Worth they DO STOP ALL BIKERS they have orders to profile them. Not in those words but to stop them and get pictures. But that’s the only cities so far. Hopefully it doesn’t extend further

  13. Videos like this express the truth and need to be heard. Unfortunately not all listen and they miss the point. Being profiled for what you are wearing is wrong. No matter what I wear does not constitute an imminent threat of violence or crime so there is no articulable suspicious for Issuing tickets to P.H. can and should only be countered in a court of law, not at the m.v. stop. Until we, as bikers change the law, innovative and illegal legal maneuvers will keep happening.

    Until we put in the same effort we do to go to rallies, the fund raisers, and sit back idlely and watch the shit show it will only embolden them to go farther. Good video. L/R. RAGU

  14. EastCoast beaches looking very strange last couple years. Trump's gold black Harley is Awesome.Trump is a great fair person i have seen him in action in 1986 N.Y.C. Great Work was completed ahead of schedule. HollyWood & ChinaDoll much respect. Happy4Th

  15. I said that on this platform last yr. From article in the small or short papers. This is a abomination the colors came from Veterans carring the colors of Cupid Dolls on the Aircraft's , WarShips and other vehicles of War. Save The Military Colors Our Boys Carry. GB

  16. In todays world people have seem to have forgotten what a liberal and a conservative truly are, i dont know why bikers support or think there conservative when in reality were more on the libertarian side politics just more patriotic. Texas is a very conservative state i know cuz my dad lives there, conservatives really dont like bikers because the way we live. For example when someone complains about you showing tits on a photo when its a liberal there just beeing PC, but in reality conservatives are the ones to really complain because it goes against there old fashion traditional values, camp ncn your going to a true conservative is against that , thats the type of conservative that texas is. As a matter a fact camp ncn sounds like something the hippies (Or tree huggers as there called) would do, thats sounds like the free love ideals they came up with during the sexual revolution of the 60s .So idk from what i understand and what i studied in college about politics were more on the libertarian side of the deal just with a more patriotic outlook. So thats the thing about texas they have a more oppressive conservative mentality.

  17. Wina pa socki. Love Trump. His items were selling well in North Carolina also at a Thresher's Reunion. Bought some too!

  18. Hollywood, Happy Independence Day………….OH, BY THE WAY CHECK THIS OUT……………..

  19. The Tech Industry is largely Liberal and Texas being a low tax state is attractive to these companies. With all these techies pouring in to the state I don't know how much longer it remains a red state.

  20. Trump has my vote. But the red flag laws, and comments about taking guns prior due process, makes me wonder.

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