Bicentennial Vlog #3

Greetings! We’re here to talk about the 200th
celebration. I’m Barbara Cassin. I’m Jeff Bravin. There’s so many exciting things coming
up and it’s hard to believe that in less than one year it will all begin. Last week was
actually April 21st the actual date of our kick-off next year. We’ve started the count
down. As you know we’ve been getting together on
a regular basis every month and been talking about many different ideas. Now we are finally
starting to narrow down some details. We still haven’t finalized everything it’s a work in
progress. For example, we have been talking about the April 21st 2017 Gala. We are in
the process of selecting a chair person and an honorary chair person for the Gala.
After Jeff gets the approval then we will be able to finalize more of the details. Hopefully
during next month’s meeting. We have a couple of people in mind but we
have to make it happen. We talked about other things. One of them
was a time capsule. We would like to start putting items in the time capsule next year
at the kick-off. We will have momentos from the different monthly events that will be
put in the time capsule and hopefully we will close it during the NAD Conference in 2018.
We may also have an open house here in the fall but those details have not been finalized.
Anything you’d like to add to that? Well of course we’ll have identify an appropriate
location to bury the time capsule. I’m sure we’ll find that place.
Another exciting thing is March of 1988 was Deaf President Now (DPN) Movement at Gallaudet
University. It will be 30 years later in 2018 and we should be celebrating this movement.
So Jeff is in contact with Galladauet University to see if we can get them involved. I did
meet with Bobbi Cordano two weeks ago and explained to her about the importance of the DPN and
we knew it did happen at Gallaudet but we would like to spread the power of deaf education
by using the DPN story. We think it would be a great opportunity. So I’ll be talking
with Bobbi again more and finalizing the details and we’ll keep you posted.
So as you can see we have many exciting things planned. I’m sure you know of the Iron Chef
competition that exists. We’ve had that competition with the students just last month. We’d like
to do the same thing for the students again but we would like to have deaf professional
chefs enter into a competition. And this would be live streamed as well. This
would expose people to the different types of skills deaf people have. Not just education
but in the field of culinary arts as well and others. The monthly events will include
deaf history, educational topics, culture, film and art. When we get more of those plans
firmly set we will let you know. One last thing, as you know, Dennis Palka
was a representative alumni on the committee. He did pass away. Richard Golebiewski will now
be the representative on the committee for the alumni. But on the alumni flyer Dennis Palka’s
name will remain as the honorary chair. Losing Dennis Palka was a big loss for the
school, staff, alumni and the community. We’ve decided to keep his memory alive in
this way. Most importantly I encourage you all if you
want information about all these events to go to our website: There’s also some news I’d like to share with
you. We applied for a grant, which we did get. It’s from the National Society of the
Daughter’s of the American Revolution. It’s a ten thousand dollar matching grant. The
reason we were able to secure this because we have many historical documents that we
would like to make sure we preserve. So this grant money will allow us to preserve
ten very crucial items and they will also be in the exhibit next year.
Some of the items are a letter from Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet to Laurent Clerc’s mother
requesting her permission for Laurent to come to America to start the school for the deaf.
A letter from Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet to the ASD Board of Directors talking about the
progress of establishing the school. A letter from the school for the deaf in France from
Abbe Sicard asking Laurent Clerc to reconsider for his decision to go to America with Gallaudet.
Also the first book of sign language which is called “Language of the Hands” that was
published in 1640 that needs to be preserved as well.
So we thank the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution for granting us
this grant and allowing us to do the work we need to do to preserve the items.
And one more thing I forgot. The committee has been considering a graphic image for our
200th Anniversary. In the next vlog we will be showing it.
So many exciting things. We’ll see you next month when our next vlog is. Thank you. So

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