BEST TACO TRUCK in the WORLD! EMOTIONAL MOM – 30th Birthday Surprise (FV Family Vlog)

well you guys saw it's mommy's birthday comes walking on the counter cuz that's just what you do right you have to prepare your food on the floor this is where you cut food I think got chocolate whoo but Shawn whose are those okay I'll be honest last night when we went and picked all this out I didn't look at Shawn's card that he picked out for you seriously like we didn't even it says from your lovable little monsters happy Father's Day I literally just started say happy birthday that's a Toy Story 4 e napkins should we give mom you'll blush brush yeah let's do it okay now I've been like he's like to get your mirror this mirror makes it look like you're 50 guys Lex got mommy all of that so did you not get her anything from losing weight what did you get for mommy remember last night when we were going to Target to pick her out gifts why didn't you come dante's hi I'm here for the new job I'm here to clean your teeth under going to use that I played you so well oh she's making corny dad wait wait hold on before we get to your here we gotta show my my gift so how all of our landscaping looks very good yeah I saw the bushes are all cut I gotta show you why we're gonna introduce you to the best gardener in the world his name is hey Zeus I say hi to him I love mazes now it's time to see my skip she's like what is happening I don't know but I'm leaving seriously why does Oreos Bowl look like fight the powwow my money come on basically this is where you know mommy does her work me a little addition here in there or you can floss like did you get that for me or for you I think Shawn got mosquitos chapstick for him and Mike got this for him oh my gosh Lex whoa whoa get back son you hit him like Jackson barely out Samba arms butterfly leg song mommy's doing that 21 day fix so far she got to day one my little angel what happened I got a surprise mommy wanted tacos – taco truck for birthday we couldn't get a taco truck but we got the next best thing come on mommy and I'll show you something okay put this on Chuck come on come on not that exactly there's someone help her well you guys saw you saw did you fall Lexi come here mommy okay mommy do you remember that you wanted a taco truck I couldn't quite find the taco truck you were probably thinking of so if you open your eyes you'll see the next best thing my dad making tacos [Laughter] [Applause] so mommy that's what we is tacos made with dog meat I'm just kidding Oreo that was a joke it was a joke don't miss that la comida donde donde oh so wait we gotta make it ourselves no already made oh we got chips in here we got tacos there's like 200 my gosh [Laughter] where's this money you lost it I says fight till photo so she's afraid of lime that little rash is made from lime and Sun super crazy shit she got it in Grand Cayman go listen it's my wife surprise birthday party tonight as I try to get dressed up right I gotta look like we're going out on a date night soon as I get caught we jump ahead okay bye I got a blindfold for her no more snacks you made a bed hey not again not again shine all right so it's the next day after my wife's birthday look at my wrist oh you'll see that I got that from playing extreme tetherball wit nerdy boy at the farm yes Tarzan himself actually broke the tetherball oh geez my career as a professional gamer is over oh no is it eight months they're back oh no it's my team oh no John what is the point how can you do this on Father's Day dude you got the same shirt as chase oh my gosh stand next to each other guys go look at they look the same oh my gosh okay Woodrow has escaped

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