Best Summer School EVER!!!

our school Oh and psychologists okay press Continue now we have to decide what you're going to name your crayon what do you want to call it I love that she made her own color the job keep going you like it Michael rocket but you get yeah I'm not sure that's a nice color of green so cool is that she drew on the modeling clay that is so cool so you get to color on your little pet if you like it you keep it if not you can wash it and do it again so the kids are coloring their little pet Alyssa decided she didn't kill her so she's just gonna wash it off and start over yes perfectly clean oh nice let's get it out this is probably one of our favorite things at the Creole experience he puts a little crayon in shut the door and then it's gonna start to spit that's right Wow Wow looks nice oh wow look at yours Chris yours looks really nice Wow look at that still hot nice let's see exact this could be my favorite of the whole day look how pretty we're having our family demand everybody here everybody's playing with the kids not by there's Alisa making the most beautiful one here because she's a good artist this is Bree on being melted so we can color with them I'm liking that you do that funny you guys are doing something sharing she is such a good artist Oh makes the color [Applause] oh I see that's cool are you having a fun day Elissa are you having fun Owen be just so happy to be out of the stroller it's got a color over the table from my guys look so cute coloring you're going cash oh you're coloring the puppy oh we can't believe you're letting him scribble on something he's like we're about to go in this super cool Park Hey Tunnel Oh when you're riding your horse beyond oh and are you having fun congratulations to this week's fans of the week you found the hidden pineapple were you able to find the hidden pineapple in today's video if you did be sure to leave a comment with the hashtag hidden pineapple so we can choose you for fan of the week

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