all right what's going on guys T Torres back here for another video so I just wanted to give you guys a little update on the channel yes I finally became a home owner closed on the house last week I'm super excited as you can see in preparation of moving I've got boxes some putty to fix some holes all that good stuff about 100 foot hose for the house I no longer have a Costco membership try to go to Costco get some more microfiber towels I mean you get like a 36 pack for like I think 15 bucks also got this bad boy I got the ring doorbell Pro for the house and just to give you guys a little sneak peek there's an insult sitting right there that I haven't got done yet one of my friends was so kind he bought me some new barstools for the house that's friggin awesome can't wait to get those unboxed and you know put up in the house Oh while I have you guys attention does anybody know how much the stock 1.5 tea turbo goes for it I've had a COPI with that said they were interested in buying this turbo I don't know I'm thinking maybe 500 bucks but if you know or you know someone that sold one please comment down below and tell me how much these factory turbos go for one other thing that actually mentioned I have finally got all my logs back to D Rob so hopefully within this week this coming week my my tune will be if not you know complete maybe you know three quarters of the way complete I'm curious to see what dear Rob has to say about the logs that I sent him and then of course once my car gets fully tuned I'll do a full review on that and then eventually of course one day we will get on the road to see how much horsepower she's making after we had the final revision of the tune the custom tune okay so just to give you a little update on the car so I went ahead and we are going to be doing a spark plug change you know the NGK laser iridium plugs are good for like a hundred thousand miles but I just decided since you know obviously we got a new tune new turbo introduce a lot of new stuff to these spark plugs and you know these spark plugs only have 23,000 miles on them but like I said it has a totally different tune new turbo actually pulled one of the spark out and they really weren't in that bad of a condition at all if anybody is running the same PRL big turbo kit I was told you know the gap was like you need to be at about point 28 so if somebody somebody who has this same setup please let me know what you guys are gap in your spark plugs at but other than that the power has been phenomenal with this car even though my tune is not complete I still love having this this this extra get up you know from factory and you know I'm saying I'm not even on e85 I still for just straight pump gas on 93 so we will be doing a sparkplug change soon it's super easy so stay tuned for that okay so a lot of questions that I have been getting lately is about the brakes so of course as you can see the coating has wore off that was just that was just for looks but these brakes are a hundred and ten times better than the factory you know the slotted rotors with the EBC yellow stuff pads definitely has has made this car stopping performance a lot better than stop the only thing is that I wish is I can't wait for them to have them further rear I mean look how small look up small these guys are further rear I mean even the caliper itself is small but I definitely definitely highly recommend you know upgrading upgrading the front brakes because you know this is a front-wheel drive car so we need all the stopping power just come from the front but anyways so when this video goes live will be exactly seven days out from leaving or six days out I'm leaving on a Tuesday moved into the new house that's meant that Tuesday is my moving date xxx so if uploads are not you know on the schedule for every single Wednesday you guys know that I'll be I'm moving all that stuff and I'll have you guys all updated on social media so I'm about to put us up in the car let's go for a little Drive I want to roll the windows down and see if you can actually hear you know here this car spool the blow-off valve etc all of that alright guys so I have a GoPro on the back I get asked all the time on what the MA performance to DeVos sounds like with the prl from pipe down pipe catalyst combo so I got the GoPro on the back to give you guys a little bit of sound comparison on that I think it sounds awesome this may be one of my last videos that I make here in Alabama so let's see if I get some nice little small noise and some blow-off for you guys give us an event all day hopefully it's not too terribly windy in here thank you all also for congratulating me you know close it on my house in Florida I can't wait to it to meet the car culture and seen there also I cannot wait my tune to be complete don't forget all those those logs are now in his inbox and they get returned to me with a nice little revision I know there's nobody over here Mexico they do a couple's second year a venice' upgraded brakes definitely help when it comes to you know one and out the gears and having to stop real soon also if many of you do not follow my social media my Instagram page leaked a couple you know modifications and stuff they're coming to the channel I'm also getting a little cooler from them a performance and all the way birds and I've already actually met a couple of people not met but I had some people DM you like from the times that I was driving back and forth from Alabama to Florida they're like hey we're talking about a gas station which is crazy to think that they actually saw me already in Florida they're like dang you already moved here not yet I'll be there in a little then little less in about 10 days some of you guys on the channel you guys maybe Corvette guys what do you guys think about the new the mid-engine for that I think it's freaking awesome watching them radula that was crazy it's crazy to think that to me it kind of looks like it looks like a Ferrari ooh I could smell those brakes those brakes are good and hot also I am actively looking for something I'm bringing a new another vehicle to the channel that's you know gonna give me other content that I can make besides you know doing you know civic content you know there's still a lot of stuff that I'm gonna be doing to this car in particular but I do want to change it up a little bit gonna do something else that's you know something that I've always wanted so let's just hope it works out of all my finances are straight once I get this morning it moved in hopefully like I said there's not too much the way that you guys can actually hear here this big turbo and also once I get to Florida this rap is coming off I'm gonna make a nice little montage like a little time lapse photo of me bringing this car back to what I am gonna probably leave that mirrors black and the roof black other than that the car is going back to Marta with her pearl I miss it so much and then later on in the year the car is gonna get rewrapped it kid I already have a design that I have in mind I'm gonna hit up premium auto style and see if they can do do another render of that of the you know mock-up of what I exactly what I want to have as much as I love having this you know wrap it's time to time to get rid of it so hopefully you know the paint looks frickin good as new under here once I pill it all off wait to have a flat driveway again alright guys that's gonna do it for today's video yeah go I don't know if you guys can hear this but the cicadas are SuperDuper loud today anyways like I said that's gonna do it for for today's video like I said this may be one of the very last videos I film here in Alabama I have one more than I'm gonna film on the side of this part full of change hopefully those come in time before I move but thank you guys so much for watching my channel and hearing just by the lights that by the time this video goes live I'll have about four or five days left and I should be in Florida so thank you guys so much for watching if you stopped it into the channel for the first time make sure you hit that subscribe button turn on your push notifications and leave this video a thumbs up peace take its rap back to my palms flat we keep it real no false rap I got four cars and they are black got four bras and they are that we call that stalling doing this is my calling


  1. Does prl just sell the intake tube thatโ€™s on top of your turbo? The one that goes from the air cleaner to the turbo?

  2. Honestly that does not sound bad at all. It sounds so good. Almost sounds like a Focus RS lol I used to have a FG2 8th gen Si and I loved it. Now I have a Nissan 370Z. Oh, and I CAN READ.

  3. Hey Tyler, I dmed you on Facebook regarding your front sway bar install… I would really appreciate it if I could get a reply. Congrats on the house btw!

  4. Haha yea they are small on the rear man. I always said that. The one thing I never liked about my car was how it extends behind the rear tire from the side. Itโ€™s long. Happy for you man on the new house and the new position In the military!

  5. Someone is making good $$$$ for all the Mods, New House, another vehicle, Good for you, well deserved ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Truck, muscle or sport. Sport is expensive, trucks are meh but muscle cars….those have some nice modding content. Mustang or camaro are my faves but whatever you like the best obvi

  7. Do you tend to get a lot of drone from 3-4K rpm? Specially when you let off the gas and the Rpms go down from 4K to 3k. ?

    I have the same set up except that I have the MAP DP/FP and street exhaust and the drone from the rpms above are really bad.

  8. Damn. That turbo looks awesome bolted up. I just wish I can fix my idle issue so I can go down this path as well. The car recently has started developing white smoke on hard acceleration and from a standstill so I'm thinking that the head gasket is the culprit not an injector.

  9. It would have been cool if you moved a little bit more south. I work at Acura in fort pierce and have a 17 SI with a ktuner but have alot of plans as well. Congrats on the house dude

  10. Ads in the middle of your videos is definitely distracting. Maybe consider a longer ad upfront. Congrats on the house. Looking forward to more videos.

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