where are the guns what's here I got a fuckin Satori am I good hello okay 47 year 15 year the guy should be knocked right here on this roof exactly in the house I'm gonna get him mr. Torre more seven six day if you need it guys like okay okay this guy's actually okay oh I technically politically part of a monkey blood the rationalization end yet and bigoted alacrity Van Cleve fuck this guy just go out it away [Laughter] [Applause] are you even able to what the guys near the fucking truck OD another vehicle on the truck and the guy in the field to decide that okay these are BOTS I mean I'm just sick bro top floor what's up I'm here what's up should be low oh that was so Chad dude vice idea on the left in my room or something Stacie's on the stairs right thank you you're fucking popping off taking that Remy here we're good fucking parking the antenna Bakura oh it's fine you put there's fuckin sneaker yeah well let's assume it's three Oh cool take the bomb near them check their opinion on them to talk to us you shared on the stuff today is just today stepsister oops the list uh-huh Ted your pesky a better way she locked me a metallic new roof car but um yeah Swiss LMG mountain – ready sorry much damage do you have

5 thoughts on “Best Player in The World || RING OF ELYSIUM COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS #192

  1. Just so everyone knows I don’t make these videos so I didn’t make this title but I do love it even though it’s not true as there are a lot better players than me in NA and EU much love though 😀

  2. to be honest, i dont like Sonny, he is good, thats right, but he saying that he is the best player, no one can stop him and this arrogant shit. I realy hate this about him when he could say at least GG after the fight would be great. Just sad

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