Best Photo Slideshow Maker Softwares 2018!

what’s up guys today we’re gonna be
revealing the top five photo slideshow maker now slideshows are great if you
want to make a video about a recent trip you took bring out memories of family
and friends or you want to show how the bride and groom met for an upcoming
wedding pretty much any video editor can be used to create a slideshow but we’ve
picked our top 5 favorites to narrow down your choices one of the software’s
listed is our very own filmora which you can try yours free by clicking on the
link here or the description box below it’s a full on video any software that
makes it easy to create your own slideshows alright now on to the reviews alright so first up is filmora this is
not only a versatile video editor but it’s also a photo video slideshow maker
for beginners due to its feature rich platform that makes the video and
slideshow development tasks much easier it offers over 300 effects and 50 music
tracks which enables you to take your slideshow to the next level it supports
all major file formats and resulting slideshows can be directly shared on
popular social media platforms like YouTube Facebook and Vimeo next we’re gonna look at an emote oh it
only takes a few clicks and you can quickly build a photo slideshow in an
emote Oh any moto is only an online photo slideshow maker so if you have the
Internet and a web browser then you can get started a great thing about Animoto
is that it provides custom themes for you like birthday parties and weddings
any moto makes it easy for you to upload your photos and images you can even
import them directly from Facebook and Instagram another great thing about
Animoto is that it is surprisingly fast when it creates your slideshows
downsides of Animoto is that the free account is quite limited in features
also there is a watermark that gets left on the video when you use the free
account next up is slightly slightly not only
lets you create photo slideshows but it can also create photo collages and image
collections slightly is also similar to Animoto because it allows you to
directly upload photos from your favorite social media accounts and even
dropbox after you import your photos you get to select a music track the great
thing about that is that it can be music from your computer or YouTube and even
SoundCloud slightly acts more like a social network because it allows you to
share your slideshows and you can even follow your favorite slideshow creators
one big downside is that you can’t actually download your photo slideshows
you can only watch and share them through the slighly platform also the UI
isn’t very user friendly and can be slow at times now let’s check out Windows Movie Maker
typically paid software applications offer the most features but even the
freebies can be great to use as well Windows Movie Maker is one of them it’s
pretty easy to use so I can see beginners getting the hang of it pretty
quickly it delivers enough features to create a
photo slideshow worth watching you’ve got numerous transitions and
visual effects that you can use you can even record from your webcam and it will
be automatically uploaded to Windows Movie Maker you can also directly share
your finished slideshow to your social media accounts and last but not least is Magisto but
just though is another web-based photo slideshow maker right off the bat I can
say that the UI looks great and it has a nice range of themes to select from
you can upload all types of file formats like MOV 3G 2 and a SF one distinct
feature with the Magisto is that you can create albums and those albums can be
collaboratively edited by editors that you choose you can also quickly share
your slideshow to any social media channel you would like so there you have
it those are the best photo slideshow makers let us know in the comments
section below what your favorite slideshow is or better yet send us some
we’d love to check them out and don’t forget to Like and subscribe we’ll see
you next time

100 thoughts on “Best Photo Slideshow Maker Softwares 2018!

  1. Hello Filmora, I would like to suggest something to be added in future versions of Filmora Video Editor.

    I don't really like the 'mosaic' thing to hide text and other stuff. Could you please consider adding something which looks similar to the 'Sony Vegas Blur'? IF you know what I mean just, a simple blur.

  2. I'd like this kind of blur to be added, hopefully in newer updates if posssible, forward the video a little so you can see.

  3. I use Filmora slideshow maker. Top notch. I also use ProShow Gold. Also most excellent. Together, you can do just about anything. And vid slideshows are a great way to share all kinds of memories!

  4. Hey Filmora I recently hit 400 subscribers, and I been using your software Filmora for about one year and a half and im still wondering if you can still get Filmora for free at 500 subscribers???

  5. well the music I used in a video by the filmora, request all the credits of my video in case of monetization… didnt think it was nice… did not been advised it could happen before I used…,

  6. Filmora is my Fav for.slide shows, since it is Easy and effective and fast! Filmora is one of the greatest for mapping

  7. I've been researching how to get Windows movie maker on my windows 10 new laptop, was a vista user and loved movie maker. However, you can no longer download it even if they don't support it. If anyone knows any different please let me know as I may have missed something. Thank you

  8. I purchased this app today, can confirm the money has been transfered and is no longer in my account.

    I have not recieved any emails from you with registration code.
    When I try to set my passord, I can't because the security code I'm supposed to recieve via email, doesn't show up.
    I try to manually resend the security code, no email.

    I've also tried to contact you via support, but I'm afraid that correspondance also doesn't get sent.

    How am I supposed to get Filmora working?

  9. if you are only reviewing three…why wld you include windows movie maker if it crashes and freezes a lot…surely there are others that do not crash and freeze a lot

  10. Nice tutorial mate! In addition to this list is a video maker that can help you create video clips instantly through its pre-made templates. This tool is called ApowerShow, here check it out:)

  11. Is anybody knows why on Fillmore I can't use transactions, when I try to drug it, apply is disable. I did write to customer support, they are not responding. is it because of windows 10? How to fix it? is anybody knows.Filmora Video Editor

  12. Thanks for your video, Free Slideshow Maker – Make slideshows from photos, videos and music easily!

  13. I have been using Picovico slideshow maker as by daily driver. And videos made with this online software is very good. It is very easy to use and their price is very low.

  14. Is there anyway I can add text effects similar to a Netflix trailer? So the words appear on the screen then zoom into the picture?

  15. Can I use filmora free account to create video for my advertising videos? If I use the app to create promotional video for fb adds for example

  16. How do I speed up the transitions on Filmora? (I want less time between photos on the slideshow)…

  17. Thanks for your introduction. You should add LightMV in your list. Just upload photos, select theme and output the cool video instantly! Amazing, FREE and fast!!!

  18. Good video.
    I just need a free software to play a sequence of photos as a video. No transition effects, just play the photos one after the other and I should be able to set the duration of each individual photo. Any such free software available?

  19. Hi Filmora Team, Your software seems to be a perfect fit for my needs. I'm on your site looking for one specific feature. I want to be able to add a link (as you did in the video above) to go to my website. Is that part of your software?

  20. Eh what about (Photodex Proshow Producer) and even (Power director) and in my opinion those are one of the best movie and photo creating software out there. The only problem is that those are really expensive if you want the software and everything that come with it

  21. I am looking for a software that allows me to upload panoramic motion photos. Are you aware of any software that can utilize this?

  22. Free Slideshow Makers create slideshows from your photos and it works with both photos as well as videos, so you can have a slideshow with photos and videos.

  23. I just wanna do a simple slide show with shuffle of a folder in my pics…just like you could for the last 20 years in Windows….this is ridiculous. I hate MS and Win 10. If it wasn’t for VR I’d still be using 7.

  24. This is ridiculous. I don't want a video. I want a slideshow of images in a directory. Microsoft removed looping on their image viewer to force you to buy power point to create a looping slideshow. this video implies you want to turn your images into a video. The elephant in the room is it does not have to be a video. After a bit of digging I found FastStone MaxView. Free software. No spam/viruses and it allows you to point at a folder and run a looping slideshow. And no, I don't work for fast stone or have any affiliation. Just trying to help people avoid creating a video for such a simple task.

  25. I still love to use LightMV. It's free yet has a lot of amazing templates to offer. I have used it for creating videos such as Halloween video.

  26. Nice Video. You are #2 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'animoto free alternative'.If you want more details, let me know?

  27. windows movie maker download link;

  28. Be sure to check out reviews. There are unhappy customers for Filmora and Kizoa, and real users will tell you the "cons"

  29. that’s all well and good, but what if the slideshow you are creating has a time/ length limit. I need to create a slideshow that can only be 3 mins ….l.none of these listed here on youtube touches on the subject. What you end up doing is buy and downloading for not.

  30. i download filmora9 so amazing apps but the trial version im so upset after create videoslide watermark is appear.

  31. Windows movie maker has gone but there a slideshow and movie maker in Windows photos new updates from Windows 10 and it hasn't got most of the old version features that made up with a few improvements or similar features that have been added, but if you think about it you can download a couple or more video editing software from Windows store like videopad and Shortcut and photostage slideshow editing software with video editing? It's a shame that you can't get photo and video editing software in one package a huge variety of useful features from something different? Image software is very useful and I think that one package sounds great and is free no nonsense by paying for it and regular services but it should have a upgrade every month or two before it's needed or not?

  32. Can these have video clips in the Slideshow or are they just photos? and can I add my own music or do I have to use the music they have?

  33. The one and only best slide show maker is PRO SHOW PRODUCER and PRO SHOW GOLD ,No other than one ,

  34. I know nothing about slideshow programs so bear with me. I want a free program that will allow me to create a sequence of slides with transitions and time adjustment for each slide. The program must allow me to export it to a file in my pictures or my documents so that I can save it to a flash drive and use the flash drive to download it to another computer that doesn't have the native software that created the slide show. Does this kind of program exist?

  35. Okay do you know of an app that does this light shows like Facebook does it's really cool they have like a moving movie that you can put the pictures into along with music it makes it better than just a boring slideshow

  36. i dunno why but when i used filmora the image quality got bad it seems fine and i use 2000 kind of resolution but the moment i play the video it becomes really bad the image i mean

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