Best Group Routines from Each SYTYCD Season 1-11

47 thoughts on “Best Group Routines from Each SYTYCD Season 1-11

  1. There are too many to pick from!!! Ramalama is one and A few from Mia one where it was all girls I think the song was Ava Maria and my all time fav Alice in MIA land!!!!!!

  2. Melanie was and is and always will be… my favorite dancer in the history of this show. She pulled off every style of dance thrown at her seemingly effortlessly.

  3. Ramalama will always be my fav too…love when Wade performed with them….but I also love Fame-David Bowie

  4. I know this is subjective and your opinion…. but did you really not put "The Dance" by Mia Michaels in Season 4? it is the most notable group dances on the show. Top 3 in anyone's list.

  5. Totally disagree with the season 3 dance. I thought it was common knowledge that “The Moment I Said It” was the best? One of the best of all time, actually.

  6. I'll just list the ones I disagree with
    season 3: The moment I said it (Mia Michaels)
    season 6: Comanche (Wade Robson)
    season 8: The circus sets up (Tyce Diorio)
    season 10: Rock Lobster (I don't know the choreographer. Not a lot of people will pick it for #1 but I think it's so fun.)
    season 11: Sweet disposition (Christopher Scott and Sonya Tayeh)

  7. If you were ever to update this to the current season, I doubt anything can beat Call Me Mother choreographed by Mark Kanemura! Sweet vid

  8. I think some of Sonya Tayeh's group routines could have easily made this list. I certainly wouldn't have picked 5 guys named Moe. But this is  your list. I like that you included some notes with each one. For instance I forgotten there was only 1 group dance in season 1.

  9. ramala, 13:00 and 7:25 and 17:00 and ritz, i like those or are the ones that stand out or remember most, however i did fast forward through some

  10. thought the Lion King routine from season 3 would be top… definitely agree with Ramalama for season 2 and Calle Ocho for season 5.

  11. Loved Ramalama. The Lion King Group routine was one of my faves. Also the one with the top 10 girls as geishas. The top 10 from season three, "The Moment I Said It" is one of my absolute favorites.

  12. Yikes, only one group routine from each season? I CAN'T PICK JUST ONE!

    Some of my favourites from past seasons:
    Season 3: Top 10 – The Moment I Said It by Mia Michaels
    Season 4: Top 14 – Closer by NappyTabs
    Season 5: Top 8 – So Much Betta by Wade Robson, and Seven Nation Army by NappyTabs
    Season 6: Top 20 – Comanche – Wade Robson
    Season 7: Top 11 Finale: Boardroom Dance by Christopher Scott
    Season 9: Top 20 Finale: The Lion King by Christopher Scott
    Season 10: Top 6 Girls – Young and Beautiful by Stacie Tookie
    Season 11: Top 7 Girls – My Immortal by Mandy Moore, and Mini Group – So Broken by Sonya Tayeh

  13. For season 4 I liked Cobrastyle best, although 5 Guys Named Moe was also great. I think Ramalama is my overall favourite of all seasons.

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