Best Friends Animal Society Has Achieved Its Goal By Making Delaware A “No – Kill” State

Delaware, the first state to show the green
flag to the US constitution, won the title of “The First State.” Delaware is recently recognized as a “No
– Kill” state. ASPCA recently revealed the data according
to which 6.5 million animals are accommodated in the shelter homes annually. The data also tells that 1.5 animals are euthanized
each year due to the lack of resources and space. However, there a number of shelters as well
that consider the option of euthanasia only when the animals are untreatable and are designated
as the no kill shelters. Recently, Best Friends Animal Society has
declared Delaware as no kill state as it has 59 shelters and all of them are no kill with
animal save rate in entire country of 92.9%. Best Friends Animal Society set a goal that
they will make the country no kill by the year 2025 and in the national conference of
the society, the declaration was made. According to a society member, “Back in
2016, Julie Castle, who is now our CEO, put Best Friends’ stake in the ground to lead
the country to no-kill by the year 2025. It was a pretty bold, brave stake to put out
there.” The country considers all the ethical issues
while declaring a country no kill and that is why no kill designation rate is 90% as
some animals need to be euthanized to ease their pain. According to the society’s site, “We recognize
that, for some animals, euthanasia is the most compassionate choice.” Delaware is the only country which has won
the status of no kill. Brandywine Valley SPCA was appreciated by
the society due to their humongous efforts in making the mission possible. They have encouraged the people to go for
animal adoption as much as they can. They have conducted different seminars as
well to aware the public regarding the steps need to be adopted to prevent overcrowding. The society is also considering the data from
the entire world in order to check that which countries can become no kill in the coming
years. The data unveils that many states like Florida
and Texas have a very high killing rate. While most of the states have 76.6% save rate. According to Brandywine Valley SPCA, “We
not only receive highly adoptable animals that would otherwise be euthanized, we help
communities make sustainable change through mentorship and resources.” You can check the status of your country from
their site and can help your country become the second no kill country. Share The Story With Your Friends And Family
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