Best Day to Call Member Services

A healthy welcome to you from IEHP, your Inland Empire Health Plan. Here at Member Services we aim to
give you the information you need with courtesy and respect. Call and see. Our Member Services team is
here Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. You should know that on Mondays and Tuesdays
our number of incoming calls is usually high. Which means, if you call
us on those days, you might wait a little longer to speak with a representative. May we make a suggestion? You could save time
by calling us when our volume of incoming calls is lower. Wednesdays. Thursdays.
And Fridays are best. If you need instant service, here’s what you can do. One. Go to On the home page,
you can search for a list of doctors near you. Or find an urgent care clinic.
And more. Two. Create your own IEHP Health Account. It puts your health information in your hands.
You can choose a doctor. Change your doctor. Order a new Member I.D. Card. Check on your
eligibility. And a lot more. Sign up at So remember. You’re always welcome to call Member Services to get the information you
need. But it’s also nice to know you have other options that save you time. Thank you for watching.

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