good morning from beautiful Boracay in the Philippines and today we're going to be showing you white Beach which is the most beautiful beach in all of Boracay and how would they set about in station one two and three so we'll be walking down and we'll show you the whole lot so for Akane has just recently reopened this year it was closed for six months and I can tell you there's a lot of tourists right now it's thriving again major changes you can see is it's really clean absolutely amazing what do you think yes it's beautiful the sand is so fluffy and white probably the best sand I've ever walked on actually in a beach and also you know you don't see all the chairs beats chairs and people lying on the beach so that's one of them you know major things you can stand out when you're when you walk into the beach just how beautiful it is and there's no like clutter it's really clean so we'll take you along and show you the different parts of the beach man look at this guy's lens that's one serious lens I want to like maybe immediately I think you can see different planets without you know babe how good would it be I'll cover is already great will dissolve on what is gonna see how clear you want to see the pictures so one of the only negatives about this place is when you walk too close to the restaurants everyone's coming to ask you to eight come into the restaurant ask you for massage and when you walk too close to the beach they're trying to give you boat tours and jet skis so my advice is go through the middle where the trays are then you avoid all them guys hi let's go get your number I already have a boyfriend oh really okay I'll find another girl don't worry what I've sweet you baby so right now we're outside of Station three and this part of the beach is a little bit quieter than the other stations I noticed and the the beach is really beautiful is part a little bit less crowded so maybe that's just because the sun's coming out at the right time or it's just more beautiful like a snack damn sigh one clock turns into the biggest bag I ever seen from 7-eleven Thai girls and their snacks you happy now well you did the writing good so you want to be famous you got a style feel appeal and many churches live up to me and I speak European and it's just like ignore because I don't understand what she said baby what is that the biggest size over there's the why it's all no no dito think she called you a fat one in Spanish she called you gordita now I don't I'll just bang yeah yeah what's your favorite one what is your family yeah that's what we're okay we'll try this this place high-low mango everyday we walk past is so popular so we're gonna try it yeah thank you what's your name nice to meet you just one another so that'd be snacks there's not enough now actually want ice cream do you want like this okay I'm going to favor you'll always like to be romantic so let me feed you those artists again I don't trust you I say that while you're going okay oh you never actually romance no that doesn't look nice as I yeah man Jhansi way unfastening okay haha smell very nice sweet creamy and Nikolic friend mango here nobody good either have convinced me oh yeah can't take you anywhere it's like a holder in the shop like saying you guys kind of like sound like bird okay so we're coming up to our station to so this is the most popular part you see it's pretty packed especially to that have the market behind it yeah D more yeah which is just up above and it's a good mole because it's got all the restaurants and nice to walk through specially at night as you can see the beaches are still nice even though it looks like it's gonna rain yeah good thing about these other beaches wait I mean it's a beach bitches on the beach it's gonna look beautiful and gorgeous when they have the Sun but this even when like it's donkey you see you can see like the clear blue water good thing about this qualified yeah this baits always look good yeah I think on the like best day we clear sky it's good so here is there is D more that's why this place is this part is the most busier spooled the restaurants but you're pretty much got you know just people standing around taking selfies looking beautiful stop there for coconuts don't fall on your head are they [Applause] this waters colder than Thailand hi [Applause] Oh [Applause] okay so we've come out to show you a bit of the night scene in Boracay and this place where an Aries runs adjacent to D moly and we found one restaurant here it's very local Filipino food it's called small red star and it's really nice knowing small restaurants but a few tables sighs waiting for our food and we've got the kitchen here and I click right in front of you as you can see all the food here the chef's preparing the food they look like they know what they're doing I was waiting for the food you hungry yeah it is so looking good okay the food has arrived in without bulalo which is the three shank suit spinach with garlic not sure what I'll call it but it's spinach with garlic and we got their lecture on which is number on the best in Thailand this one is copper okay let's try these yeah just like in Thailand same we need it from healthy food and I'm gonna try the chuan good this is one of my favorite okay so we just finished up at the restaurant really good food I definitely recommend that place do you like it yeah he's really good they're wrapping up another day in Boracay and you know it has sort of tourists but you know in these types of places you expect Taurus it's like mayor when you go to my obey or pip the island in Thailand is packed by it's packed for reasons because it's good so you know if you come into this place you know you wouldn't stay one week to week here you I recommend you know coming for maybe two or three days maximum and then the no boats you probably wear off a little bit but definitely worth checking out it's an awesome place so we're going to wrap up today's video until next time dream bigger my Sunnah peace peace what happened when you ate too much no it wasn't before that but now it is more


  1. Awesome vlog guys love watching both of your channel's thank you for sharing stay safe guys and I look forward to your next vlog bye for now in cloudy wet Ireland

  2. 2:25 be careful to walk under the palm trees. Coconuts have that nasty habit to not ask permission before they come down …

  3. Sai I made a song for you: Sai eats snacks but never gets fat
    Sai eats snacks but never gets fat

    Repeat ten times. It's in the key of E. Sing very fast. Ok? Got it?

    Nice bikini on Sai also on that nice beach. I always get hungry when I see Sai eat so if I get fat it's her fault. Food looked good!

  4. This is really a stunning beach and even better now! Great video guys!
    And if you want to experience walking in the stretch of Boracay white beach virtually you must watch this >>> 🙂

  5. Walk down the middle of the beach?…..good move! Ha ha ! Gotta say that beach is awesome and I will take ur word for it…, I love the beaches in Cuba and my opinion is they are the best….thanks for showing them to us ! 👍♥️🇨🇦

  6. 14: 26 that's adobong kangkong also known as apan-apan in Hiligaynon. 2:02 don't take it negatively mate. Be friendly to those people and you will gain thousands of subscribers before leaving the island. Those people love foreign Youtubers. Just wave to them saying you don't want and smile then most of them will recognize you as a vlogger and have a chance to tell them your channel in a short convo and they tell their friends too. Local people are happy to see themselves on Youtube and you gain more friends to welcome you on your next visit. And will follow your vlogs anywhere you go. Just a simple tip, you can agree or disagree. Hope to see you down the beach tomorrow.

  7. Sai wasn't called "Gordito"…the sales girl said "wala dito" as previously explained by another subscriber

  8. nice videos bro I like your videos I am a small vloger can you please promote my channel to your community tab

  9. Adam Adam Adam
    You are a lucky 🍀 guy
    Once again you and Sai are amazing together and I love watching you’re journey together.
    Good luck on your ventures and be safe

  10. Dito it means here just Wait !

    In spanish, fat is a muy gorda!

    Ur gf she can’t speak English at all ! For sure cause Thai , they pronounced fx! Haw is house. Ha ha ha ha

  11. "wa dito" means it's not here 😅 that's why she took another menu in where you can find it 😊😊😊

  12. Great Girlfriend and your an exciting YouTuber. Keep her away from sharp knifes and no problem…. Please do not let her kill you today as I need to see more of that Island… Your #1!!!

  13. 15:42 really tells the story. Looks like the cancer in the background is back, they were the reason it was closed in the first place. Two or three days maximum is being kind. I've been twice and will probably never return. Need I say more?

  14. That 7 -kilometer coastline of Boracay is one of the best in the world !🌴☀️🌅 Glad that Sai appreciated Boracay beach. despite lots of beaches in her country as well.🌫️🌤️You both look good together.😃More Power.🌟🍍

  15. Mind-blowing Borocay one of the top beaches of world anyhow your girlfriend is lovely mate. Cheers 👌🍷

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