Bernie Sanders Exposes The REAL Immigration Problem

Bernie Sanders you want to provide health care and education to undocumented immigrants in America don't you think this is a literal question that Dana bat Dana Bash asked don't you think that encourages undocumented immigrants from coming into the country and you know he quickly answered answered it with no you have a strong border and you provide you know these these services to people who are already in the country but by the way here's here's one other part of that answer we already provide health care to undocumented immigrants it's more expensive the way that we do it now because they don't get preventative health care at all and then they end up in emergency rooms and that costs a lot more money than having a system in place that gives preventive care and ensures that they don't end up in emergency rooms at the rates that they're appearing so far is this quickly when he said it a mother that walks here from her country and risks her life to come here is not necessarily thinking about health care and and programs she's thinking about her safety and the child and the safety of her child opportunity that's why it's called they're seeking asylum they're escaping problems in their countries that were caused by our country's destabilizing their governments we got to talk about the real we can't just keep talking about these immigrants and not saying what's going on where where they're where they are and there's a demographic shift so previously the majority of undocumented immigration came from Mexico and it was for Economic Opportunity the demographic has completely shifted to people coming from Central American countries people who are fleeing violence specifically which is what you're alluding to you know it's yes there are some people who are coming here looking for opportunity but for the majority of Central Americans trying to come in people who are seeking asylum there they're not thinking about the health care benefits that they're gonna get in the country they're thinking about what can I do to ensure my child doesn't get murdered still let me because I look we're gonna keep talking about immigration until November of 2020 because the other party wants us to talk about that this isn't happening in a vacuum they're doing all this on purpose they think it's a winning issue they think it will literally give them the election it is almost there only issue tax cuts keep the brown people out right right they're taking your jobs or taking your health care and we can't pay for it and these guys want to give it to them for free so while I thought parts of the debate were great we're like let's you know people who just says it a lot that you know look man they're gonna call us paraphrasing but they're gonna call us communists well act like ganas right right but but I think it is critical that Democrats and Bernie if he's gonna be the nominee I was with Warren too but I think Bernie's answers on immigration or a week they're not great they're not strong politically he says the thing you related to Ana he says who's throwing Border Protection's and then he goes to why everybody gets to come in and not be a criminal and I just you know polling chose it majority of America we don't want an open border we don't want people I don't remember his answer saying it's to come in no no he said he said but it wouldn't be criminalized so yeah he said strong border productions it was all he said about but historically it hasn't been criminalized I try I mean it was treated it was not treated as some felt felony offense to come into the country and be undocumented saying Bernie needs to recognize the way people perceive him and so he can't just say strong border protection he has to seem facile about what happens at the border what we do he did mention that we would increase the number of judges to look at asylum Katie that like I want much more of that because I think it is a political weakness but I think Bernie is trying not to pander to the Republican base by making that border that border issue such a big deal because they are always doing that and I think what he's saying is strong border protect protection and on with it like he doesn't believe that the most most of the people are coming here are criminals he doesn't believe that they are the Motta's that are coming through the across the border to kill and rape and do all the things that Donald Trump is saying that he's doing so by I think sometimes that when you when you dignify that and you start you start saying yeah we are gonna make sure that we are safe that's a border you are you gotta let me be clear about what I mean because what I mean you're right what I mean is heft like when Bernie Sanders ran in 2016 he hammered basically one point the 99% and the one he hammered it hammered and then there was a very clear sense that like when he talked about foreign policy we know his hearts in the right place we know we do the right thing but he did not have heft on it so what do you have to do I know we got to take a break is he has to find heft on immigration without falling into the trap of talking about it the way Republican this is a challenging skill and this is where we separate serious politicians and for presidential politicians from people who are merely united state senator I got to make one final point on that because I get what you're saying you have to speak a language that resonates with voters across the board right so one thing that resonates is resources where are we spending our resources and you know where we're spending our resources when it comes to immigration private prisons that are you know managing these disgusting you know facilities these detention facilities where people are living even though they're even that's a better answer that's a better answer exactly so talk about the millions of dollars in federal contracts geo group and core civic yet just to keep these migrants and squalor where 24 migrants have died under US custody we are spending our taxpayer money to watch migrants died in in US custody I mean yeah I I get what you're saying I just think that it is a fine line and you don't want a pander to the type of framing that we see from the right wing so there could be a little more strength in the way that you answer that but it's a I honestly didn't see a strong answer from any of the candidates when it came to immigration thanks for watching this free clip of The Young Turks don't forget to become a TYT member today for more exclusive content join now at TYT dot-com /join

48 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Exposes The REAL Immigration Problem

  1. Most are escaping gang violence, gang recruitment, and domestic violence. None of these are eligible claims for asylum under any of the protected grounds.
    We are all sympathetic to the fact that these people are escaping terrible conditions, but you need Congress to change the law to find ways to resolve some of our immigration issues.
    Ana is partly wrong on whether immigration federal charges have been prosecuted. Entry is usually not criminalized; it is civilly charged via Immigration Court which may lead to a removal order. But, re-entry after already being removed IS being charged federally and could lead to federal prison time.
    Immigration reform is desperately needed for all sides of the issue.

  2. Bernie needs to talk about how the right wing wants militant borders meant to make people afraid and suffer and die while legal border crossing that has been squeezed dry, and the left wants a border policy that isn't militant but structured so it is not a military threat with corruption tied to it. Right wing borders are about punishing people for escaping countries we are in charge of bombing, and the left wants end that corruption, end the wars that displace people, and treat all human beings as humans in a humane way by revitalizing our borders with humane border defense and structure, while keeping our country in the highest dignified position it can be by providing the services all humans beings need despite their differences to my heritage, my colleagues on this stage, etc, so we can retain the title of The Greatest Country on Earth……………. That would be an answer that is a clear policy idea moving forward, hitting the problems head on, and resonate with the widest amount of voters possible.

  3. Guess you missed that phill Colins movie where he plays a bank robber has to move to a 3rd world country then his daughter gets sick and the health care system in this country could not even deal with the problem but was treatable in the UK where he came from so in jail ???????? No wounder why they want equal and your right. STOP FN IT UP THEY NEED THERE OWN system?????? Or is the world and the people just sick?????.

  4. Immigrants dont get healthcare money…d BUSINESS who gives them care gets d money…….im all for creatubg jobs giving healthcare to all instead of just billions for ass in chains n cages nazi of old

  5. I don't think the emergency room argument would work on rightwingers. They'd simply say illegal immigrants should be left to die in the streets rather than get emergency room care. If they could have their way, they'd probably make it so you can only get emergency room care if you have your birth certificate or some other form of ID with you (even if it were to end up killing a bunch of Americans, too).

  6. Small correction: At least 24 people have died in CBP/ICE custody during the Trump administration. The deaths looked bad so the government stopped publishing them. Prior to the Trump presidency the most recent death was 10 years ago during the Bush administration. No one died in CBP/ICE custody under Obama.

  7. Entering the U.S with a H-2B visa as a skilled legal immigrant and earning my citizenship after 12 years while President Trump was in office… I acknowledge that illegal aliens cost us 135 billion a year in detention, drug enforcement, housing, court fees, auto insurance, federal prison and then they buy a fake social security card for food stamps, schooling, medicare… education alone costs 68 billion per year… the amount of taxes these illegals pay is a mere 18.5 billion and they send most of their incomes back home… 88% of drugs pouring into our country is through the southern border… they clog up the immigration system for legal immigrants like us costing us years if not decades…they end up ruining the images of legal immigrants as most Americans have the impression that we too are part of the problem while we came to contribute through our skill, taxes and earn our citizenship… everyday they spend within our borders is a burden for American taxpayers… America is NOT THE LAND OF HANDOUTS…

    End all incentives for them to come here… Cut federal funds for sanctuary cities… end birthright citizenship for children from illegal alien parents… terminate DACA and TPS… end lottery visas… end catch and release for illegal aliens… promote skill based visas like all the other western countries e.g. engineers, doctors, nurses, software developers, accountants and other professions that benefit the U.S…

    They lower wages by competing for low wage jobs that can be taken up by part timers and other minorities and legal immigrants… they start bringing drugs into black communities and take them over with their gangs… illegal aliens account for 22% of all murders, 18% of all fraud, 33% of all money laundering, 29% of all drug traffiking, 72% of all drug possesion crimes (department of justice)

  8. A few days ago I was having a discussion with someone who strongly supports Donald Trump. In the middle of his ranting about immigrants. I had an epiphany. I turned to him and said I am grateful you are who you! Think about it. If they didn't exist how would we grow. They remind us of everything we don't want to be and we have to fight against.

  9. The REAL "immigration prob!em" is immigrants. America is full. Our system is broken and bankrupt. We don't need any more. That's the problem. Bottom line. Case closed

  10. How about addressing the violence, homelessness and drug overflow in the black communities in America before giving free everything to illegals. America comes first.

  11. OBAMA SAID- Living in a poor and crime infested country is not qualifier for Asylum. OBAMA WAS RIGHT. Obama also said people need to assimilate. Obama also deported more people than any other president. The liberals/ progressives of today are total idiots at least Obama had a little common sense. Todays dem candidates will play it safe and will lose thanks to identity politics and political correctness which is actually cowardice. Nice job pushing people to the right you progressive corporate schills. Nice job 👌👍

  12. Mothers and FATHERS are both crossing with kids that are being taken away from their FATHERS as well. Mothers aren’t the only parents.

  13. Most people I know: "We don't want more immigrants and refugees! Our country is already overpopulated enough!"
    Also most people I know: "I want to have at least two children. Preferably a boy and a girl."

    Translation: Overpopulation is fine when unborn white kids are concerned. But already living people with a different ethnical and cultural background are scary! So they can all just die for all we care. We're not going to pay for that. My kids need lots of expensive Christmas and birthday presents so they won't fall out of favor with the other popular spoiled brats.

  14. Why are you doing everything you can to get trump re elected? Are you secretly republicans? You have locked in trump for 2020. All you had to do was not be insane and you couldn't do it

  15. TYT and Bernie expose themselves on immigration, 60% of Americans support a wall, support for open borders 24% / support for secure borders 76%. Democrats will lose this fight because they can't do math.

  16. (Regarding Mexico) "Rather than making them, or talking about putting up a fence, why don’t we work out some recognition of our mutual problems. Make it possible for them to come here legally with a work permit and then while they’re working and earning here, they pay taxes here. And when they want to go back they go back. And open the borders both ways by understanding their problems." Ronald Reagan 1980 speech

  17. Berntard: "decriminalize illegal crossings, get rid of ICE and let them all stay…but hey, I'm not for open borders" 

  18. I’ve known so many people who say they wouldn’t let someone in their house if someone showed up on their doorstep bloody and asking for help. Wtf kind of answer is that. That’s the mentality that is fueling this issue at the border. If people need help, help them. That’s the greatest thing you can do as a human being. Be a hero not a villain.

  19. TYT at least tried to clean up Aida to make her appear smarter than she is with glasses and all, but then she opens up her racist mouth, and it's same oh, same oh.

  20. bernie 2020, you can be strong and compassionate at the same tim.
    chump is just a thick moron with no plan.

  21. All those screaming about whether migrants get healthcare or not are saying zero, zip, nada about CoreCivic & GeoGroup bilking the U.S. tax payer out of billions to imprison the same people. As an overall point I'd rather fund healthcare than prisons any day of the week.

  22. The democrats are like abused house wives threatening to leave their abusive racist husband the Republicans.

  23. Use the money used for destabilizing these countries to care for the immigrants' health. When the countries are stable again the immigrants will stay home. Also, 2+2=4 …

  24. You might not like to hear it, but he's dead right. Trump uses immigration to flog the political daylights out of Democrats precisely because they dipshittedly duck and dodge and weave to try and avoid PRECISELY DELINEATING a coherent border ENFORCEMENT policy.
    Instead, they offer inducements for MORE illegal and legal migrants.
    Americans are now FAR, FAR more conservative on immigration, and Democrats simply can't face that. To the point they flail lamely and pathetically about when confronted with how they would enforce immigration.

  25. The REAL immigration problem is that US is not capable of assimilating these people anymore. It did for centuries, it did even 50 years ago but not anymore. Immigrants come and stay in their isolated communities… the problem is with US as a country. The lack of sympathy also stems from the fact that people in US are poorer than ever. It's difficult to worry about others when you barely get by, you barely have enough money to send your children in schools. Otherwise, it's in the American spirit to help people integrate…. but that's fading fast.

  26. Ppl from Central America have to cross MEXICO to get here. So IF they were REALLY coming here for "Asylum" & they were "fleeing violence" & they were NOT coming here for ECONOMIC reasons… why don't take the Asylum that MEXICO offered? 🤔 I'm way to the left on most issues, but on mass ILLEGAL immigration, a lot of "liberals" think their supporters are IDIOTS. As if we can't see u guys are pushing for OPEN BORDERS more & more & more.

  27. Aiyda might be retarded, she only has one argument. And it always starts with , "as a person of color"………..

  28. Bernie has stated that illegals coming into the country lower wages for poor and working class americans. One thing he is right about

  29. I’m sorry the only major flaw for sanders Warren is this topic. Illegals who pay $0 into OUR Healthcare and they pay $0 federal or state taxes.
    Unfortunately this is completely true, we already have 150,000 ppl a month rushing our border. We have to stop this now and this will rise to 300,000 a month with free healthcare that WE ARE PAYING FOR.

  30. Bernie said he would allowed undocumented immigrants to get free university alongside healthcare. Left, Right…FIGHT!

  31. Love Bernie’s NO BS kinda attitude. Transparent, passionate, and assertive about change that’s gonna be best for ALL of us. A TRUE progressive that wants REAL change. LET’S GO BERNIE!! ✊🏼🇺🇸

  32. Wow, I am shocked. A full 6 minute clip where Aida doesn't spout racist bullshite. Fantastic job, hope you keep it up, but I won't hold my breath.

  33. Last year Baltimore recorded 309 homicides… that's a rate of more than 50 per 100,000 people. To put it in perspective if Baltimore were a country it would have the 4th highest murder rate in the world. It would be barely below Venezuela's murder rate. Last week TYT freaked out because Trump declared Guatemala a safe place for asylum seekers… they claim it has too much crime to be safe. Making them stay there is a human rights violation they claim. And yet, Baltimore's murder rate is double that of Guatemala. A full 22% live in poverty. 65% of children grow up in single parent households. The schools in Baltimore are a catastrophe. In 2017, 1/3 of Baltimore's high schools had ZERO students that were proficient in math. That's right, 13 of 39 Baltimore schools did NOT have even one student that was proficient in math. Elijah Cummings doesn't seem bothered by this though… after all it's the detention center kids that are important to him. That's his focus. So virtuous. Lets not kid around… they care more about the continued flow of immigrants across the border to grow the base of voters that are dependent on big government social programs and vote Democrat than they do about actually fixing the problems in their own cities. And that's the truth.

    Yeah we need STRONG border security. We need strong physical barriers in the right places and we need to fix the asylum loopholes they they can't get released into the country. Apply at the ports of entry or country of origin. We now have a "safe third country" deal with Guatemala. Thank you Trump for getting creative to deal with this crisis because the Demonic-Rats are obstructing you every step of the way.

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