Benriner Cook Helper Vegetable Slicer

we know eating salad is healthy but making one is time-consuming no worry bin leaner introduces cook health that will help your cooking operating cook help is so easy insert a cut vegetable and just rotate the handle beautiful spiral garnishing is instantly at your fingertips this is impossible with just a knife even paprika or sweet pepper can turn into beautiful long string cut the strands as you like your preparation time is much less with cook help cook help comes with three types of interchangeable blades a fine blade medium blade and of course be attaching the interchangeable blade is easy a round mark on the blade indicates a spike an arrow points to the direction for the spike place the blade into the main body and simply tighten the screws removing the interchangeable blade is easy by loosening the school now we will introduce you to the sample dishes prepared with the fine blade just set the carrot and rotate the handle the carrot is now like pasta carrot salad is now ready in a few seconds place the radish on cook hill and just rotate a beautiful oriental style garnishing is at your fingertips next let's try the medium blade even a soft vegetable such as zucchini can turn into thin slices like this with cook help preparing breakfast on a busy morning is easy and fun lastly here are some samples of vegetable ingredients prepared with a coarse blade simply set an onion and turn the handle sliced onion is easily made without tears just turn the handle and onion salad is ready in minutes cook help is a great helper in your kitchen cook help is made in Japan now we would like to introduce you

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