Benjamin Günther – Greetings to RADA Forum from Board Member of European Youth Forum

Hello! My name is Benjamin and I’m a board member
of the European Youth Forum. So you might be wondering what is actually
the European Youth Forum and why am I talking to you? So, first of all, the European Youth Forum
is the biggest umbrella platform of youth organizations in Europe and RADA is a member
of it. And unfortunately I’m not able to make it
this time to the RADA Forum, so I just want to wish you very productive and very good-good
meeting during this weekend. And for us it is very important to have such
an active member as RADA because European Youth Forum consists by and of it’s member
organizations. And having such an active National Youth Council
like RADA who is organizing Forums on youth participation and youth rights, and, of course,
on youth policy is very important for us because that is part of our main goals and main mission. So, everyone, I hope you having a great weekend,
great and productive inputs and some of you might even be members of the European Youth
Forum themselves, so I might meet you very-very soon again. And just have great time and the best regards
from my flat here in Berlin and of course from the European Youth Forum that is represented
in here … by a bag! OK, have a good time! I hope to see you all soon!

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