Benefits of NARI Membership with Dana King

Hi, I’m Paul Hamtil with Hamtil Construction
and I’m also a member of the board of NARI of Greater St. Louis. I’m here today
with my friend, colleague and fellow board member Dana King, with Dana King
Design Build Remodeling. Dana, we just wanted to take a quick minute to talk to
you a little bit about what has been the value of NARI membership for you? Well,
it’s really been invaluable. I think I told you a long time ago I said, where do
we go to know how to do remodeling right? Everyone has a different opinion, there’s
all kinds of building practices. I wanted to understand what were the best
building practices. I wanted to do it right and I wanted to fulfill my
promises to my clients. We carry 10-year workmanship warranty and I want
to be able to say that we’re doing it right, you don’t really have to call us
back. So, it’s been invaluable. I was sharing with you before and now I share
with even more members on the board and through the membership. Yeah, absolutely.
Great to have that group of people to call on, to share, to talk about
challenges and successes, and celebrate that together. And cry sometimes. It’s
been great to have you. Dance. Dance too, yeah. We can dance. So.. We have a lot of fun, too. That’s right, we do have fun. If you have any questions about how NARI can be a benefit to you and your company please visit us at

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