Bella Thorne Speaks Openly About Social Media And Her Mom

41 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Speaks Openly About Social Media And Her Mom

  1. Cool? Nice? Smart? Sorry but what I only see in her is swearing too much, acting not properly, having no decency, being cheap…and being like this won't make u look cool, it just shows that u haven't been rised in a good way!

  2. Keke should be on day time, she's so empathetic and brings so much personal vibe to this show. Love all three of THEM.

  3. Oh, I was hoping Keke would ask about Zendaya cos its been a long while they have been spotted together. Are they still friends?

  4. They share similar life experience in aspect of both growing up in front of the world..which makes Keke the perfect person for this interview.

  5. Wow! Keke did a great job. NO ONE else could have done a better job.
    Also, when Bella said she wanted an education with tears in her eyes 💔💔💔

  6. Will be glad when Keke leaves the show, she's too young for the show's demographic. BUT she would probably be good on a younger audience show like The Real

  7. Keke has that Barbara Walters charm. Felt like I was watching a normal conversation between two people vs an interview. Even if she and Bella hadn’t already had a friendship, I believe the vibe would have been no different.
    Girl you were made for this!!

  8. Keke is killin’ the game. She’s been putting in work before this job but her interview and hosting skills seem to come so naturally! Love you Keke!

  9. Bella Thorne is a moron and straight dumpster fire of a person. Her career is treading water at the moment, and hopefully she disappears into obscurity sooner than later.

  10. This was so real and genuine, Keke you are an amazing soul!! You can tell you treat everyone with kindness especially your friends. Such a beautiful personal, yet public moment. Love from Miami

  11. Smh. Bella in time you will recovery from the trauma and abuse you went through. Her emotions seem super raw throughout the whole interview and my heart goes out to her. Keke did a amazing job relating to her. I can see her becoming a mini Oprah.

  12. I hope Keke is gone soon. I am glad she is going to GMA but I like just Michael and Sara together and no third wheel.

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