Behind the Theming; A Closer Look at The Weber Group

we stay pretty far under the radar most people don't know who we are as a company we've been in business for 35 years making things like the stuff in the background or the entertainment industry so not only do we design work but we also fabricate and it was with two brothers one on the design side of the industry and one on the build side of the industry they got introduced to somebody over at Kentucky Kingdom which is our local park here in Louisville Kentucky and that part started off as a very small venue and it was owned by a man named Eadie part he got introduced to Donnie Weber and Tom Weber the founders of our company they formed a friendship they started doing some of the small buildings and that worked into some of the rides so they got to touch each and every aspect which is exactly how our company really grew the most recent one that we just completed was for Cedar Fair over at Carowinds and that is copperhead strike it's a mock ride some fantastic coasters the brand story for those who don't know is about a family that makes make moonshine when the park approaches they came to us and said look we have granny and she has a couple of boys they have a moonshine operation they'll kind of help us fill in the blanks so from there we started to flush out really what with the character development what are some of their backstories and what are they doing and what are you as a guest doing you've stumbled upon the farm you decide uh-oh I should not be here so you decide to boost one of their cars and get the heck out of there some of the past rides that we've done that people might be familiar with there was the tomb raider ride at someone approaches this they say hey we've got this idea so we quickly go hard look based on what we've done it's going to be in this range of cost and that gives people a kind of a go/no-go least kind of an afford level to go that sounds about in realm of what we're going for and we then move to the next step which is refinement of design tighten it up to get it either within a budget and within to a scope that they're really looking so we have about a hundred to ten people right now and that runs the gamut from welders artists carpenters a lot of our designers come through the architectural realm you get to touch a lot of the software programs that we use which are CAD 3d modeling adobe illustrator and photoshop and then get good old and an illustration most importantly though is an attitude and a willingness to work in something that is kind of creative and unique

24 thoughts on “Behind the Theming; A Closer Look at The Weber Group

  1. will there be any video about zadra? the 2020 coaster that opens before the 2019 west coast racers?

  2. Hey Taylor 🙂
    I was just wondering, how do you make sure your camera is safe, while you are riding a coaster?? The loose articles aren't a safe solution against thieves…
    So what do you do? 😊

  3. Basically, Disney imagineering on a budget and without the constraints of corporate overlords demanding "MORE IPs IN THE PARKS!!!!"

  4. Since cedar fair seems to be increasing their theming across the parks I hope every future coaster has theming comparable to copperhead strike

  5. I miss Tomb Raider: The Ride /The Cyrpt. It was so well themed. We need more of Weber Group and their amazing themeing!

  6. One thing they really need to do is boost the volume in the barn for copperhead Strike. I can't hear ANYTHING granny says and I've ridden it like 40 times.

  7. can i just point out that copperhead strike already has a rattle. it’s crazy how new it is and it already has a rattle. it’s a shame honestly. and this is after 3 rides in a day.

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