Bedouin Trackers on the Border: The War Next Door (Part 5)

the Spence was put here about a year ago because the security situation has changed so rapidly now that it’s so unpredictable in Syria they’ve decided that only a five six meter fence like this would do you can’t exactly anticipate what is about to happen tomorrow and what is coming in the next few months or years Brett the border between the israeli-occupied Golan Heights in Syria that’s the fence in the distance we’re watching the Israeli Defense Forces trained for a very dangerous an incredibly real scenario an infiltration by rebels from all nusra front their militants associated with al-qaeda that have recently taken the Syrian side of the border for now they’re busy fighting the Syrian regime but the Israeli army knows there’s a very real possibility that they’ll one day turn towards Israel and so the Israelis try to remain vigilant and ready these are members of a special IDF unit made of Bedouins trackers okay so basically what’s happened is they’ve sent one of the guys into the bushes he’s going to pretend he’s just come over the border fence two of the soldiers here they’re gonna have to track him and find him shoot and kill him but it’s not for real so he’s gonna be okay hiya hiya bazzetta intimated positive event it’s called normalization gamma XI mu gamma vol 9 not in college they’re all Bernardo and so if you patrol a section of the border can you feel confident that you can realize just by having looked at it whether somebody has gone across Canada but I guess your overall Michelle say my name say my team has been actually enough only dreamed of Kitsilano so this circle here that’s the trackers they’ve marked one of the footprints of the guy playing the terrorist a mr. Cuomo Emma Alec Alec Mike velorum coleg var as a member lenzi innumerable from the VC money my Victim Jewish Mohammed I think they got someone after about five minutes they find the fake infiltrator and finish them all reject an island to Vista an ally magnetic dock in the eternal I’m sure Allah no colas mine Vizio Donnelly welcome bill hotel the realest thing about this whole exercise is that it’s actually happening right next to the border fence this fence was put here about a year ago because the security situation has changed so rapidly for 40 years there was no fence at all and somehow the Syrians and the Israelis managed to keep to each other’s side but now that it’s so unpredictable in Syria they’ve decided that only a five six metre fence like this would do patrolling the border is just one way Israel’s protecting itself from an attack from Syria the Israeli military is also watching the positions of Syrian rebels and regime forces from up here we’re heading up Mount Hermon it’s the highest point under Israeli control on the other side of the mountain are Lebanon and Syria where with a lieutenant-colonel from the Israeli military and he’s going to show us around hello yes I’m caught I’m looking from a horrible shot this remote military post rarely gets civilian visitors and we were directed to point our cameras away from certain buildings every day we here exposes and shots on the other side its Fighting’s between lovers and Syrian army but we know there are many weapons and determined people on the other side if they decided they wanted to fight against us they can do it and we must be prepared for it so that’s why this post is built this way down there you can see jabhat al-nusra it’s in the south Cadell a Druze village a few Syrian villages that’s a bit John must not be John currently this place is controlled by the FSA the FSA the Free Syrian Army it’s controlling this area they’re pretty close do you talk to them well we can watch them it’s behind the border after all it’s Syria it’s a different country we have to observe them very carefully because you always have to understand what they are trying to do with your guns more than with your walkie-talkies so far with the other side yeah as you as you can understand the other side as are holding guns yeah so that’s the way we have to talk to them but what makes things especially complicated is that the Syrian regime is also a threat well as far as I understand none of the people who control the other side of the border Chiba al-nusrah or the other rebels signed any ceasefire agreements with Israel there is absolutely new group of people exactly so that’s why we are observing them all the time we try to understand what they are trying to do what they want to do what are their interests we don’t have an agreement but when one side understands what the other side wants you can react in in the right way but ultimately do you think they see Israel as their enemy and they’re going to whoever wins out in this fight in Syria is eventually going to set their sights on Israel that’s a possibility of course that’s a possibility we know that we are on their list of enemies but not on their top who’s at the top right now the Syrian army of course the Syrian regime what do you say to people who think that this works out well for Israel the fact that so many of its enemies are busy fighting each other it depends because we would like to have peace and stability any original person of course government or army would like to work in a condition of peace and stability as I said before we were in a state of war with Syria for 41 years but not even one shot was fired from the Syria border so there was not peace with Syria but there was stability we knew that there was someone controlling the other side and we know what to expect and you had understandings based on interests what about now but now you can’t exactly anticipate what is coming and what is about to happen tomorrow and what is coming in the next few months or years you can’t anticipate exactly we don’t know but when you don’t have anyone reasonable on some of that dominance dominates the entire country it’s a problem so Israel is in wait-and-see mode exactly

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  1. Why the anti-israel comments ? As a muslim I respect them for protecting their border . Why are people so filled with hatred 😪

  2. It seems that some militants in the Golan heights have pledged allegiance to ISIS. It should be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.

  3. Zionism is a mental disease.

    I call on whites to check your white privilege. The amount of shit we can get away with on a daily basis is atrocious.

  4. Israeli casualties since 1948 in wars against Arabs: ~25000 killed ~37000 wounded 
    Arab casualties since 1948 in wars against Israel: ~91000 killed ~78000 wounded

    Estimates of deaths in the Syrian Civil War, per opposition activist groups, vary between 125,746 and 282,355. UN says 191,000

    And you want to conquer Israel ?!?!!? U MAD?

  5. Bedouin Trackers are haxx, they really are impossibly human beings. the IDF spend millions of dollars on top of the line bullshit tracking systems, GPS and whatnot, but none of it will replace the Bedouin tracking capabilities… 

  6. ISIS=Israel Special Intelligence Service,it makes sense that they would side with the rebels,as the rebels are also secretly allied and supporting ISIS too.

  7. Most of the world simply does NOT care what Hamas does or says. Most of the world has decided on the narrative that the Palestinians are the brown (i.e. noble), downtrodden, oppressed, freedom fighters and the Israelis are the white (i.e. evil), European, imperialists. This is the narrative that has been accepted wholesale on the left (particularly in old Europe, America and South America). So really, it doesn't matter if Hamas incites violence against Jews, throws acid on little girls in cars, or ram their cars into 3 month old babies. In the leftists (European) mindset, those are all justifiable acts because "yadda yadda occupation or something" Never in history have a country named palestine existed, and the jews came to this place peacfully. Palestinians got mad becasue they thought it was their land when in reality it was controlled by brittish colonies. So please dont say free palastine when israel already has offerd them land, peace and resources when Hamas simply replies "We will not stop fighting until every jew is dead and the hole dumb and brainwashed population screams "YHEA!!!".

  8. Vice you made it big when u initially covered isis, but your really starting to lose credibilty by having your reporter wine about the fence they built instead of trying to find out why they built it – not by asking some random woman who misses her family, he should have asked the officers he spoke to…

  9. Maybe Simon's next mini-doc will be in North Korea carrying a bible and other contraband…he seems to do well in detention.

  10. Smart move by Israel it seems, wait and see its enemies are turned into pieces by their own people. Iraq and Syria are busy fighting civil war, with only Egypt a bit better, only a bit(at least not in civil war, for now). I will say if we stand on a nontraditional view point it may be the best time for Israel now. Arabs always are busy fighting each others, so stand together and push Jews into the sea? What a joke.

  11. vice news .i was dissapointed by ur doings.i m regularly watching vice news. from its starting days in i m finding out   u r with bloody zionists.are nt u? ask urself. ur videos were so real. then suddenly changed ur mind about israel? why dont u ypload those children killings in gaza??? what do u want to prove? israel is good?or u have sold urself and ur dignity to zionists?

  12. Say wherever you want but you must respect Israel, in such small space create a great country around radicals who just want finish them.

  13. You make a comment here, you're gonna get a shitload of hate saying Terrorist!, Zionist!, Faggot, Fuck Israel, Fuck Palestine, Fuck Muslims, Fuck Jews etc.
     No Exceptions

  14. If you live in a country like Iran Russia North Korea even South american countrys

    They dont like democratic and that is what usa en eu hates because democratic you only need to be with more people then the other party to make a law

    You can make them corrupt with money and the law is passed

    Democratic is bull shit and the biggest lie there is

    If i was the country that sanctioned your country with you as leader
    for 30 years would stood by and give me a christmascard ?

    What would you do?

  15. And why i said GERMANS,You know history,close minded NAZI SCUMS!AND NAZIS IN MUSLIM CLOTHING!!!!!!
    Starting from historicals,Jews are rich through hard work and their only fault are their ancestors killed Jesus.
    Germans are blaming Jews for their epic failures,from Habsburg times to That Fucking Coward of a Kaiser Wilhelm.They said Jews stabbed the bastards on the back.I said no.Their epic failures on the Western Front cannot compensate for their victories in the East.The markets crashed as the asshole abdicated.And he blamed the poor little Jews.

    Come World War 2.The "Aryan" Idiot named Adolf Hitler is trying to make an euphoria from pure "Aryans".So that moustached RACIST leader tried to eliminate Jews for the matter….Holocaust deniers are saying no Holocaust.But Auschwitz,Bergen-Belsen,Cracow and other "Concentration Camps" and the testimonies of survivors and the liberators said it all.6 million is so small for them,but they never know that more than 6 million died,most of them no records survived.

    So FUCKING GERMANS AND THEIR DISGUISED BRETHREN are destroying Jews and Israel.For what?Jesus Christ?The Son of God knows his time is up then and no one can deny it.Riches?Fame?Do your part and not slack!

    FYI,some Muslims are not hating Jews cause they have tolerance to the "People of the Book".Either Quran,Bible or Torah believers,they get along with it,shared food with them,praying in Jerusalem's religious center.And then,everything destroyed when NAZIS infiltrated Arab governments to incite GENOCIDE in other time….THOSE CRUSADERS LED BY GERMANS,ITALIANS,NAZIS and BUFFOONS are destroying a race for a curse."The Blood Curse".The curse said by those who crucified Jesus and washed their hands on Jesus' death.

  16. Like i said . Drop a nuke on the border and create a no mans land . Than Al Nusra cant come trough that way to bother Israel … sorted

  17. How long till we realize we don't have to fight for these bullshit ideologies/religion ETC? enjoy the universe. our mere existence is so insignificant in the eye of the universe…why not try to make it significant, we are sending people to mars for fuck sake, why do we have to act like bunch of fucking cunts and extort, suppress,oppress and ultimately fuck up billions of life. I guess over time it will get better. in Europe there used to be wars all the time and after enough killing people chilled out and realized fuck this shit. well what I'm saying is that we will  fight, we are all fighting for equality/ Human rights ETC.

    there are people who don't agree with us and they will not let us spread democracy which is the first step of having a fair society/country. if you try to prevent the extremist from doing what they're doing they will Stop you and kill you, they will also use civilians as they wish. 

    Humans are being treated inhumanly in so many places on earth and we all need to help together, we can't rely on MEDC countries/western countries all the time when shits go brix. it would be unfair if we let Israel deal with many threats on their own. Jewish people nearly got exterminated many times through out the history and they are native from Middle east.  we need to intervene in middle east as an international involvement where all countries are aiding not only a few, in that way not one country can be blamed.  fighting corruption, mafias, gang lords, anything we can do to make our lives better. so can we stop BLAMING JEWS PLEASE!, there are corruption in both sides, there are cunts in all races. 

  18. Israelis look at Syria and think what a state state arabs have become. in Israel if you don't like the government you can elect a new one via elections.

    in Syria they bomb you instead.

    as a muslim the reason for Israel's success is accountability to their citizens. Unfortunately arab governments are never accountable to their people

  19. Simon you are such a liar, first Ukraine, now the Isreali Syrian border.
    "Has not had a fence for fourty years…" It was the second most militarized border in the world as Isreal and Syria has not signed a cease fire and have been at defacto war

  20. I ve watched all 5 episodes plus i ve been watching and following quite alot the conflicts in the area since the civil war started. Well If one would sit down and count points on which the "freedom" fighters and the ISIS get VS the Syrian Regime well  one will loose count! Yet no one tries to mention the elephant in the room. Only the officer on this video at the end said what exactly describes the situation and its solution as a whole. That as long as u have someone on the otherside that controls and rules u know how to deal with him. Now u have 1000 fractions of lunatics and this…
    If Vice made it into N.Korea they should be able to make a reportage from inside Syria where the regime rules and hear those inconvienient things we dont get to hear about the "evil" Assad regime.VICE is the only one who can make this happen, they should throw some light on that side too and they ve been doing this pretty good ,so what are they waiting for?

  21. Jews support fencing the borders around Israel but not around America, Europe and the larger White Western world. Interesting…

  22. I have a feeling these Muslims trolls wait with impatience a video of Israel in it and come to show their subhuman inferior brains with their comments.

  23. Foolish lying, stupid, and ignorant unbelievers. You are based on THEORIES that have never been proven nor they ever will. Look at all the scientific evidence in the Quran! You claim to support science yet everything you say has always been wrong and will always be wrong and has and will always be proven wrong by science! You do not even have basic human logic nor have you even took a peak at science or human atanomy! You think that life was just there, poof? Or the heart just began to beat like poof with no cause? Or do you also think the scientific elements and and the atoms were just there and had no cause? Do you also think the human body and how it functions from the smallest detail like the skin cells to the biggest detail like the body absorbing nutrients had no cause and it was just there like an effect with no cause as that is how you think about everything. I bare witness there is no God but Allah and prophet muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Do you also really think that 9/11 was not plotted? Have you not seen all the proof of it being plotted by the US government, the zio-nazis, the illum-nazis, and Free mason nazis? Do you know all the countless crimes these blood wanting monsters have done? Don't you know the illum-nazis and Free mason nazis have killed and Tortured over 50 million people (still counting) ?! Don't Forget the crimes of the US government who invaded the middle east and plotted 9/11 just For resources and while there killed and Tortured and bombed Thousands and Thousands of civilians? Don't Forget That The US is the only country that has used the nuke and killed over 75,000 people in a day? And when they drone strike innocent people in the middle east? And they used Tons of chemical weapons on innocents and This made Them have life long diseases? Do you also now That The zio-nazis have been ocuppying Palestine For over 70 yers? Do you know that they bomb and still do bomb refugee centers, bakeries, anyone that walks in the street, and almost anyone they see? And They have Tortured and murdered Thousands of kids and civilians and destroyed Their homes and bomed Their only clean water supply? Don't you also know That The monsters in The centreal african republic burned Muslims and ate Their dead body and cut of These innocents heads and bodies in Front of Their kids and killed Their kids Too?! Wake up!!!! I bare witness there is no God but Allah. I bare witness there is no God but Allah and prophet muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

  24. I respect Israel for protecting it's borders. I wish our stupid ass "president" in the US would learn something from them instead of being a little bitch.

  25. I'm sure the real infiltrators will cross in daylight, run down trails (instead of moving through the brush), and walk through soft dirt instead of on rocks.

    Totally realistic training exercise.

  26. i hope this tensions in middle east conflict will just end up just fucking stop all sides!!!
    This war is religion or just a global arms race for power thingy and next thing you know a nuke bomb just exploded all over the world!!

  27. Hey guys i have a friend that was in the I.D.F. and he saw people on the other side Egypt crying for food and water and my friends as a soldier went to help them… and guess what??? he was murdered b/c he was a Jew… we try to help every one… in Turkey we used to help in earthquakes, we offered help in pakistan, we were the first and the only one out of 2 hospitals that we built in the Bahamas after the huriccane, i have a friend that went to help in the far east after the title wave…
    by the way i never hear about the much richer countries around us like Qatar help them, even though i know they buy football clubs in the millions and support terror and build amazing buildings

  28. Pretty obvious with all these posts that being American is sacred. It must really suck to be from one of those other countries.

  29. Israel should suport secular dictators regimes in the midle east like america did in south america, i hate dictators but its better have jerks like Saddam around then isis.

  30. i think the game is over run    back to your ghetooes where your family escaped from eastern europe and other

  31. Oh Vice, 39 seconds in and already a mistake. The Golan Heights is just another part of Israel, no "occupied" you Syria narrative spewing propagandists.

  32. We Bedouins in the Sinai Peninsula. Like Israel. We are in control of the Sinai Peninsula for centuries. There is no place that we have pharaohs. We are fighting Pharaohs cold wars. Israel is the only country that eligible Sinai .. so we are nomads and hundreds of Israelis Sinai Peninsula before .. and now we are in control of the Sinai Bedouin .. This shows that Israel is still in control of the Sinai Peninsula

  33. Hahahahaha Hasbara is all over the comment section. Let me tell you the people's opinion this is ethnic cleansing and land theft by Israel which cannot be hidden anymore no matter how much you lie your lies have been Exposed

  34. Syrian regime was never a threat to israel. After rebels seized the border they came across certain startling facts that showed Assad was in tacit understandig with israelis

  35. How many more Israeli videos vice? Showing them as protectors of land???
    Not bad enough that you glamorise their illegal occupation of Palestine but now the stolen Golan heights also. Your channel is clearly pro occupation and anti international law. Scumbags!!!

  36. Israel is finding chaos across the border. Does Vice think they heard the real story or realize it's cleaned up, one sided propaganda.

  37. Israeli Arabs are doing the right thing by joining the Israeli military and protecting the borders of the country of Israel, my support goes to them as an American Syrian.

  38. As an American Syrian Muslim I fully support a 1,000% the right of the country of Israel to defend itself and her people.

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