Beauty Advice That Never Goes Out of Style

[BEAUTY NEVER GETS OLD]>>What’s a beauty product
you can’t live without?>>Mascara and eyeliner.>>Under-eye concealer.>>A little cologne.>>My ChapStick.>>I cannot live without
my lipstick. I will turn that car around if I don’t have
lipstick in my purse.>>Coconut oil is good as a
moisturizer, makeup remover. I always have my supply
in my purse.>>What is your best beauty
secret?>>Wash frequently and
regularly.>>Don’t smoke because you
get wrinkles.>>Rose water. After washing
your face, you spritz it on.>>I use facial cleansers. I use
masks.>>Stay out of the sun. Wear
a hat or put sunscreen on.>>For age spots, I use
castor oil.>>Eating well, keep hydrated
and really have a good clean skin regimen. You could almost
eat the products that I use on my face.>>What is the secret to
aging gracefully?>>I accept what I was given,
and I stick with it. That’s how I age gracefully.>>Be happy with who you are. This is the face, this is
the body that you have, and if people don’t like it, then
they don’t have to deal with it.>>I have grown comfortable
with me. Comes with age. Comes with self confidence,
it comes with acceptance. I gotta own this — all this
right here.

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