Basic astrology – Sun/Neptune aspects

one in world it's Wednesday the 6th of June 2018 and there's about 8:30 9:00 o'clock in the morning UK time and this is my astrological take on those pesky Sun Neptune aspects now I've spent I spent a number of times at the Suns about identity individuality sense of uniqueness and sense of self right Neptune it's covered in blue methane we've never been able to understand what's at the core of Neptune Neptune is mysterious on the negative side Neptune is illusory deceptive addictive escapist and avoid it it deals with art aesthetics music refinement subtlety at the same time it's once linked with a divine however one experiences divinity and spirituality as being there's many names for it but Neptune is the mysterious one is the imaginal it deals with neuroses it deals with those parts of a mind that one cannot qualify or quantify it's a vase if it slips sometimes neptune hits you in ways of fatigue as in you just feel absolutely exhausted for no reason other times Neptune dissolves things things slip through your fingers like sand and water you can't hold on to it yeah other times Neptune brings pure bliss sometimes Neptune is about being in love more than falling in love falling in love means being seduced and enchanted but this being in love which is the pure bliss of Neptune Neptune deals with glamour from the Welsh word to enchance to cast a clamor it's magical it's mystical in serial and it son qualifiable if you're born with the Sun opposite Neptune then you're going to have times in your life you can where you will just want to run away from the world you just want to descend into a pit of alcohol or drugs or sugar and or sex or just escapism and avoidance but yet people with the son opposite Neptune they do make the best martyrs and victims and the sacrificial ones but they also are the most compassionate empathic and sensual problem is they don't have boundaries so it's difficult for them to know when to stop helping them other people and then they become emptied and drains themselves it was a philosophy here that says how can you help anyone else if you're not in good working order yourself son opposite Neptune people need to practice putting their fingers in the ground regularly and grounding themselves son in conjunct Neptune it's very much around the dissolving of identity Who am I in fact it's not so much Who am I it's more what is this I business anyway it's much easier to just drift along and be part of what's going on rather than specify oneself as an individual with the Sun in conjunct Neptune and then what you try and get a hold of some type of conscious notion of identity the more evades and slips between one's fingers the Sun trine Neptune here you find the social worker of a charity worker the councillor or so the musician the artist the photographer the filmmaker the person who can capture a moment of time in some form of imagery and present it to the world as an art form sunshine Neptune people are normally very good with the environment and animals Sun square Neptune is possibly the most difficult aspect between the Sun and it Jim because Neptune dissolves everything one tries to establish until one gets the reasons for doing things right they'll never people were sudden that tune who go out to become corporate bankers and just make profit profit profit never succeed but Sun square Neptune people who go out there to make money will review to turning that money into some type of charitable institution so that they their profits benefit other people as much as they do if not more so than themselves they do succeed Sun square Neptune people can have problems with substance abuse at various stages in their lives but they're also the same people who when they come through the other side of it as some of them do not but most of them do they then become the best and most knowledgeable people when dealing with other people who have these issues they make great cancers they care there's an empathy and a sensuality here sun square Neptune people I should stay away from alcohol to be honest and they realize this as they get older sons sextile Neptune they have an affinity they really have a strong affinity with the the artistic side of life I'm a great swimmers by the way these are the people who should not smoke in fact Neptune Dutch Neptune some people should not do any type of narcotics serious alcohol chemical or pharmaceutical drugs at all because the toxin the poison of Neptune it can accumulate him endless problems but with the Sun sextile Neptune it's not only an unusual sensitivity and receptiveness to foodstuffs and things that they put in their body there's also a really strong intuition the filters are excellent I know when someone's lying no matter what it is as soon as someone opens their mouth and lies they know it and these are not the people who go and watch gun movies or slasher or horror movies these are the people who go and watch Jane Austen movies romant rom-coms things that make them laugh and I make them cry with pleasure Sun conjunct Neptune walking psychic sponge I need to get 5 to 10 minutes on their own every single day of their life to discharge I've watched the end up like a fuse box with too much electricity passing through it and I strongly advise these people as well as some opposite Neptune people to live either by the seaside or by a river stream or lake because running water will calm and soothe them with all Neptune people with Neptune Sun there is an element of the ethereal the aesthetic and so certain extent the ungrounded so there is this philosophy think of when you put a plug socket in a wall and then translate it into your body if you've got a strong Sun Neptune conjunction at times you feel fatigued weary or detached from the world then going to the backyard or go to the park or go into the fields and literally plug your fingers into the earth for a couple of minutes you'd be amazed it was such good therapy and the best drug of all for some thatching people lots of warm water ideally with honey lemon and ginger but water the more water you drink the cleaner the clearer you become that you could bring fog an illusion but it also can bring clarity illumination and enlightenment it's up to you people who have lots of Neptune regular detoxing okay more on this later Sun Pluto I think tomorrow catch you later world bye

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  1. I miss the clarification definition from all these aspects because Every planet in each sign acts differently. I would like to know Sag Neptune and Aquarius Neptune hard aspects .

  2. Neptune –

    Oddly the – likely more than desired – ♓ 1st – descriptions that have been all to real.
    GROUNDING – best advice! Allowing may be another.

    Artists finding their reality of talent.

    That defining that sounds so mundanely self.
    Empathy Intuitive Deep.

    Running water –

  3. Thank you again Steve… you are a true intuitive… I have Neptune in the 1st house in Scorpio… opposite Sun in the 7th in Taurus… Your description of this aspect was spot on and eloquent… I have made myself a victim… but I have also risen up out of the sleep and faced what needed to be faced… but always, attempting to not harm others in the process… even those who have harmed me … its part of the ethic to do no harm .. to break the chain of karmic pain… dreamy, I know… but there you have it

  4. Bullshit filter 🤣

    Just analyzing a chart of someone with Leo ASC., Capricorn Sun conjunct Neptune & Uranus in the fifth house. Any insight?

  5. Sun trine Neptune, animals yes, environment I could care less about. With Neptune in the second I've come to despise greed and avarice. It's tough not hating on billionaires.

  6. Sun conjunct Neptune. I have noticed that drinking lots of water feels really good. I am going to use the rest of your advices, I greatly appreciate them because I feel just like you said: disconnected from the world and mental fog. Also, very little energy. So if these work … I'll let you know. Thank you!

  7. You have excellent and accurate info for those seeking to understand themselves! My aspects between the signs as you explain them, are exactly true about how I am me. Thank you soo much!

  8. Sun conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius. Excessive alcohol, sugar, and sex (I don't like the term 'moderation' ha!). Difficulty staying present, always somewhere else. Compassionate to a fault.

  9. I have as always the lesser aspect meaning the not so good one ughh.! I'm a Sun conjunct Nep 12h & that one isn't wt I hope for infact there isn't anything indicated for this other than these ppl having no identity. The trine & other aspects sounds soo much better. On a lighter note thank u for giving insight into grounding/ centering oneself + Health advice for the given aspects its funny cuz I just asked for u to do this on another video lol. Great job.

  10. Sun Pisces 6th house square Neptune Sagittarius in the 3rd. You got it, alcohol and drug issues 20 years ago and most recently, the past few years. Your description is right on.

  11. Steve, have you any videos on kites, envelopes etc? Do these aspects comprise all traits in a person for an element and planets involved in the geometry?

  12. Had a dream once – in it all kinds of darkness was whirling around me like storms in multiple dimensions. I was floating but also being pushed by winds through the air that was thick with debris. It felt like the storm was about emotions. I reached down and touched the dirt and I knew everything would be alright – that the basic sensual pleasures of existence would sustain me.

  13. Beautiful! I'm loving these series, Steve. You're so poetic …it's a delight listening to it. (sun square neptune here)

  14. Steve – could you please do a vid on Anthony Bourdain's chart? It is a terrible shock and loss here in the U.S. — we watched him for years and with his wit, his curiosity, and above all his urging of all of us to interact with very different parts of the world from Appalachia to Detroit to Beirut through the simple act of sharing food. Especially in this polarized and increasingly rabid country where such a dark shadow has fallen, his loss by his own volition has much increased its length. And perhaps such a vid might help someone else, in a similar space, to use astrology to understand the dark days will ease in time — that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  15. Just a question. Any correlation with the energy in the sky right now regarding the two suicides this week? Kate spade was a Capricorn and Anthony Bourdain a Cancer.

  16. IMPORTANT QUESTION: Have you ever analyzed the number of aspects that a planet in a natal chart has with other planets in the chart and seen patterns in these? I ask because if I am reading the chart correctly, Chiron aspects eight planets in my chart, and what Chiron represents ties in with what my life focus/interest has been. I haven't yet thought about other planets that are highly aspected in my chart. I don't think I've heard you say anything about this.

  17. Thank you Steve. Comment No.44 Right on time. Lol. I've had the urge to stick my feet in the ground for quite a while now but didn't realise that using my hands would be just as effective. Plus I've been recently drinking water by the gallon!

  18. I’m a Sun Trine Neptune (this week so far is reeealllyyy affecting me 🤪😂😭😭) Amazing descriptions of Neptunian folk. Beautifully said. This helps a lot! Tomorrow: hands in my garden. Deer ate all my peas last night and today… I grieved 😭 My first thought was “that’s it, give up” Which is not like me at all!! (Sun Taurus) That tricky Neptune…

  19. My father…became insane from alcoholism…and he doesn't have a major aspect between sun and Neptune..but I do notice a square to his 6th house…which to me says (daily drinking?)..His Neptune is in his 8th house..(death by alcohol, crisis by alcohol, and obsession with alcohol ) He would spend thousands of dollars on fancy scotch…and then throw it all out…and buy more….thousands of dollars of expensive scotch…and throw it out…repeat…repeat..(6thhouse?)

    I think that the fixed star ALGOL also causes alcoholism. (Algol is a root word for pain, and demon spirits..alcohol is a derivation of the root Algol)..
    Well my Dad …whom after seeing his chart…cured me of judging his journey lest I end up with a chart like this…..

    He has IC conj moon, Uranus and SAturn…on ALGOL…!!!
    WHICH IS…square his SUN…

    and yes he was a raging Tasmanian bipolar delusional tantrum throwing …roller coaster of a dad. Especially terrifying because he was a doctor and thought he was GOD..

  20. Sun 13° scorpio. Neptune, ditto. Absolute combustion so what does this mean? Please help. SOS! Steve, Neptune drains me and sun and Neptune in 7th house. So tired. And no one to help me. I'm alone in the world. Literally. SOS.

  21. I'm Sun trine Neptune…. Sun in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio… and yes, I'm a photographer, a swimmer and an artist plus… used to be a therapist of everyone… not anymore. Good enough. Thanks for this take, Steve!

  22. Sun aspects to Neptune are deep sleepers.. They tend to always be in a dream state of mind…Almost to the extent of being on a natural high…Case in point Prince William who has aspects to his Neptune. If you watch him carefully you will see he is some what detached in a caring way.

  23. I'm Sun Leo square Neptune Pisces. I studied Psychology in college. Didn't end up pursuing this professionally but everyone comes to me for therapy, to talk, and to help work out problems. I genuinely care about each of them and they usually feel better after speaking with me. Have been told I have a calming presence. So, right on the money with the square. No substance abuse but did learn years back that it would be an easy downfall in that department. I've got alot of will power to not allow that thankfully. Probably Leo traits. 🙂

  24. I have 3 oppositions. Sun/Neptune; Uranus/Chiron and Sun/Antares. I hate alcohol and I am super reclusive. Sugar is my weakness if I am stressing. I volunteer with hospices, kids, elderly. This is my grounding, I'm super psychic and I have great healing hands. My Mars is the bugger in my chart. When I think of the havoc Mars can do in our chart/lives, I think of the song from the rolling stones "Sympathy for the Devil". Mars is one ornery son of b*tch BUT all Mars is looking for is to be told NO, he needs to be told to sit his a$$ down, smoke some pot and play video games!!! Once Mars is told to chill out, he does!! I speak metaphorically however this is great description of how I feel about Mars for me. Mars and I are on the same level now, we are in counseling together and we are working it out. LOL

  25. WOW thanks Steve-Oh… SUN opposite NEPTUNE here exactly 15 degreed! Nailed it completely except for the drug and alcohol stuff ( although the association would have to be my mother without one)! Complete and total martyr always giving someone a second chance third chance Eighth chance! Self-care missing somewhat, while I take care of everyone else- and I can't live without my garden and digging in the ground. When I was younger I ate dirt to the point where I was taken to the doctor with worry about it. Ha! Like I've said before can't get enough of that sugar crisp.x

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