Banking with Purpose – What it means to our staff members

[Andrew] Banking with Purpose is ensuring that every area of your financial life is aligned with your values. [Sophia] To me, Banking with Purpose means weaving in all of our values and our faith-inspired principles into everything we do;
into our products and services. [Andrew] Banking with Purpose is
not simply accepting and banking at the financial institution that your
parents grew up at or that’s on the corner of your street. It’s challenging
what you’re used to; it’s challenging the lines of traditional business, of
corporate business, and it’s making that difference, making that impact. [Ben] Banking with Purpose is about connecting different members in different places
across the province and letting them share in something that they couldn’t be
doing on their own. [Andy] There’s a way that you can use the way you bank to actually create change in the world. [Ian] Banking with Purpose it is more than just a catchphrase; it’s more than just a feel-good statement. It’s an actual
insight and a window into how our organization does business. [Sheryl] So some people resonate with us based on their faith and some resonate more with us
based on their values and either way we seek to have an impact and help them do
more with their money. [Angela] Quite often people are investing and they might feel good about the particular rate but maybe they don’t feel great about the way it’s
invested or they don’t know how its invested. [Paul] Where at Kindred, you have
complete control over that. You know whether it’s being used locally in our
communities or globally through our certain products like our Global Impact GIC through our social responsible investments. You can track back to where
that money is being used and know what kind of a difference you’re making. [Andy] Financial advice is available everywhere but not too many people will sit down
and actually advocate with you to grow your financial literacy to make good
choices into the future. I think that’s what ends up making peaceful, just, and
prosperous communities. [Laura] At Kindred, we don’t just care about
prosperity when it comes to numbers and cents. We care about prosperity when it
comes to people’s livelihood and reaching their goals and being able to
fulfil some of their dreams. [Paul] It’s an amazing switch that flips for a lot of people that with traditional banking they just never knew that this was an
option. And the most common comment I’ve heard was, ” How did I not know about this before?” [Ian] Regardless of where you are on your journey there’s always a spot for
you at Kindred and we’d love to have you part of family.

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