Banana Phone, Cat in the Hat, GLORIA, Animal Control, Humane Society of Yuma, Feral Cat Day

Okay, now how old are you? I’m 12. And what is your name? Daniel Trudell. Okay, could you spell that for me? D A N I E L Space, T R U D E L L And, what is your occupation? I’m a student at Fremont Junior High. And what, what is your favorite class? Math, cause, math is amazing. And, uh, where are you from? Mesa, Arizona. And where are you living now? Mesa, Arizona. Alright, thank you, Daniel Trudell. And what’s your name? Josie Josie, could you spell that? J O S I E Okay. And what’s your last name? Garcia. Garcia? Could you spell that please? G E, no, G A R I C A Okay, and how old are you? 35. 35, and are you a student here? No, employee. Employee. And what’s your, your job here? Secretary. Administrative Secretary. Okay, for what department? The CDLL. Okay, the CB, what’s that? Child Development Learning Lab. Okay, and what’s your outfit? Uh, Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss, okay. The Cat in the Hat. Not Dr. Seuss. Okay. Thank you. And what’s your name? Gloria. Deloria No, Gloria. Gloria. G L O R I A Okay, Gloria! Ha ha. Alright. Ha ha ha ha. and last name is Renteria R E N T E R I A Okay, and where are you from? Also from the Child Development Learning Lab and I’m an employee. Okay, and what’s your position? Um, I’m the lead teacher in the one-year-old classroom and I’m Cindy Loo Who from the Grinch who stole Christmas Uh, what, where do you live? I live here in Yuma. Yes I’m from I’m a Native. Both of you? I’m from L.A. Born in California. And you’re living in Yuma now, then? Yes. Thank you. Thank you. By, like your costume. Thank you. I love yours.

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