Baby No by MENACE CRUISE ft. Alexis (DUBSTEP & RAP)

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14 thoughts on “Baby No by MENACE CRUISE ft. Alexis (DUBSTEP & RAP)

  1. Let us raise the black flag of war! lol No you're right, it is shit! But it's my shit! Do you do this just to me, or do you go around telling people that their music is shit when you don't like it? I never did anything to you? Why all the hate? Seriously, I don't care that you upload shots of games. It's all good. It's your thing. Please let me do mine in peace. I apologize to you sir, for not having a 22 million dollar budget to do it Hollywood style lol

  2. A poor Requiem for a Dream remix with a fairly shit rapper. It should absolutely fail, but it kinda works…. kinda 😛

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