Baby Kittens Are Teething – #10 – Rescue Kittens Socialization

why are you doing up there yeah give me yeah yeah okay damn yeah okay down mom I can't get you in she's feeding her your brothers and sisters yeah you can get down there you go you got it you got it good job a good job good job yes you did it you did it but if you walk towards me or fall bear already loves me like right now okay see how he stopped yelling it's because I picked him up and I'm petting him the other three don't actually care if I hold them or not but bear oh okay I'm sorry I stopped I won't stop no one stopped in in you forgot you loves to be petted and held and he will like I don't know how he knows it's me but see how the others I really don't know if they care so I'm in here if I come in here and sit down he will come to me every single time what look it is so cute they're starting to get their teeth I wanna see anything thank you on everything you see those little things I want to see if I can oh um try to see if I can freeze that frame if she doesn't show them better but they're all getting their little milk teeth and they're so cute okay I'm documenting this because I really feel like we're partners now me and Mama can't because she went to eat and they started climbing up here and she looked and then she looked at me and I said don't worry I'll watch them and then she turned around and just started eating again like okay you have this so and then I'm watching the babies because they have obviously learned to climb nope moved in our gopher No the bed is so soft you can't really push off are you gonna give your brother you're not that's the noise that they started making when they see mom this baby he's so tired he keeps falling asleep while he's playing oh are you gonna wake up now that I've got the camera on you you

35 thoughts on “Baby Kittens Are Teething – #10 – Rescue Kittens Socialization

  1. The wee grey one isn't scared to have a walk about so Adorable with that little meow…bear is his name…adorable

  2. It's so Gorgeous to see how you handle them and play with them and I love hearing you talk to them.Cleo obviously realised from day one that you could be trusted with them.

  3. Ok, I found myself giggling the first 2.25 mins of the video. When Bear was climbing up there and you telling him to get down. That was so sweet. It's nice with Mommy trusting with the little guys. I don't know the striped one apart yet, but when the one looks like he was trying to sleep but she kept grooming. She almost looked like she was trying to suck her thumb.(paw) Great video just love 'em.

  4. Them little buggers sure are growing like little weeds lol. I've missed u guys. I have gotten so far behind. I'm gonna try to do better though. Life is just weighing me down right now. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and I'm beginning to get cataracts on my eyes. My daughter has chronic rhinitis and asthma and she's allergic to dust mites. She also found out yesterday that she has restrictive lung disease. It's not good at all. I just feel like crying. Everything just seems to be falling apart. I seriously think that it's something wrong with the house we're living in. It was built in 1936, so there could possibly be asbestos in this house. Plz pray for me. I need all the prayers I can get right now. The first day of spring actually felt like the first day of winter here. It started raining before midnight, then sometime after that snow started to mix in with it. It's gonna be cold all the week. Hope things are going well for u. Much love to u and the fur babies! πŸ™‚πŸ˜˜πŸˆπŸΎπŸ’–πŸ˜₯

  5. Lovely video and Beautiful Cleo trusts you which is a joy to see.she is a lucky girl to have your love and care.

  6. Let them eat Mama’s cat food if they want….it’s the most natural way to introduce weaning to a kitten. I always let the babies watch Mama eat and drink because they will mimic her and then weaning is so much easier! πŸ™‚

  7. This is such a cute stage for the kittens but then when they start having the "zoomies" is the best! I like Bear a lot maybe because I've never had a grey cat.

  8. I love how Momma Kitty has such a strong trusting connection with you handling her kittens and helping her. You can see the gratitude in her eyes ❀ They are so adorable to watch. She's probably not thrilled their teething on her though…ouch! One of the joys of Motherhood πŸ™„

  9. Your voice is so sweet with the cats! I love your Chanel and love how you care for the catsπŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ½

  10. adorable….so glad she and her are a TEAM! my I offer one suggestion here….? Have you tried not giving her food that has that thick gravy in it? just wondering if that could be upsetting her stomach also? just a thought here.

  11. OMGoodness they are growing like weeds!! I want to cuddle them so bad!! They are so precious!! 😍

  12. Hello. One of the feral cats that I feed had kittens a few days ago. She brought them into a shelter that I made for them to use over the winter. How soon is it okay for me to pick them up and start handling them. They are so tiny. Mama cat let's me pet her with no problems. Not sure how she will react to me touching the kittens though. I don't want her to move them so I can't find them.

  13. Awwwe, those kittens and their mom are sooo very cute! I love them all! I love your videos! Keep up the good work!!!!

  14. Such adorable little mews and adorable little teefers poking out! πŸ’•πŸ’• Bear's already a snuggle bug, and he loves Mommy Stephanie. 😻 Mommy Cleo and you are sympatico. She knows you will take care of her babies so she can grab a bite or take a break.

  15. I swear, my finger is twitching with the longing to touch that soft, soft fur. They are all adorable, but I especially love Bear. πŸ’—πŸ± Cleo knows she can trust you to babysit. Looks like she's still eating as much as she can. It's nice that cats don't fret about gaining weight. Is she feeling better?

  16. I love how you talk to the kitties. They have a strong connection with you, especially mama cat. The kittens look very happy. πŸ™‚

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