Baboon Wars | South Africa

baboons have found that humans are easy
pickings they don’t seem to respect us people are being raided by wild animals
they literally are criminals on four legs they’re like gangsters it’s car jacking hey! baboons are dangerous animals wooooah! the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa is
a majestic place home to an abundance of Wildlife home also to humans drawn by its
beauty and in the hills above the suburbs live
their neighbors the baboons of cape town it’s been their home for a million years but the baboons are being squeezed out Now in the fast south of our planet,
it’s planet of the apes as the baboons fight back. You have individuals jumping into homes,
their gardens, quickly going through scouting out for the easiest food and
then cascading all the way through the suburbs. They can be spread over
half a kilometer. Professor Justin O’Riain, head zoologist at Cape Town university
is attempting to solve an escalating problem. Some 475 baboons live on the mountain
top and their numbers are growing. That picture there summarizes the problem of Cape Town, humans and baboons. Baboons want to come down, the people don’t want them in
and that really is the picture of conflict on the peninsula. Down below
me is the rising tide of urban sprawl, above me is all that’s left … hardy arid scrub. For a baboon to find food
naturally here might take six hours but to fill his belly and find a days stash
down there might only take a few minutes! When a troupe is looking to go into an
urban area the first thing you do is you get a lot of surveillance. There is no other way of saying it. They sit on a rock and they watch. They’ll see something down in the village
that it gets the eye and they learn to to understand the landscape, they know
that house has food that know that house feeds their dogs outside, they know
this place is bad with their litter so there’s a lot of what goes on
there the baboons are very aware of and and take advantage of. You can run from a hundred and fifty
meters away so the people aren’t even aware that the baboons are there. They assess the scene, run straight towards the car … people scream, baboon opens door and climbs into the car with people inside that is audacious. That element of surprise is
all the balloons they when hands down every time. Shit! And this is what the fuss is all about! Look at this it’s almost human like. Perhaps that’s exactly why they are so difficult to deal with because it’s the very
traits that have made us successful that have made them successful. It’s their agility, it’s their
perseverance, it’s their patience, it’s their trial and error, their willingness
to try anything and then conquer it. I’ve just been jacked! They’ve taken the CDs … the gps, two bottles of coke and they’ve
just finally got into this bottle of water and it all happened in a matter of
minutes. You can see just how much damage they can do in such a small amount of
time. How bold are they? Bold enough to mug a
person, particularly women and children. You have children who are being
traumatized, children who are too scared to play in their own gardens. I regard that is a dire state of affairs. He’s been for psychiatric treatment at
the age of two he was alone in the house with the the maid and the troop
came through there. Till the age of eleven … twelve … thirteen, he used to sleep next to my bed every night and he’d put his little arm up to feel that I’m still
there and then … there’s one there! Look how big he is. Quickly, shoot now Jarred! This weapon is a paintball gun it won’t
kill, but it does hurt. With weapons like these, it might seem that humans
have the upper hand but sharing 92% of our DNA, baboons are proving
intelligent and cunning combatants. And they’re so clever, they are far better spies than we are. What
they do to get this open, he would bang against the window of this,
but this will pop open and they’ll open the window and send a small in. The small
one will get in and open this one for the rest of the troupe to get in. Ray Reich’s place has been raided five
times. The last time, he filmed the aftermath on his mobile phone his home was trashed every room covered
in feces and urine. They know that they are trespassing they
know it and yet they’re still doing it and that perhaps is what we find most
troubling is that they don’t seem to respect us. I’m lying on the couch having a afternoon snooze and he’s in the door then I got trouble that’s what happens. He’s in the door, a big
ball of steel wool bouncing in my front door. He’s heading for my fridge my last
hundred bucks of food, he wants it … badly Pierre de Villiers and his family have
lost count of the times their home has been invaded they feel helpless. The law is against us,
even touching them, when they come into our house we are threatened with prosecution
if we injure a baboon in any way and yet they come in and they’ll steal what
food we have. I’m a man … shit, I’ve got a family to protect and fee. I can’t just let
a bunch of monkeys running around all over me. So what do you do then? Why do I do?
I fight him. I fight him, I grab whatever I can preferably something to throw at him
because I want him further than arms length. These bullets don’t hurt, I mean it’s not
going to kill them. Jarred, shoot this thing quick! When we x-ray the baboons, there has never been a single baboon that doesn’t have pellets or
bullets or bird shot in them. In some case, what the x-rays show is a variety of
weaponry has been fired at the baboons and it it it never solves the problem. Jenni Trethowan runs the rescue organization, Baboon Matters. This Baboon is called Penny is being prepped for surgery after being deliberately run over. She later died. It’s back to old
thinking that if you just hurt the animal cause it some pain, it will learn its lesson
and then stay away. But unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. You’ve stung them for a while but all they’re gonna do is look for the person who’s got the paintball
gun he’ll just learn to look for you and see
how you got your paintball gun today I haven’t you? And then if you have he’ll be sneaky or avoid your property for that day not come back the next day. But in this
battle … the baboons aren’t without their own
weapons. Sharp teeth, sharp claws and even sharper minds. The baboon plays a very good game you run at the person with intent and if if they hold their ground you
veer off and no harm done but invariably you see a baboon running at you … a big
male … and you stop and then you know what he wants. It’s this thing in you and you
drop the bag … baboon learns and then that gets positively reinforced. Are they dangerous? Definitely. What scares me is that he’s going to do
damage one day in other words he’s going to kill a child or kill a woman and then what? Then we’re going to find a
neighborhood of people that’s gonna run around with real guns and then take
these things out. I got to think that we are going I think
we have to make a line you know whether The men with the almost impossible job of stopping the baboons entering the suburbs are Cape Town’s Baboon Police They’re led by this man. Our priority is to keep the baboons safe
and the only way of doing that successfully is keeping them out of
suburbia. Every day they try to hold the line as
the baboons charge down the mountain from higher ground. Yuan and his team try to get them to
stop and the baboons ignoring them. The idea is to keep the baboons outside of the houses. They go there and they’ve got such a drive to get there due to the amount of food humans leave
wastefully and our rubbish is their cuisine. At the end of the day they go for that
with all of the life just to get that food. It’s a costly exercise and it seems to
be having little effect. The baboons can outrun, outclimb
and outjump any of these men they simply outflank them. So now the thinking is turning to even
more extreme measures. What’s the solution as you see it? The
solution is to allow baboons to go as close as they possibly can … in other words, maximize their use of the land that they used to have access to but they still can’t do that last 10 meter
dash into town. So for example, we know of certain areas
in Cape Town which have vineyards. Now, it doesn’t get better than a grape for a
baboon and yet they’ve never been raided by a baboon … and the answer? Electric fence. Others want them called
but not all voices are vengeful. In this war, some are calling for a truce and a
hope that with a little good will there can be peaceful coexistence. We are all primates. People should just realise that there’s no point being angry with the baboons … the baboons are just going to carry on
doing what the baboons do. You can change. I love each and every one of them and
they stole my heart and a primatologist friend of mine many years
ago said that once you go between you can never go
back! And you’ve gone Baboon? I’ve gone baboon!

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