BA Sociology at Queen's University – Student Experience

sociology is something I'm passionate about you know it's about real-world problems and that's what really got me engaged in the subject I started to understand the world around me I hope better but at least definitely you know really augment your worldview I think it's the actual subject matter itself like what really motivates me our social problems like inequalities basically and I think the fact that I get to focus all not so much I think I want more my favorite things about it definitely I mean you have politics history behavioral economics psychology everything kind of meshed in the one like there's one way to look at sociology except that it stands apart on its own so being able to employ all these different perspectives to the world you bite the worker into it's like you know it couldn't be more relevant but it's very important for me deciding my career realizing I want to be a researcher is being surrounded by all these vibrant argumentative people you're being taught by the experts in the research like hey LC do you want to teach you you know it's just it makes perfect sense the sociology as a qualification can send you in any direction you want and then the things you learn or do we give you advantages over other people I think

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