B-52s’ Kate Pierson on Losing Band Member Ricky Wilson AIDS | Where Are They Now | OWN

We were riding, bouncing off the satellites. And Ricky just got
thinner and thinner. And we suspected,
but we didn’t know. And one day he wasn’t
there at rehearsal. The next day, Keith
called me and said, Ricky’s dying of AIDS. And a few days later,
he passed away. And, I mean, it
was just a shock, like a bolt out of the blue. We didn’t think we
were going to continue. We just didn’t really know. And I remember people saying,
like, get another guitar player, you know? But we couldn’t possibly think
of going on without Ricky. [MUSIC PLAYING] I remember Keith saying
he felt like, I wanted to write some more music. I want to do– you know,
let’s do another record. And we all said yes because
we realized at this point how precious life was.

15 thoughts on “B-52s’ Kate Pierson on Losing Band Member Ricky Wilson AIDS | Where Are They Now | OWN

  1. Thank you Kate for this! I find it very touching. You really can't replace someone like Ricky, he added a LOT to this band! Oh, and he was a darn good guitarist too.

  2. the illuminati killed him !! they infected him with something aids like illness ! to demonize the virus ! aids is a deadly lie !! RIP Ricky

  3. Thankful for this, but also wish there was more. I'd love to hear and see the whole story of the B-52s. Such a wonderful group.

  4. Ricky Williams was a totally unique Guitar Player. I never saw Rock Guitar Player eliminate the "D" string in his Guitar so that he could play Bass Guitar and Lead Guitar in the same song. RIP Ricky. You were one of the True Greats.

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