Automate Subscription, Tuition, & Membership Payments With Fons

hey there this is Eric Branner from
Fons and today I’m gonna talk you through how to set up subscription
tuition membership based billing anytime you have a certain flat rate per period
of time that you charge your clients this is awesome it’s most likely the
most simple billing method that there is as far as least amount of headaches
least amount of chasing your clients for payment we want to automate it so here’s
how it works I’ll take just a second and we’ll rip right through it so we begin
by just adding in a new client all we need is a name and email and a phone
number we can go ahead and we can set that up with a subscription right now or
we can set that up later in this case what a show it looks like to set a
subscription I’m gonna charge X amount of dollars per month per week however
you want to work it and start it when you want to start it I’m gonna start
this on November 1st because I like doing things at the beginning of the
month right here’s the deal here’s the thing to understand as we’re looking at
this as we’re setting up a subscription for a new client if the client is not in
a pain method before November 1st the subscription won’t run you can also
enter the payment information in so here’s the important thing to remember
if you send this out to your client and they have not yet set up their payment
information you can give them a quick call you can go into their client
account and add their payment information for them that way it will go
ahead and start if it doesn’t get their payment information on time before
November 1st it will go ahead and try again in December so it’s important that
you get that set up before the 1st of the month
Angel from Montgomery has a subscription coming up this is the notification that
they’re going to get in their email that says hey we have the subscription
starting all they’re gonna need to do is click on that and we’ve sent this off
here we are back in their client detail the notification has been sent off and
you’ll also see here their credit payment has not been set so we can
actually drill right in here and add their credit card for them give them a
call add the credit card information in that’s awesome you can also edit or
adjust a subscription from right here let’s take a look at what your clients
gonna get how that experience is going to be they get the email that says hey
you started a new subscription to account that starts Friday November 1st
one hundred dollars a month we’ll enter our payment information your client will
be asked to set a quick password so they can always log in and monitor their
subscription later in their appointments the client lands around this payment
information page they enter it they update it payment info is saved they
good to go the client can drill into their payments and subscriptions and see
if they have a subscription starting November 1st and they’re ready to rock
then as a provider I’ll get a notification saying hey angel from
Montgomery is all set up she’s been under payment information
we’re ready to rock now we can do whatever scheduling that we need to do
to get them set up in the next month I want to show you one more thing while
we’re here which is another way to do this we’re gonna instead of setting up
the subscription now we can just set up the billing later right so we add mr.
dance as a client and again I want to reiterate this once bills in and you’re
meeting with Bill for the first time you can add the payment method to Bill’s
account now so you have it for later for setting up these subscriptions once I’m
here in bills account I can go to actions I can start a subscription the
two things to remember is you just need to start the subscription and enter
payment information and you’re good to go it’s super simple you can get your
business set up in a day and never have to invoice anybody ever again
that’s it do it awesome let me know if you have any questions

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