Audience Members Go Flying Like a ‘Wrecking Ball’ in Ellen’s New Game!

What do you get when you mix
a memory game, three audience members, and a brick wall? We’re going to find out
together in a new game we’re calling wrecking ball. I am assuming you’re
Amy, you’re wearing a name that says Amy on you. OK. Amy, where do you
live, what do you do? I’m from Pleasanton and
I’m a marketing analyst. I make digital coupons. OK, and you are Annie? Yes. Hi, Ellen. Where do you live,
what do you do? I’m from San Diego,
I’m an event manager. What? Event manager at a hotel. OK. Robin? Hi, where do you
live, what do you do? I’m from Sylmar and
I’m an insurance agent. All righty, then. OK. So, here’s what’s
going to happen. You are going to try
to memorize a collage and then I’ll say
your name and you have to remember something you saw. And if you repeat something
that someone has already said or if you can’t
answer, you lose. And we’re going to play a
practice round right now, just see you see
what we’re doing. OK, let’s see the image. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, the image goes away. And then I will call on,
for instance, Robin– name something. A gorilla. OK, and Annie. Gum. All right, Amy. Carrot. Yes, I see it now. All right. Annie. Xylophone. Yep. Oh my god. Um, shoes. Yep. Oh yeah. Oh my gosh, carrot. That’s been said. Oh, and then something
would happen to you, but I’m not going
to show you now. OK. But that’s how you play, OK? OK. So you have to memorize
all the things on there. OK. So, here is your first image. Go. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. And I’m going to
start with Annie. Car. All right, and Robin. Piggy bank. All right, Amy. One of those carts– go kart. That’s right, a go kart. Robin. Hundred dollar bill. Uh-huh. And Amy, again. Avocado. Uh-huh. And Annie. Bat. Yep. And Robin. Hundred dollar bill? Didn’t you just say that? I did. All right, so we call it
the wrecking ball because Oh gosh. [SCREAMING] All right. Somebody’s smoking backstage. All right, here we go. Next image. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK and I will start with Amy. Kiwi. Yes. I will then go to Annie. Ragdoll. And then Annie, again. Ragdoll, pinwheel, car. Um, no, it’s not a car. Oh, no. Ellen, please it
was kind of a car. It’s not a car. Oh, OK. Are you sure? I’m pretty sure it’s– Are you really sure? It doesn’t seem like someone
would drive a dump truck. Oh, OK. Well it’s like a car– No. –it’s a truck. Yeah. It was kind of a truck. All right, bye-bye. Oh my god. [SCREAMING] All right, congratulations. [MUSIC PLAYING] You won a two night stay at
Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. [SCREAMING] We’ll be right back.

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