Audience Members Compete (and Fail) in ‘TV Show and Tell’

I don’t know if you know this,
but something is happening right now on television. There was an article that
said that last year there were 495 scripted TV shows. It’s something they’re
calling peak TV. I think it’s called
peak TV because there are so many shows you have time
to just take a peek at them. There’s so many
new shows on TV you have to pretend you’ve seen
some just so your friends won’t judge you and it gave
me an idea for a game. You’re going to have to tell
me what a TV show is about whether you’ve seen it or not. It’s something I’m
calling TV show and tell. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. If you see your name on the
screen, come on down here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. Hi, nice to see you. Head over there. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hello you two. Hello. Please introduce yourselves. Who are you? Emma Batiste. Hi Emma. Where do you live? What do you do? I live in Gardena and I work
for the Department of Justice, retired from the
Department of Justice. Wonder– Retired,
that must feel good. Yes, yes. Yeah. All right. And you are? Phyllis Mosher. Hi Phyllis. Where do you live? What do you do? Boca Raton, Florida. Retired interior designer,
but I’m still working. Oh, wonderful. Never get tired of that. All right. And what is your
favorite TV show? Big– CSI. Big CSI? That’s, uh, the new one. CSI. CSCI and then big CSI. Uh huh. Yes. And Phyllis, what’s
your favorite show? Big Bang Theory. Big Bang Theory? Oh wow, well that’s
no longer on the air. I know. But you’re watching
the reruns probably. Yeah. Yes. Yes. You had to think about that
and you said yes I am, Ellen. Do you have Netflix and Amazon
and HBO and all those things? No, I don’t. You don’t have those things? No. Do you have them? I have two of them. We have Netflix
and Amazon Prime. All right. But I don’t watch them. Oh darn. Well, Netflix is there. There’s a lot of
shows on Netflix, including my stand up special. You might want to
check that out. It’s that’s what
we’re [INAUDIBLE].. All right. You may not be interested
in it and maybe that’s why you didn’t get it. No. Here’s how the game
works, I’m going to tell you the
name of a TV show, and then you’re going
to have to tell me what you think it’s about. If you get it right,
you get a point. If you don’t, I’m going to
take a point away or give you a point. I’m not sure yet. OK. All right. All right. Here we go. And if it’s a good idea
but it’s not the show, I’m going to sell it
to Warner Brothers. Emma, you’ll go first. The show is Peaky Blinders. It’s on Netflix. You don’t have Netflix,
but just take a guess. What do you think Peaky
Blinders is about? Peeking around, look and see who
and what they doing and doing this and doing that. Yeah, right. I’m going to give you a
chance to steal Phyllis. Do you think you– Is that what Peaky
Blinders is about? No, Peaky Blinders is about
people peeking in on Windows. OK. I think that’s what she
was saying, Phyllis. That’s what you meant right? Yes. Looking around, see
what’s going on. Both of you are wrong. It’s minus 10 points
for both of you. OK. Aw. A family of gangsters in 1920s
England who sew razor blades into the peaks of their caps. So sorry. Phyllis, your show is
Claws with a C. Claws. It’s on TNT. What do you think
Claws is about? Teaching people
how to use commas and semicolons and periods. C-L-A-W-S Claws. Oh, maybe it’s about Santa. No. It’s all right. I thought the spelling
would clear things up, but it did not. Emma, what do you
think Claws is about? C-L-A-W-S. Maybe jumping rope. Maybe jumping rope. Jumping rope? Claws. Yes, Claws. Jumping rope and turn around. And doing all kind of things. All your shows involve all
kind of things like this. All kinds of things and looking. All right. Looking around. All right. Phyllis and Emma, I’ve
just deducted more points. Five manicurists enter the
world of organized crime when they began laundering money
for a neighborhood pain clinic. Claws, like you know,
like your nails. Claws, not Santa. All right. Here’s the next one. We’ll randomly start
with you, Emma. The next show is American
Vandal and it’s on Netflix. What do you think
American Vandal is about? American Vandal might– Maybe looking around again. Uh oh. You know, looking
around to see what’s going on around the world
again, just out there. Just hanging out. You’ve been watching
too much Big CSI. Something always going on. Just trying to see. All right Phyllis, what do you
think American Vandal is about? Bad vandalism and checking
out what’s going on. OK. All right. So you add a little tiny
bit of Emma’s with yours. Right. Yes, all right. It’s all right. It’s an investigation
into the aftermath of a costly high school prank
where cars were vandalized with phallic images. Oh. Oh. Yeah. All right. You’re both below minus 20. Oh no. All right. Now you’ve heard of
this one, Fleabag. It’s on Amazon. Have you heard of
that show, Fleabag? No. No? All right. What do you think it’s about? I’ll start with Phyllis. A lot of ants in bags. Fleabag is about aunts in bags. So– Performing. Oh, performing. The answer, performing in bags. OK. Is marijuana legal in Florida? CBD. CBD is. All right. Whoo. Ants in bags performing. What do you think
Fleabag is about Emma? Well, I think Fleabags are– They tried riding horses. You know riding horses. This is just seeing, just
riding around everywhere. They’re around the horses. Yeah, going around the horses. Yeah. Doing all kind of things. Well? All right. Well, listen. So neither of you win anything. Oh. No, no. You’re both winning
65 inch TCL Roku TVs so you can watch whatever
you want to watch. [CHEERING]

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