Audi Coupe Quattro's Revival: Scotto Gets to Work!

today it's not going that well seems like everything that we're finding is not the way it should be welcome to car cane and we've got too many project cars try to get as many of my cars and Ashley's cars back on the road as possible today today and welcome back car cane rehab it's been really long hasn't it yeah sorry about that and I'm actually just going to apologize for this whole episode because this episode took me months to film because everything went wrong and it just frustrated me so I gave up a few times that's the problem with a addiction you like do things and then you stop doing them or maybe see all the way around as you notice it's actually more of a car now I don't know maybe I should promise you now that you'll you'll see it run it at the end of the episode cuz as it sits it runs but let's go through all the things that had to happen to get it here this episode is basically the span of a few months of small little pieces of work that it got done over that span of time and it starts with an alignment gone wrong all right welcome back another episode car cane rehab this time I'm wearing a hat cuz I still have frosted tips that that was only for a month as I promised last episode it's good to get into doing an alignment so I still got a few things I gotta wrap up on the engine I'm just waiting on parts but in the meantime I'm gonna actually align this thing half of the suspension I put in 12 years ago the rest of it I tidied up last year and as you might see it's kind of all over the place so I've got like toen where I have toe out all these different things and I will be honest I've always been in the backyard mechanic I think I've only had one real alignment in my entire life and even though you have the wonder alignment system and I did watch the YouTube video and will Roby told me he knew how to do it I'm friends with Graham and Graham knows exactly how to use that system because he works well under a liner so he's gonna be my my shoo-in to make this work so anyway today's episode we're gonna align this thing walk through how to do an alignment before we even start to get into the alignment we're gonna weigh it when I bought it I want to say it was like thirty one thirty two hundred but I weighed it like a scrap-metal place and apparently those skills aren't that accurate so let's do that first that's a lot lighter than I thought it was under 3,000 3,000 is a good start with everything's still in there what's gonna be interesting to see the front of your split yeah not bad 59.2% front that's not bad at all not mattering that the engine sits in front of the strut towers like this is a good example of a car that probably had coilovers put on it and nothing adjusted maybe the heights are close maybe they're not you can't physically move weight unless you put something else in the car but you can jack weight with the coil over by moving the spring up or down right so we'll be able to add weight here which will also add weight to this corner will they effectively raise their left rear which will push more weight count on the scale which will also push more weight here and then effectively take it off of the left front right rear the cross weight right now is forty six point three so ideally we will get that to 50 percent and you're gonna want that with me in it with you in it whatever amount of fuel you're gonna write drive the car with we should be able to fix the cross weight and then go test it this is that part where gram measures the car and realizes that my coilover sertoli miss set left yeah so 603 and this is 615 so this side is about 12 millimeters higher so that's really awesome yeah so way off so yeah the whole right side of the car much lower than the left all right so while we're not gonna do a proper corner balance what we are gonna do is actually get it a little bit balanced so first thing up is to actually check your tire pressure and we checked ours real quick and it was like 10 23 10 27 so that's obviously not good we're gonna even that all out which may actually change the weight on the scale from 902 it's now it's now 30 under yeah wherever for 120 over yeah this is one step that most people forget to do little dumb things see this is why I had Graham come help because I would have just kept moving along and been like oh yeah all the fire pressure have done all that work for nothing so now we're actually off by more than we were before so our cross is even worse it's gone from good 46 whatever to well basically 45 and our frontier is not gonna change see we were thought we're going the right way all right so as we started to dig into this we realized that I might have made a mistake thirteen or so years ago installing these so this should not be like this yeah so are you headed back out and figure out what I did wrong so yeah take a step backwards all right so in order to get to the strut I had to build a tool which is basically a grinded down a 9/16 but a certain point it just spins struck so I've tighten those far as we'll go now I'm gonna cut it in half so we can grab it with a vice grip containing the top that's what happens you don't have outie specialty tools you have to cut up all your own and voila made this little collar grab the strut nut and a little 10 millimeter up top I should fix it I wish I had done this 12 years ago so let's drain and tight in the work play that's supposed to be Graham let's talk about where we're at because obviously it's back on the ground but a lot of things look way out of whack of where we want them to be so so we've at least got our adjustments and it's all in the same spot now we can go back in and start to square before we can get our camber in the range that we want I got to straighten the toes slightly because it's so far toed in I can tell that the steering wheel is straight and this wheel is turned in right and that wheels turn out so maybe the steering wheel is not clock and I don't know if I've noticed this before but this one what's been yeah it's not going that well seems like everything that we're finding is not the way it should be like this tire out ending which as you can see it's really bent I hadn't really noticed how bad that looked before okay so while I still haven't finished phase one of the car I might as well start on Phase two because that makes perfect logical sense right because phase two is the fun part phase 2 is taking this engine which is a 3 B turbo motor which is good for about like 300 plus horsepower but I kind of want something in the range of like 600 plus horsepower I've got my wagner tuner intercooler over there but this needs to get built so we're gonna head over to the boys at BPI and talk about what we can do with this because when it comes to engine building probably not the thing I'm best at someone how those guys teaching you I need to do it's like our one reliable vehicle most people have 100 always great I still drive it all fun so where does the curse happen all right so here at BB I dropped this off so they can build it and I'm gonna trade them out for the keys to the only car I own that runs great which is this Joe had the room the reason it runs good I think I've said the starties I let them do a lot of the work on you're not familiar with the other show we're doing which is BB I built a Pikes Peak Caerphilly and Adam you a Pikes Peak car this car you should check it out it's on Thursdays on the same Channel it's this show so enjoy first up the ultrasonic bath stuff is super grotty like everything else on that car then don't make it into their engine building room how nice it isn't here all right it took a lot to get these out they're super annoying I feel like the Audi engineers go out of their way to figure out how best to bust your knuckles up and trying to remove anything but as you can see this one not so straight anymore this Bend is supposed to be there this one not so much I don't think that one either so no matter what that one I needed to replace and years ago like a decade ago our ordered these from Oh 3/4 there a heim joint replacement for the tie rods just better feel they're straight which I think this little twist in here isn't really needed you can still kind of make them work this way they're also a lot lighter sounds like that really matters that much but you know it all adds up but I was missing one of those adapters see as far as I know Oh three four doesn't make these anymore but those guys seem to keep everything in the computer see they still had the drawings so they made me some new ones thanks guys and they sent this along with it which I have to say the thing that's most impressive about these huge nuts is the binder clip that they expect you to use the hold the bond I have no idea what the back story is on that but those guys have a sense of humor one thing that's nice long because they're hime since the ball joint ends they just have a lot more compliance so they're not going to they're not going to move as much give you more direct steering feel also because they're reverse threaded it's really easy to make adjustments you know you loosen these turn this and now I can adjust the track and everything like that so now would you got to get them to fit which means adapting this so this is what mounts to your rod or your Ram I should say on the power steering rack moves like this please connect here boom move back and forth the problem is is that these are meant for an m10 bolt this right as you can see the m10 Bolton here that's too much play so typically what you would do is run a spacer like this but what I don't like is between this spacer has too much play on the bolts and there's also a little a little bit of plane here and if you combine that play after doing all this to add Himes you now then create all this extra playing your hardware so and some of that will go away as you cinch it down but I'm just gonna switch everything over to half-inch heat running sae on metric cars but I'll do it for now until I figure out a better situation so boom this goes in like this and now you'll see very little play and so obviously we have to drill that was out that's the easy part the second part is is actually a backing plate that holds the two of them together they're kind of making everything structurally stronger so just need to build a new backing plate which is easy for someone like Dan but I'm not a fabricator so it takes me a little bit longer let's do that right now that's for babies we're gonna make a really simple backing plate out of this we'll just hold both of the bolts in place tiny keep it all nice and tidy make it really easy put some tape on it line it up with these holes want this to be right on the edge right there all right so here's the new heim joint style tie rod set up and I was will notice I already have a completely together so this is the bracket that actually mounts to the to the steering rack I put it all together because my friend Dave aka broken Quattro's he has a YouTube channel to just check it out he explains I do Audi stuff way better than I do he said it actually is better to just put it in as one piece and just slide it through this hole all the way through so if you guys have never looked at outies before you'll notice the steering rack actually sits above the transmission all the way in there instead of sitting usually below usually steering rack usually sits below and behind on most cars some cars in front but still it's usually kind of like a lower part of the car this is actually up high so the steering rack goes through that hole they attach this to a knuckle here so let's fish that through get that bolted in and it should be steering back together it seems like it's taking it absolutely wants to do because I've just been waiting for random parts and time time is one of those things that just kind of sucks okay so I got all that in the car only to realize that this end was binding against this cuz I didn't space it properly so I took it apart but realizing that the washers that I was using the spacer with kind of a little too wide so I defined a piece of aluminum I went on the lathe here so just real quickly kind of fixed it with a step bit so that's a bit skinnier so hopefully that helps it from binding and I'm gonna try to put this box together and voila made those little spacers I even went in and clean that up and painted it so it looked better so I had noticed that the bracket here was actually a little bit bent from the previous tie rod hitting it so I'm just gonna give it a little bit of relief anyway so it doesn't bind as much set these up so that they have a proper offset [Applause] [Applause] so despite the fact that he changed out the offset spacer or the misalignment space here and I also clearanced a bit of material I'm still at a point where this does not want to line up right so let's push this over with that that's about where it should be see if it's checking straight so as you can see this is as far forward as this wants to go because it's binding against everything in the back over there yeah keep clearancing it wondering if this just isn't gonna work take it out one more time fun nothing is easy on this guy especially not with custom parts so I'm going to try mounting these on the other side and see if it works all right so here's a rework of it where it's mounted on the front side which actually makes all of the steering a better and straighter line which arguably actually more than arguably it is more efficient kind of didn't think at the time now once I drove the car I realized oh yeah you totally screwed up your acraman now it seems like when steering's a little off so that's gonna be something I'm gonna sort out for the next episode but right now it's like drivable it's just not how it should be all right third time's the charm so stoked got that in it doesn't seem to be binding at all no interference issues clears and the transmission area so now what I'm going to do is I want to find the center of the steering rack before I adjust everything else because that's the first thing you should do to make sure that your rack centered is now that I tie rods are out you can have in the rack a little off-center but still have the wheel straight so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna normally one things you could do with a lot of cars if you can see the steering rack is you can actually just measure the rack to make sure that you have equal parts on either side of the rack the way that this rack is situated it's easier to do it from inside the car so I'm gonna pop the steering wheel off and Mark the hub and we'll go from there so that looks like so this is pretty much on the same place far right lock as it was for left lock so that would argue if I spin it back one and a half I should be about side right one great thing about rally wheels is it's pretty easy to stand them bunched follow on that line okay now that it's centered I'm gonna use this little tool from our Wonder aligner kiss which is the steering wheel lock we're going to set this up push it into the corner pretty hard and tighten this shouldn't move I try to prevent the steering wheel from moving too much now go adjust the tie rods that's one step closer to having this thing aligned alright so another checkpoint item was actually bolting up to the front of the car it's cuz if you remember I put the front end time but I can actually bolt any of it together I just kind of fit it and made it work so secure it a little bit better even painted the bumper just to make it not be red or orange oddly I kind of like it as just black but we'll see I also kind of like the carbon hood and I didn't think I would yeah so anyway I guess this is the point where I should show you that this drives [Applause] but like it's weird seeing nothing moving and people aren't pushing it [Applause] it's not too often that you get to see your big brother grow up and go on to do such extravagant things Brian look at you outside with a car that runs and now drives yeah left the building Brian dragged us all out here you wanna actually when we were leaving dance a lot of them to come just in case it broke they could take your tow strap you back home that makes money and set the most scumbag thing ever on the way out he was like we were gonna go take pictures of it driving and he's like all you have to do is someone Photoshop a truck towing it after her but you did it you did it say Internet could go itself now you got your car running how do you feel man that's the first have you ever driven this car that's the most I've driven this car in 15 years the last thing I did was drive this to water fest like seven last time you drove this I wasn't legally allowed to drive yeah problem Wow and last night drove this was 2004 oh yeah holy moly are you going out a next episode or discovery next episode or Nova next episode or 944 next episode or railcar next episode what do you get into next is it more Audi still more on this more on this like just this little shakedown I realize like seven things four-prong so fixing that and then and then laughs you know a special shout-out to this dude Carl hooked me up with this thrill right here and also has built a super Mad Max DTM looking out I appreciate he sent a photo that's how how do you guys do we don't do things digitally we were still really analog when it comes to things like this thanks Carl you're awesome

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  1. i also have a bikecaine addiction. basically any old honda bikes that are rare, if it's cheap im buying it. most of them dont run, i need a rehab 😅…

  2. I hate hate hate working on Audi's. Same with Cadillac. They leave no room for anything. Ended up selling a Caddy cause we would've had to remove the entire engine and all the tubing just to replace an oil pan. This is why i'm all about trucks at this point.

  3. jesus i feel like 2 life times have gone by waiting for this to finally happen. but good shit scotto i guess slow and steady at least finishes the race at some point 👍

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