ATCTAAA New Societal Norms?

sometimes it's not food anymore it's a common size greetings welcome to around the curve table podcast I'm Anna and this is my other co-host Gwen hello where we sure today the point of view of ladies around the country so that's what the up around the curve table is about sharing the lady's perspective on some of the topics typically we go over three things during our podcast one is just news and other things that we found interesting online or heard about second thing is a clip of a national anthem that's been sent in by somebody that will listen to I love that and then third is the roundtable lady's discussion so ladies from around the country log in and discuss a topic that we find interesting today it will be society's new social norms one of the things that I had noticed was that everybody's kind of talking about recently is the 737 max planes networks to crashes this you know recently so a lot of countries were stopping their planes from flying and I know that you know the FAA and the president had you know wanted any of the 737s to stop flying and I know I've seen different people that were interviewed they were asking them what they thought you know and I so some of the people are like well who cares it's just you know another plane just because to crash doesn't mean that they're gonna crash you know here they might not just be being taken care of as much but I know that the black boxes from those planes that they were gonna send them over to France and review that you know what actually occurred prior to the thing so they were just doing it as a safety thing but those are the Boeing 737 yeah unfortunately like a horrible tragedy but to me I I still have to you know delve a little bit deeper into this one mm-hmm but what about the maintenance of these planets these are in some of some countries that may not have right well no it's amazing right well some of the two are from Indonesia and Ethiopia so they may not have the care that that's going into and you don't know what you know what they came across on their flight or if they're maintained at the same yard or something you know right yeah that's that's some great points the idea that how long was his fan that these two fell out of the sky well I thought it was within the same week week and a half or something so well the idea that so many of those are actually flying around right when you know right I I know I understand a lot of people say let's ground or let's ground him right without having all the information right it's it's a huge leap reason so okay what's the next topic you got for me well the other thing that I thought that I saw was that whole rich parents buying their kids way into oh that broke my heart I'm such a big fan of Murder She Wrote Matlock a whole I watched the Hallmark Channel I love that show the detective shows and it broke my heart that she was tied in with that was that I miss well I'm the full house to most people is she was so other than the whole Hallmark Channel Christmas thing yeah yeah yeah well so but it wasn't just her and her husband it's other people but she's at the forefront and of course they're probably gonna use her as a scapegoat i but i'm not saying that there that she shouldn't be punished I mean that's horrendous that those people would use their poll to get children and to get their children into the schools and the things like right well in in my past I wasn't just them it was some other person that was hiring coaches okay to like like try to offer like some type of something to the students to get them like to apply to different schools or they were having someone substitute in and take the a CT or SAT test for them they were working with the people that actually worked for the school and helping them to get in that way talk about the girl right right so they were it was like not just one but one or two people it was a big thing it's not a big race it is just sad because I mean is that really helping your kid I mean we all want you know kids to do great but you know working around the system is kind of wrong I mean there's a lot of people out there that have the scores really fought to get into school and then they get discounted because you know of this scandal and then it said I totally agree but you know I don't know I don't know the whole situation is just disheartening to hear but we'll see how it turns out yeah it's just it's just sad because I think of how many people are so excited when they get that letter saying that they've been accepted or heartbroken and so that just means that many more students that actually earn their spot got that heartbreaking letter that they didn't get it right you wonder if it's her family now or for this right they could have if they're just finding out now I did see in the news that they were coming forward and it's supporting their mom but to get that information yeah you know you're thinking it's on your own merit right you know I will see how it turns out right and then then that also shows like what what does your parents actually think of you when they're willing to do that right so you know and I and I don't I mean they're thinking that you couldn't do well enough on the test so they're right you know they're going around you and not letting you know you know is that a mindset out there is that common or out here in the Midwest I don't I don't see it so much so other than man I saw that there was this whole thing about Facebook did you see though about that uh you know hours that they were down I experienced some of it myself okay I know I heard that you know rumors that this is you get the different tweets from everybody that say if you don't have suitors with blue thing a blue link your your profile doesn't turn blue you will pay money all these different things like that you're gonna pay money so for me I want to take them with a grain of salt right right well a lot of people were over on Twitter you know wondering about the outage and people kept trying to log in but some people are wondering if it's tied to the whole thing where they've been reviewed about the data breaches I don't know if you've heard about the data breaches where supposedly Facebook has been sharing illegally people's private information without their knowledge so of all Facebook users their personal and private information whether it's messages alright cetera things that they post it online is shared with many companies for example Amazon the phone companies Samsung and Apple okay Sony etc and they're sharing the data and like selling it so that way you could view what people looked at right or personal communications pictures whatever and you know a lot of people think like it's private but that's just showing that it's not so I know that that's been a big issue that was being looked at it but it said there was 150 partners in total and this is not just in the u.s. it's worldwide you know and then there's the other thing that people have been complaining for months is that a lot of the conservative views are their Facebook live they have been not showing the likes that they normally should have shared disappear yeah not being shared or instead of being on the top when you just put it out as a feed it's going lower in people's feed I I know they talked about the algorithms this net that's definitely I will see some of them actually disappear I will not only my likes of see posts disappear all all sort of things one is the big what if other platforms out there's a lot of people don't know about that me wait okay we actually have it around the curved table me we I'm join us on there that is actually just kind of budding this pastor I know Doug dialysis on there with worse in wild men one of my favorite podcasts on the world and you can see them on there as well I've been that I heard rumors that a new type of social media it's like spree Li and supposed to be okay starting where it's like success um speak freely so it will be that you know you always have the right to talk no matter what it is as long as it's respectful that's now the island that's what you know he's that same kind of deal so I don't know if that's another startup but it seems like a lot of different companies out there right cuz a lot of people have problems with that or even we YouTube right and to me that's one of those things if the idea that they can steal your identity and now that people are actually cashing in on people's IRS checks and things like that get yourself something to to cover in case you do have some sort of ID fraud oh yeah and then I make sure that I had that for the past couple years especially being on the internet I they say oh you have been indeed detected on the the dark web oh I've had my name John operation I have my name show up before on the dark web I got like um you know like my work they mentioned that and I don't think it's as cool is also one of my favorites okay but yeah it'll talk about that sort of thing so yeah okay what else he got how about the Obama era defense intelligent agency officer pleaded guilty in connection to transmission of documents to China okay so so it's like they just like yeah it's like a China China gate OB right own but it's not the same China gate you've heard of in the past but that was the other one but there wasn't really that many people talking about that they were just saying that you know found you know right guilty about that but well what was the other thing the Obama administration with a lot of people don't even realize the reason why our agenda change or why the narrative changed was because I believe it's 2016 that that it's high that the government is allowed to to propagate propaganda right yeah I've heard of that before so I don't really know too much about that but yeah I've heard that with the NDAA right but you know it amazes me um I think we'll have to it will have to have a show about this because you see what happened in World War two as far as their propaganda and then what they try to do now they try to call a conservative voice a fascist voice when actually the socialist voice is the fascist voice the extreme opposite of what they're trying to tell us the idea that it all started at the end of his term okay when our new president came in okay and then he's obviously easy enough to be manipulated in the media that right well did you it was a while back but going along with that there were some videos going on online where people were showing that different news stations from around the country running the same word it's actually pretty wording so they were it was like they were showing the different video clips of you know CBS NBC right all different types of media stations that we're just saying exactly the same words so that kind of ties in with that when people are like no that's not happening how did you op you know hundreds of news agencies around the country say exactly the same things if they're if they're new stories that they wrote themselves exactly put of even three of them right right in the same words I gotta jump in here on that one it amazed me when they said they have a new types of blood clot formation seven new types of cloud formations seven tooth new types of confirmations and when you break it down the Latin those cloud formations was actually talking about manmade manmade clouds their whole thing was Oh again that's a topic for another day right blue skies when I was a child I know blue skies that's not what I see now Wow but again it's happened for another day right exactly so but it's still about the wording right you know the likelihood that two people have a conversation and say exactly exactly the same thing they were even saying happy birthday to the same person at the same time I'm thirty networks yeah they they set the the narrative they're all for their own personal agenda and then they just twist the media and the idea that our mainstream news or our mainstream news is not allowed to they specifically regulated what those people were to say everybody else they just call welter native media right well the thing is a lot of them use teleprompters and there's a teleprompter company out there that helps to feed those you know there is avid or a different teleprompter company you know that you know so if you're using the same software that's prompting you your words you can easily have the same right you know so we're getting out call from the backstage somebody need me what's going on oh it's time for them it's challenge time for sure your voice share your spirit show us your patriotism because patriotism is not a bad one exactly sure you're sherry from sure yours show us your patriotism oh say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight or the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the Rockets red glare bombs bursting gave proof through the night that our flag was still there oh say does that star-spangled banner all the land the way to go way to go beautiful job sirree Jerry from Chicago for sending in that submission we can tell you you definitely have a patriotic spirit mm-hmm so don't hesitate if you have a rending addition you want to send in please do we can't wait to hear it we can't wait so I was watching the other day that there were they did that vote about it was really disappointing I was so sad that I heard about the senators voting against if you were a baby and you survived an abortion that you know though that it is already late term abortion and you if I can interject here it's because you've lived even though they've tried to kill you as you're coming out of your mother's the GTA or however you want to say it well unfortunately I if if we didn't kill you then we have a chance to go ahead and try and kill you again well before obviously we've seen stories where there's people that have survived abortions in the past right there are advocates are not having abortion period so we know that some of these people have lived perfectly normal lives and you know so those are showing that survivals make survivors make it and they're not all messed up yet I mean well so but this legislation that they you know voted against or what of protecting if you lived through the abortion then they can just let you die I mean aren't you once you're out aren't you considered a citizen and aren't you protected by you know the law is just like any other person I and this is not even religiously as I understand it's because your head isn't out of the mother yet what they do is unfortunately to be graphic or not it's it's it's the truth they sever your spine so these children's that would live through their abortion when they used to do it internally that that could have happened now they're actually severing the spine so even when the child comes out if they if they messed up right well and the other one it was like those saline where they give them an injection but still if you already lived through whatever and there's nothing wrong with you at that point I mean you're still alive I I could see if you you know they already severed your spine you're dead before you come up what it's still somebody that's alive is he nice like you said the idea that you're citizen and it's why aren't these people speaking up for that I I was I was so disappointed when I saw the State of the Union and though all those women standing there in their white outfits couldn't it didn't have it was just heartbreaking that they couldn't support something like I thought you were I thought you were strong women you were supportive of other women how does it matter one of those children aren't those babies on those babies girls right aren't they have to be a certain English right so maybe they're not a voting age so it doesn't really make a difference yeah that's the only thing I can think of because other than that that's still murder you know I'm still okay so this obviously this topic is very very sensitive for both of us it's it's very alarming as its women I'm not I'm not a mother and I was never blessed to be mother but those women were and the idea that they have something like that and that they would've it's right throw that away lit away even there's other women that would that would take those children right well especially that like you said that nine months old you mean that it's not like back in the day a long time ago when there wasn't birth control it wasn't all these different things that you can't have you could have I you D all these different precautions you can take but still you know that's your birth control it's just shouting your abortion then before s go same with the societal norms the new societal norms and we'll be talking about a little later truth about those ladies shouting out their abortions okay so totally let's change the topic while we are eyes don't well I know I'm just getting upset at thinking about it so I'm gonna talk about something that makes me mad it's how you go from crying to me well sometimes I don't I I have to in it sometimes when I get so mad I want to cry just because I get so mad okay so I'm just gonna talk about something on the other end and it's still something that really ticks me off so okay you know we already have a lot of problems with people in the country having face-to-face conversations with people so why is it because I have a different point of view that you have to call me different names or whatever and then the stigma of you know trying to say people are racist or whatever so as if there's not enough issues then we hear about all these whether it's fake people clearly right other than fake news the fake stories where people claim rape or a hate crime or etc there's been a lot of those stories since President Trump got in it seems like that's every time something comes out like that yes if it is an actual story then cover it but it seems like the actual stories when they're you know if they're conservative-leaning they're not really shown in the news all right I do want to point out that we're gonna actually have to cut our conversation slow shorter because I can hear it the traveling minstrel and he's playing some medieval music because it's time for around the curve table so we're going to go to the ladies Oh which lady do we have today I wonder our topic today the new societal norms I look back from then I know here we are we are around the curb table and on the other side of the panel today we have Nicole Jenkins this political media person and campaign strategist aka Nicky Jay how is it going Hey ladies how are you see you again great to see you again music oh thank you thank you very much we really appreciate that to me that was um it was a given that particular song we don't want your rule and we don't need to write it kind of wrote itself that's right well today like um like Brenda mention we're going to be doing societal norms okay um then and now is kind of the way I look at it right like past ones to compare to current like a lot of times I think like 76 ease to the present day like things that have changed and part of that is that a lot of times there can be ways that we can change as women or the in society people but we can affect change just by doing things so for example a societal norm compared to a law you know it's hard to get laws passed right they have to go through particular things but one of the examples I heard before that I thought was really good as we can still affect change in the following manner so here's an example here's a law that most people don't follow jaywalking right yeah police will say jaywalking is a crime but typically they don't enforce it right I mean on occasion they'll do it if they you know think something's up other than that but they typically don't give out tickets for jaywalking and most people in society will say that that's something that's acceptable it's not a big deal to jaywalk who really cares and but there's a law on the book that says it's some you shouldn't do okay so that's one thing but compare that to a social norm that we don't accept and that we frown upon would be picking your nose in public totally gross and most people have learned from their parents right get your finger out of there you know there's no law against that but society as a whole if you were doing that on the corner as compared to jaywalking everybody is when you're doing that on the corner is gonna be like ah how gross and you might even get like pictures taken of you like how gross that is and and this is not a law but it's something that people will say is wrong to do in public so it's like a you know that's still in a way that has changed the way we've done things maybe a long time ago when I was a kid you know caveman or something back in the day you know there was cavemen maybe it was okay to pick your nose in public you know but something said that it wasn't okay to do so I was kind of looking at it from that point of view is a lot of times people will say like what can I do about it so I want to you know always think of like the way to make change is seeing it change in for example we are all on social media we see regular media that you know Twitter Facebook etc where people sometimes shame other people maybe there's not a law against something but they you know shame people and make them you know show like the error of their way but at the same token things have changed over time where maybe something that was taboo in the past that was a bad social norm would be now a different viewpoint okay I totally agree I I understand where you're coming from as far as how we can actually help the change by not accepting it by like you said on the Internet a lot of times the conservative voice to squelch because a lot of people as a whole will shave them like the like the Covington kids yeah all our sudden without having all the information people just came out and started shaming people I mean honest and if you if you are it's more accepted into society if you're an african-american conservative and you were you know you were part of that you know more of a come from a more affluent background you know socio economics but being an african-american conservative coming from inner city st. Louis that's kind of harder are the inner city you know have a lot of african-americans that are that reside or that come from inner cities you know in urban areas and that are conservatives they vote Democratic and so you get shamed but I think that we are beginning to fight back because again it's freedom of speech as it sits there law set up that we abide by and who are you to tell me but I can't be a conservative for you to tell me that business in my core value you know nobody ever wants to go back to historically you know and when you go back to what the historical facts were historically we were conservatives as minorities poor african-american communities we always voted Republicans means look for LBJ in the sill was right the Civil Rights Act which was filibustered okay Democrats didn't even vote for our rights right and it's one thing that LBJ said you know which was out of content and so we began to vote Democratic forever you know now they're gonna vote Democratic and and you know and and that has happened you know and our communities are running off identity politics because that is the society norm for people that reside in impoverished name it's a given in rural neighborhoods and poor whites poor blacks but that doesn't make it right but you know I'm at CPAC I learned that there are so many people that are that's breaking that narrative and we are creating our own wonderful right so do you think that you know as I mentioned about that you know it's pretty much the thing that make change is within your own circle that's around you and then talking to people not being afraid whether you're a keyboard warrior or doing this a podcast or like you Nikki where you're getting out in public and talking to people and squashing those narratives you know do you think that that was gonna help going for a run it's been proven to help I mean look at Turning Point USA look at the college campuses how Candice Owens and Brandon Tatum you know and Troy Kirk you know they are they're busting through colleges right and you have these Millennials that are following now I can't I can't change the mind of somebody that's that's been stuck in their ways right so right prior example an uber driver okay I can african-american guy and this is no joke it was three of us in the car and we began to talk about these what are you here for that's the Republican you know it was three minorities this is black either to strive anything is that's the Republican convention I said I'm a Republican we are all Republicans in this car and he said I don't understand how can you be black in a Republican and I said well how can you be black in a Democrat mmm and he thought what do you mean I said why do you vote Democratic be Eddie you got the sir and I said well why told right because I can tell you why I vote well I vote Republican and I can so I want you to tell me why you know this isn't this is open dialogue then he said well I've always voted Democratic I said but this but then but does that mean that it's right I said well I'll tell you what you know a federal judge in we fought against Bill Clinton and the crack cocaine sentencing guideline he was a democratic judge he's very close to me he's like family and he it's a Democratic president and he won I sitting you know Joe Biden is the one that encouraged the crime deal in the 1994 and the crack cocaine sentencing guideline he encouraged the lengthy sentences right so he did harm to the african-american neighborhood because what you're going to say is Republicans the arm toes right he said well I didn't know that I said so you don't do research and this is the problem that black conservatives are facing but you we have to have our facts and we have to put it in their place people in their places and this guy said what are you running for office I said I thought well I don't live in Maryland he said I don't vote Republican but I would vote for you and that's how you crack that broke anything and you know he actually friended me on Facebook he said what is your facebook name Wow and he friended me before I got out of that car and everyone else in the car looking at me like wow and he sent me a private message that was just phenomenal he said you know I don't vote Democratic and I meant what I said I will vote for you if you ever run in the Maryland area I will vote for you you had some very valid points and you know and I have to tell people I'm not I understand that one party has found a way the key in one party has forgotten about women and people of color and and and Millennials you know and then we're trying to change that but I also understand that I'm a leader and I have to lead by example so if I want to change the Republican Party and what people are saying just me and then I have to lead by example and say I'm a woman and I'm here that toxic masculinity and break that because when you are as I said on my Hillsdale College interview when you are a person of color and are you're an impoverished person and you're sitting and you're looking at the State of the Union speech and I see wealthy man to the right right and that's what it appears to be right there suits you know on and and I rarely see any women I don't see any people of color else anybody looks poor I see staunch Republican wealthy man that's what it appears to be right you are absolutely correct because we are all human I'm gonna say they don't care about me and that said is the image because we are all guilty of it and that doesn't mean that that's not that doesn't mean that that's true right I look to the left the viewers are gonna say well you have these women and it's all type of women on different age range you know are different skin colors you know ethnic backgrounds if I'm sitting at home that I'm gonna look at that less because I'm looking at the right I'm poor and I already don't have anything I already have politicians coming into my neighborhood and I'm still poor my child's education is horrible look at look at trash all around me these wealthy men don't care about me but I see women over here and they're women and they look like they care okay oh yeah like you said it and then look like it is essentially by the end of that speech we saw how much those ladies cared about your knees our future babies everything and that's the society norm that's a style to norm so I could leave the Republican Party and go back and vote Democratic and go back and but why would I do that when that's not my belief right I know what they run off of I know that I've advanced since I switched to the Republican Party three plus years ago when I can be a leader and make them understand that I'm going to lead by example and this is all our parties and I don't care about the swamp I don't care about the lead I don't I'm here and I'm gonna be a stakeholder right here and within the Republican Party you know for everybody fundamentally for everybody right good for you one of the points that you did make was well let me go back she really taking a second and I'll leap in this is she I was thinking on a different topic since I've thought about a couple of different topics on like societal norms um in the news you know in recently since I'm gonna go back to abortion as a topic so I hope you don't mind you know in the past abortion you know was looked at as something to be shamed about you know I mean you know obviously people have done different things over their life but in the past if I look back to like the 50s to the 70s or whatever it was something that people didn't want other people to know you know right now it's it's been more recently in the news where people are saying shout your abortion and celebrate that you had that is still not something that you know I don't think you should be happy that you did yeah you know you're doing that but what has changed then I mean what are we saying to our children you know that you should be proud that you murdered a baby you know I don't know it let me interject here staying with your abortion topic I think the fact that some people it happens some people take advantage of it and use it as a contraceptive they after the fact so unfortunately that becomes their the societal dawn for them well in the past I mean there was less access to birth control and etc as compared to nowadays you know and so that's just something that's changed over the course of time and I don't know that it's just related to Christianity etc so you know much um but it's just you know looking at the thing and how is that something that you should be proud about I mean if you say shout about it your meaning be loud and be proud about it well is that goes along with idiom I think obviously this comes to the forefront of the news because of the late term abortions and that the individuals they're saying I not only I not only have I'm not only am going to have an abortion you can't tell me how late I can have the abortion you know so that's where they're changing you think they feel like if they shout about it then that's their confidence behind it it then if they say it more like you know what I'm saying like I don't know how to describe it just because I'm shouting because I'm shouting about it I actually have a an inner insecurity about it but if I shout loud enough and insecurity goes right or I appear to have a different appearance not to be insecure about it ridiculous to have an abortion that late I'm sorry and I think it's it's even if I agreed with abortions I would not agree with having an abortion that way I'm sorry it's ridiculous if it's as a woman you're carrying this child right back to me I think it's a setup to murder women I'm gonna be quite honest because if you weren't carrying a child having a baby alone at 40 weeks is hard right right so you're carrying a child that long and you're gonna in its in its that I don't even understand how that's going to take place unfortunately we we know how that takes place there's gonna be like two three-day procedures and all that you know they kill the baby and then they say but how you know that is that's gonna be and if the woman is not if the woman does not pass on that abortion table she's going to you're killing her mind she's going to pass mentally well you're gonna think about that as a woman as a woman you cannot tell me that there's not one woman that's not going to look back and say I've murdered a baby at 30 something we sets a baby that baby is that baby as eyes and a nose and you are it is it is a destruction to murder women mentally even if physical if the physical aspect of it does not you know happen where they're okay and they recover from it I don't think a lot of women are looking at that I think that a lot of women say you know who are these men these and who are these Republicans in you know and when we go across party lines her birthday to tell me that I can't if I don't want this baby then I don't have to have it I don't you know it's not so much about someone telling them that they don't have to have this baby it is what will the ripple effect be what is after effect what what mental capacity will you be in years down the line knowing you know knowing I miscarried twins and and still that was eight years ago and look at me now I still think about those little girls I was I was 30-plus weeks that is something those little girls were in my body they were they I saw them moving right and as a mother that's not a good feeling tell me that a woman will not think about that right and I've you know you know over the course of your life you meet different people and one of the ladies that you know I came across my life that's what she said later was that you know later down the line she had kids and she said you know looking back I think my whatever girl or boy would have been X years old right now and I in looking back that really devastated them and it you know it really impacted them mentally and spiritually you know because they realize that ships it impacts and not just that when that mother gets rid of that child she's gonna if she's still with that child's father it's gonna be it's gonna be it's gonna have such an impact that he might impact her relationship oh okay it might impact her whether they're married or not it's going to impact it's just like couples that have special needs children look at the statistics on it majority of them split because it's very impactful someone's blaming the other parent that their child came out this way it might be the man that's getting stressed out because man deal with this kid or it's the woman that blames the man that our King how this what your army and she's stressed out and then the relationship just crumbles and these this could be just two people that love each other and they're trying to fight and fight right but they cannot hold on much longer so could you imagine a man thinking about a woman looking at a woman saying you know what I might have said that it's because people come back and change their minds right I might have said that it was okay that if you didn't want that baby you know my baby then we're not ready right now then go do that you know at 30 plus weeks but then that man will come and think about what did I just do what the heck right he gets to thinking about when he gets older I could have been a father like he said my child could have been 10 years old and now look at this and this woman is gonna think about she's gonna forever be messed up in our hand said I killed a baby because that is almost that's a full-blown baby I killed my child and I could never bring that child back not at all not at all I think well thank you for sharing it's not a good feeling and I think that America I think that people you know outside of these party minds we need you to think about that they need to think about the impact and the mental stability those women think they're not gonna be I guarantee you 85% of the women that choose to murder these kids and these babies whatever 30 weeks they're gonna be on antidepressants probably two or three of them I guarantee you I'm interested to see what the studies will be and what the statistics will show with mental health and women associated with mental health men they have these abortions at 30 plus weeks I'm very interested to see it some years down the line what what statistical be right fortunately postpartum depression is gonna follow them what did they have the baby or not I have postpartum depression for five years and I still I don't have postpartum depression but I still around September when I lost my friend I've lost the first twin I still think about what if I had you know a little mini being running around you know or what if I lost one and I was able to keep him here's some you know they were in sack so sometimes people they look I mean that's it does happen that way but I don't have any you know I don't have either one of them and I still think about what if I had you know my little girl what if she was here with me at least one of them you know so it is it's it's something that I think we're not thinking about it as Americans but it you know it tears you apart it tears relationships private tears people apart and it is something that it's a bigger picture to that and we're not it said it's it's a how do we pull women out of society because a lot of these women that are having these abortions period they're young they're either young or they're poor it's a socio-economic thing changed outside of the resources you know to say hey let's give your baby up for adoption no no mother wants to know woman a substance you know although she's a woman of substance and she says I'm gonna have this baby I can't afford it so I opposed but but really no woman wants to really give her child up that's a hurtful thing so how can we pull people up in this world economically welcome play can afford their children you know this could be her first child and she just feels like I'm not making it I can't have a baby and at least I know where I'm from right that is the thought process you know in poor communities and they don't give them up too you know it's you know it's it's more of a cultural thing I don't want anybody else raising my kid so I'll get rid of it you feel less of a person having someone raise your child you know where I'm from you know I'm just speaking for me and my society so you you you're your option B you know you go in an abortion and so that that occurs in poor impoverished neighborhood so that's something that the Democratic Party is not talking about they're not talking about the statistics of abortions why they occur how they occur you know what's the numbers what's the economic disparity in the gap you know among these abortions and you know the certain class of people because that's what it boils down to social economics and we have to really look at that as you know Americans and right it's it has to be a better way oh yeah I'd agree I agree totally agree another societal norm that I've noticed is feminism from the 70s to now back in the 70s they burn their bras now feminism be the epitome of feminism with the women's March where there should wear the vajayjay hats and such that's a big difference to me I know I'm a woman I'm a very strong woman I guess I don't need a one okay so let's just think about it I think about me having a son right hmm let's think about this whole you know this I just feminism thing this whole meetcha movement and nothing against it I'm a why like I said I'm a woman but look I don't think that that that other side thinks about things like this me having a son mm-hmm I don't want him to forever be scared of women and what society will view him as if he has an argument with a woman that he's dating if he is up for a big US Attorney job and he can't get it because he's dating a woman and because he doesn't want to be with her or it's a political thing you know automatically my child is gonna believe that society's gonna believe her because she's a woman and it's just whole movement of women you know this this you know he has no chance but when I know as his mother that my child worked his butt off right he was human things you know he worked to get what he has so who are you you you you so you surpass the courts poor you to tell me that my child should not be granted something that he earned his entire life a movement right well that's the thing is before it was more looking at like being equal equal and equality of raising up women and there became departments within colleges that talked about women's studies and making sure that women could get different jobs in different sectors that you know breaking the glass ceiling and granted there are less CEOs from and etc and I know that they look at like that 70% women make 70% less or the of the man's paycheck but they don't always look at the actual what what that number is there's a average all the women's jobs but they're not looking at hey if I want to be a career woman that's great I want to work for a full-time but there's some women they don't want to work full-time they want to work part-time and they want to be home with their kids some of the time so they still average that pay scale with whether or not the woman's working full-time or part-time so there's some of those numbers are less despairing between the genders but it seems like a lot of the movement has been focused on hate like hating you know you're a man no matter what you do you're wrong and this kind of goes back to what we already talked about last last episode but so I don't really want to go at that point so much but it's you know the empowering of women and it used to be just fighting for those rights and now it seems like it's squashing men in the me to believe all women despite the fact that sometimes people lie and we've seen you know like you said it's one thing empowering you know and that's okay because we should be empowered we are women we do work hard you know we have to deal with the gender racism you know I mean the workplace racism we have to you know not rights our you know our workplace and our fair wages we don't get it you know as women I don't know that so we should be fighting is we should be fighting for that but we should not be fighting for the wrong things and I'm seeing us begin to fight for the wrong things you know and then also we are pushing back me into where we're belittling them you know we we we have to say hey take a step back you know we say we want this but then we shell something else what what really do we want that's what equality as a woman I want to if I work my butt off as an IT person or as a communications person and I have the same podcast and I have the same ratings I want the same thing that man has right because it's not about a woman or man it's about work in our qualifications right that's that's equality correct I don't want to begin to harm men in my process and belittle them because I'm on this whole movement of I'm gonna tear me and down I'm not trying to tear me down I just want equality so it's a difference between they I I agree I think you made a great point when you said empowering women the idea that there's that that fine line between like the women's march there it's what is perceived versus what is reality when we look at like the women's March many of those women don't realize that they're actually I'm being led by like Linda's the South's are who the the pinnacle of the radical Muslim movement which actually oppresses women which not only makes the women in the extreme cases actually puts them in the full Burnett's yeah when they talk about empowering you're doing exactly the opposite you're oppressing the women and they're actually if you punch up on on Google pounds you punched out feminism you will actually find pictures of not only the the woman with of vjj is on their heads and naked at the the marches and things you see another woman over to the side that is wearing her job and she says it's in this particular picture that I saw she had like red hair so she can look like a millennial but she had portion of her her hair covered and she said all my life I didn't realize I struggled with my religion I didn't that Islam was waiting for a religion for me so she's at an event like that as she's there to empower women and she doesn't realize that the radical the epitome of that radical mindset will actually mutilate your genitals but guess what you can't you can't tell those women anything they're not going to listen to the actual facts they I get very impassioned about this whole subject because the dog veil is being pulled over these women's eyes and they're just being there if they're too naive to look behind it so so basically I mean that's not Eman ISM feminism is Coco Chanel that defines feminism how do you mean Nikki you know uh Madeleine Albright Mother Teresa okay that's feminism okay when you said about Coco you mean her breaking through the North Coco Chanel she broke through that the norm and she made it where it's a woman empowerment thing you know breaking down a man is not women empowering that's not feminism showing up at marches with the JJ's on your head that's not feminism yeah that's great that's not feminism so feminism is um as I said Madeleine Albright feminism is saying you don't have time to you can't love me if you judge me it's in order to be irreplaceable you one must be different you know what I mean mm-hmm okay feminism great points that empowerment is going with the wind women can soar you can do this you can graduate with your masters and you can raise your children that's empowering local empowerment right right humanism and and a woman showing up with class and grace saying I got this she's showing up with her pearls she that's an example you know even with me and a good example is when I watch you you watch me you know we all watch each other and an empowerment moment is me don't let your socioeconomic background status to find you you define it so people wonder why what pearls because that's what I saw growing up as a young kid and I want to find who I am and that to me I want to empower young girls from inner city st. Louis that you know when I go visit their schools they look at me and you don't know anything about me and they're sassy and I do because I'm from where you're from and I want to empower you that's empowering that's feminism that's showing up in my pearls and my suits because I want you to feel like you can do this and that that's the whole me to movement think that's what it should be that I belong so you know that that's that's what it is it should be me stepping foot in the Republican Party for Missouri that I know it's staunch Republicans and I know it's an establishment I know it's a non establishment and I know it's mean but I belong here and I'm not going anywhere that's empowering moments that's something to feel good about yourself with that's that's communications what we're doing here you know we're breaking ground we're talking about issues that matter that's feminism that's empowering yeah right and breaking down a man in the process has nothing to do with empowering it has nothing to do with feminism because that's not how women should conduct themselves that's not how we were taught and raised our ancestors weren't like that so why are we like that what point do we have to prove by breaking down a man right well that's how it's changed over time that it started off just like you mentioned and now it's radicalized but there's so many other things like Wendy had mentioned that if you really want to take a stance against something stand against the still the bad things that are occurring to women in this country and around the world there's plenty of people that are being oppressed that are women just because they're women whether they're here or there but you know dividing us up you know against the sexist is not something that we want to do and and I also it in some manners there's in I know this is kind of controversial also it's been a little bit in the news related to that is that like this trans gender movement with athletes with you know there's a lot of the things with the Olympics and they're born born naturally with all female body parts and with the genetic code of that compared to transgender and they're competing against each other and I I have a hard time to you know I don't know where we're at what I really think about it exactly but it's just kind of hard is there where does that play into feminism to you know mean because if it's women but aren't we also having like impact on like the sports we finally got to where women have sports and their their their sports are being shown on TV and they're you know getting equal footing with sponsors more so you know not exactly but you know they're we're building up this thing and it's happened for all over time but now we're seeing the opposite where it's still you know they're being pushed down because of the transgender movement and I don't I'm not opposed to that it's just that you know what where's the line why'd he have to step on the women's rights to get there well I get where if you want to be accepted as that but at the same time physically you have different physical strengths and weaknesses yeah it's a need the idea that like was it Martina Navratilova their famous tennis player yeah she was at like the news all of a sudden she's asked these questions about how she feels about transgenders and tennis in sports and she said that wasn't something that that she felt like she could support well all of sudden she was shamed they as I understand they be stricter titles because you either agree with us or or we're just going to grab our pitchforks and run you out of town even attractively so a situation like that I understand what you're saying about um the the individuals are coming forward and they they want to be included just like we as women wanted our rights I'm not saying there's got to be a way to do it but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean that you automatically if you have male legs and you're in a woman's any a UFC say you're in the Isle of MMA yeah I'm a fan that doesn't mean a transgender individual can't come to the women's division pounce on all of the individuals and then automatically went when they just genetically they have stronger have stronger muscles you know so to me I'm not I don't know what the solution is I heard individuals say well maybe there should be yet another categories so without without if there is another category does it have to be a negative thing could it just be for individuals that's then you don't know exactly where to place them yeah I mean this is something that you know obviously it's gonna require some thought and we're gonna have to figure things out but that doesn't mean just because you want to be something if you was so that doesn't mean you fight alongside me as it may I'm dressed in a skirt that's just just my thing yeah I understand if you're a woman and you you want to live as a woman and things like that I have no power today I have no problem that's got created you the way that you are that I have no problem but that doesn't mean you contrast on my my division and then or my particular sports and then I'm stating you're superior to the rest of us basically that's my take on it so yeah that's another societal known that we're talking about um one of the things might be common sense and you know and non common sense but you know that's something a little bit different I mean you know I'm gonna say this once read in front of our Payson okay this one to say it alarms back in like the 70s and 80s and we're not saying which you know decades we grew up there but would speak about some things but now they have gadgets oh yeah now the societal you one is you your community your communicate only through your electronic your electronic devices the new generations only there's no socialization there there um there are so many things that they're gonna lose out on and by the before we even go with the whole gadget thing how its we're gonna find out down the line that is probably tricking our brains or you know some sort of thing down the line I can imagine there's going to be big lawsuits about how all these particular smartphones and things are addictive and that these individuals that don't know any any different any other life we grew up on cartoons you know yeah ii mean that is that's a big difference right now anymore they don't they don't talk to each other anymore they talk to each other at school then after that they're home and they're talking to somebody on the game they're talking to someone you know on TV some sort of they don't go outside they're not children anymore and they wonder why they have all these depression issues i never seen so many children have so many depression issues or a hilar depression and everything is depression depression depression depression they stay and in just one little bubble I mean we were forced we and we think about it we were forced to go outside but we did want to come inside when the street lights came on because we enjoyed it so much because our parents for you know and we offer each other houses that we got to know the parents and we don't do that you know and it was a village that raised majority of us you know and it's not there anymore you got a high crime you got children that don't talk to each other they act as if they don't like each other they don't even know each other and then those acts become those people become adults and then when you're an adult and it's not so much of an introvert because that's not your characteristic because really it boils down to you never got a chance to go out and talk to anybody because you didn't give yourself a chance because your parents made it okay for you to sit in that house in your room and closed the door and not communicate with the world right I would agree I mean other than that how do we learn behaviors you know when we actually interact with people from day one one word baby we see interactions people are talking with us we learn expressions and emotions from the people around us you know so I know that we have to get out of comfort zones that's number one right we are so much in our comfort zones in these societal comp razones for instance was it fair for me to have to get out of my bed at 4:00 a.m. in the morning be on my bus stop at 5:00 a.m. to be shipped to school bus to school I'd say now Society will say but you got a good education but it's a bigger picture than that I got a good education I learn diversity what was not taught him you know within my faith my family's very diverse but I learn diversity right that's fine I get that but what about those children that reside in the school district that I attended mmm-hmm they never came to my neighborhood they don't know anything about me for what they know at school they don't know anything about the people that I grew up with before what I tell them I know nothing about how we live because they never had to come to my neighborhood right so we can argue about it but it's been one-sided for people from different socio-economic classes okay that's how we have to fix that in society we have to fix it we have to find a way where these children are not afraid of each other right and if there are zip codes right beautiful yeah yeah that's a great point well because and then added devices even add into that you're styling yourself even more so yeah cuz you're not getting out and going down to Black's over to play with somebody else yeah let's make a sports team and then you know you get everybody together and interact after school or something when you leave go ahead how do you change that because IT is the way of the world right now right okay and they're raising them to be IT gurus right technology I'm gonna go back a little bit when you mentioned about the depression in the children I know growing up I didn't say everything that came out of my mouth I I read everything that I thought I didn't say that's the difference when they're typing or when they're they're texting they're talking about their thoughts so there's that barrier is gone so all of a sudden you might be saying either you might be thinking I'm depressed this week or whatever look what's coming out of your mouth would have been different you might have had that shield that you wouldn't have said now if the device is in your hand you're more likely to say it you're also like you said you're in that little bubble you think that it's this is my world it turns into selfies and until it turns into me me me me I'm going and unfortunately bullying as well that's well and that's the thing is part of development is exactly that getting out initially you know when you mentioned about going outside I know like every summer when I was a kid my mom would be my mom won't be like go out outside your play but my boy go do something you know and then you can start to do something and then you get involved in it and start having fun and like you said the lights come on and then you you have to come in you're like doing it but you're putting yourself out there and that was the thing it yeah you mature over that and you get to meet other people and you get to actually do physical things it's better for you mentally to actually do things as compared to not doing things like myself I know sometimes you know you can get focused on what you're doing even if it's just some task you're walking out the woods on a bike trail wherever your mind goes other places when you're kind of in your own bubble inside your house you're your focus is a lot like narrower I think and you're not seeing that and you feel in some ways limited you know and that's that's not a good thing either you know and a lot of times now it seems like people have friends on social media and etc but they don't have friends that they can actually interact with or for example you know friends were sitting next to each other on the couch don't say anything and they're texting each other laughs and you see the entire family with their phones out and everybody talk to each other right right I go to events I I love to watch each other right that is true right it's helping us dehumanize each other I talked about what went on at school talk about what went on at work even though you're a kid you don't know what's going on but you know that you don't know these employers but should you're listening to what goes on you know with the doll that's around you and you talk about your life and talk about how you feel and you think the children are depressed because they don't have expression because they don't sit down and because the families are so busy it's go go go go go and they never get to sit down and express themselves like over the dinner table you know I'm over dinner while having dinner you know their expression might be five minutes when my mom is shopping me off at school right now right and and that's the time where you should be looking at sharing things imparting wisdom talking about what's been going on and you could ask hey how are you doing I mean granted when you're a teenager you don't want to share that and you're like I'm fine you know but maybe that day you needed to talk and instead of having nobody to talk to you have somebody to talk to you know your family and you get to see that because we can't get those days back nobody goes and says I shouldn't interact it less with my family when they get you know closer to dying you know it's usually I should have spent more time doing X learning about what grandma was talking about when we were out to dinner I shouldn't have just blown her off and been too busy texting my you know friend I should have interacted with them because you know that's part of being a family you know bringing you together yeah so um yeah I think we're all on the same page with gadgets definitely being a societal norm especially with children unfortunately know there is a particular program that um an individual from st. Louis has a program that she is actually going into the school so she was trying to help change that norm and that's living with moxie so if you get a chance we should really we should impart that wisdom on the individuals out there I believe that's gia that has living with moxie out there and she she actually has a book and explains things a little differently to the children so um okay we all have homework look into living with moxie okay was there any other societal norm see you ladies wanted to point out well I don't know that it's a norm per se but before um I just look at some of the things that I see that's happy no since when I was a kid it used to be that you know you would compete in different things sports or whatever and you could have a winner now it doesn't seem like there can be one winner I mean yet in the Olympics there's still one winner you know there's a gold and a silver and a bronze or whatever but in some manners I kind of see that as you know everybody gets a trophy mentality nowadays I mean I don't know if that really does that help people when they're you know kids to see that I mean granted we want to encourage everybody to be themselves and you know be the best that you can be but I just wondered like when it comes to career and life in general you know you don't all get a trophy you know kind of tied to this is that I heard that now they're thinking about lowering the the grade for F you know instead of you know raising kids up and trying to get them to do better right let's lower the grade of F and it kind of seems to me that it fits into that same thing it's like normalizing like a expectation I don't know leveling the playing field as they call it right everybody you know in college level yeah you everybody does poor they make that bell curve and they bump it down but the professor typically knows that they made it super hard for a reason they want you to strive to get and get get above that but when you lower expectations for people but how does it I don't see that helping people because real life isn't that usually you know you don't go to work and they're your bosses like I know you're doing not having a good time doing this let's just lower your bar you don't have to do 100 assignments for your quota you can now do 50 right yes I totally agree so many societal norms that are just I don't know I can't even I don't know if they're good I don't know if they're bad I don't I don't I mean I think some of them are good but I think again a lot of things go back to living for a society and it's just not working for us it's just not you know it seems like you know I remember having it no matter how bad it was how rough the neighborhood was growing up how rough the neighborhoods were the people you know that I wrote the bus with and then and you know I remember going to skating on Sundays with all type of people from all over I mean the project's everything right and we all got along because we were happy children and teenagers and we got out and we talked to each other and we look forward to doing stuff you know all right these kids are just sitting in the house is Society has has this world of technology and the gadgets and the end you know married to society the the core values that the things that we care most about it seems it's like it's it's depreciating um and which leads us to our other question about um or one of the other points that we have is indoctrinating the college the students a young age to think just to think a certain way like how so well especially right now in the campuses we see individuals that they're you know want to open up their mouths and other people are are trying to to shame them and from speaking okay what if it wasn't the case before I mean a university is typically somewhere you should have free thought you know as least that's what's been mentioned in the past you know and then uh you know people could protest about whatever they wanted you know you know you wonder what age does that start in nowadays they you know they say so many of teachers are actually not just teaching they're actually leaning their own value there they're putting their own two cents into it we're instead of just given the information now there's a slant behind it and I think that that all ties in with me right exactly they do think that oh because the playing field is really well that's not fair because the playing field is supposed to be this where it's instilled in them younger yeah so well we've we probably run out of time we definitely have to have to with exponent expound on this on this topic and we have so many other great ones out there that I look forward to talking with you again Nicole thank you so much for joining us thank you we're going to um you ready to close I can hear the music yes I hear it fading in a little bit we don't that's right ladies you have a wonderful day thank you so much we'll see they mix she made some great points I'm gonna have to I'm gonna you know really have to I see tears well you definitely can see the difference between what things were talked about and lowdown in the past you know to today all right so especially the feminist and I particularly like that one this is no it's more than us it's going on to our country yes going on around our world right whether whether you have something to say that perhaps around your own dinner table a lot of you ladies at home are afraid to speak out mm-hmm then speak to the other ladies around you and talk about these topics these are too important right stick idly by and and let happen to you right and just because maybe you're kind of shy to talk maybe you're a keyboard warrior maybe you that's your way maybe you can do means you know share your ideas that way you know other than having your own around the curve curve table a definitely well we we know that we want them to speak out speak to your Congress people your Congress men and women we also want you to you and the terrestrial radio show you gotta check it out you have your coffee down to so I'm still next time we're round her table we'll see that you're listening to around the curve table you

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