Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners Conference

every day we can clearly see how an environmental world movement is changing our lives we have more and more choices of clean organic foods in our grocery stores we are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients in the personal products we use and we search for natural non-invasive beauty treatments which can deliver corrective results without cosmetic surgery or injections we're having more and more and more people who contacting us because they're looking for the deeper and more holistic more organic and spiritual approach we have people from California Oregon or have people from East Coast because an increasing number of skin care professionals across the country want to learn more about natural beauty products and services they're joining the association of holistic skin care practitioners this Association organizes numerous hands-on training events throughout the country including an annual conference estheticians massage therapists who looking for deeper meaning to their services they provide four new modalities to their work they will find this conference very useful and important and that's why becoming year after year because they keep learning different in different levels they can enhance their work with and that's why their businesses are blooming I'm so excited to be here I think the speakers have wonderful information I think the knowledge base is fantastic I love the holistic approach I can't wait to come next year it's amazing and so interesting so informative I learned a lot I enjoyed a lot I met a lot of interesting people I just had my eyes open there are a lot of things that I believed in to begin with but to see a whole roomful of people who believed in the same thing and just to hear the speakers was just kind of reaffirmed what I already believed in many skincare professionals have had experience working with conventionally formulated products that's all I knew that was my story that was what I was selling that's what I was convicted and believed in then when I met Alina and now I'm in the organic world it is a transition that has been a wonderful experience we believe that when we use natural skincare products we're not only supporting our health we're also seeing visible improvements in our skin the holistic skin care practitioners conference presents new ideas and techniques each year these are based on both ancient world traditions and the latest scientific research in natural ingredients and techniques our association provides numerous opportunities for beauty and health professionals to deliver safe and excellent results that they are growing as a professionals as a human beings and the bringing more love beauty and knowledge to their plants if you'd like to raise your practice to a higher level by offering your clients holistic skincare treatments that really work join the association of holistic skincare practitioners you will learn the latest research in wellness and beauty from world experts

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