Associate of Arts at South Central College

I’m William Miller. I’m a second year student in the Liberal Arts
& Science program. It’s my second year at South Central College
of my last semester and then I’ll be transferring to MSU for special education. My plan is I soon as I graduate by this semester
to transfer to MSU and get my four-year degree on social work. I think that a liberal arts education is so
important because you get a well-rounded education. You get to learn a little bit about a lot
of different things. LAS program allowed me to do a lot of exploration. By attending SCC you have the opportunity
to kind of dabble in a lot of different things. That’s the idea of a Liberal Arts and Sciences
curriculum. It becomes the foundation of a lifelong learner
and foundation to a good employee regardless of where they end up. If you’re interested in transferring to a
baccalaureate institution to finish that four-year degree, our instructors help you walk down
that path. They help you out a lot in the office with
different programs to make sure that the classes you’re taking will transfer over to wherever
you’d like to go next. I think that it’s easier to go to a smaller
college at first. It’s not like at the University where you’ve
got 200 people in the same class with you. I’m not a number. I’m a person. The instructors I’ve met at SCC have been
some of the most knowledgeable and influential people in my education. The instructors chose to work in a place like
this because they prefer to be able to share their talents more one-on-one with each student. We’re aware of student’s academic abilities
and adjust our courses and the work that we do with students individually to assist them
in being successful. South Central does provide flexible hours
for someone like me who has family and work and everything else. It’s definitely more affordable to go to a
two-year school before you go to a four-year college. The cost per credit is significantly lower
than in a university setting. No matter how old you are education is essential. It goes back to investing in yourself and
the value that education brings. if you’re interested in SCC I definitely encourage
you to come here and check it out. Come in meet with an advisor if you’re looking
for quality education and you’re looking for people to help you and send you in the right
direction. I think this is a place to go.

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