Associate Member: Becky King RSciTech

I’ve always been a type of person that
questioned everything around me and physics gave me the answers that I was
looking for. My name is Becky King, RSciTech and I am a physicist. I’ve
completed my apprenticeship at the National Physical Laboratory and I’m
currently studying an integrated master’s in physics at the University of
Kent. I realized that physics was what I loved when I was doing my A-levels but
by the end of a – I was getting bored of reading out of a textbook; I wanted to
actually start putting into practice what I had learned and that’s when I
found the apprenticeship at NPL. The apprenticeship timing to the IOP gave me
the confidence that an apprenticeship is a viable route into a career in science. The biggest value of membership is being part of a bigger physics community and
having the opportunities that the IOP offers. I wasn’t really sure what an
apprenticeship could offer me, I expected to maybe be doing quite minor things in
the lab, but it was the complete opposite I was left to do my own work and research
and I absolutely loved it. I was involved in loads of outreach for ourselves at
NPL. I wanted to reach out to young people in particular women showing them
a career in science was definitely on the cards for them if they were interested
in it. I really wanted to get across that there shouldn’t be a stereotype of what
a woman in science should be like by going out and just being myself. The
technical qualification that we did during the apprenticeship allowed us to
yet a SciTech after our names it gave us the recognition that we deserved from
our time at NPL. When I graduated from the apprenticeship I worked as an
assistant research scientist and it was during this period that I decided to go
to university to further my knowledge in physics so that I could return to NPL as a
high research scientist and conduct my own research.

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