Aspen Ideas Offstage: ‘Confederate Flag is a Swastika to African Americans’

Race and racism are two such thorny problems because the way you solve it requires trust. Hi, I’m Jonathan Capehart, Opinion writer for the Washington Post and MSNBC contributor. When African-Americans see the Confederate flag, quite frankly, they see a swastika. I mean, there’s nothing that curdles the blood of an African American than seeing that flag and during the budget crisis, when the government shut down, there were people protesting at war memorials around Washington and they made their way to the front of the White House. One man unfurled a Confederate flag in front of the White House. and I felt compelled to write about that and to show the picture so that people could understand the meaning behind that flag, the sort of sense of menace that all you needed to do in the South was just show that flag and you could render an entire population, an entire race into fear. Well, I would push back and say that this isn’t a new divisiveness, the divisiveness has always been there I think people are just much more aware of it, and that’s the upside of social media — we we know all the confrontations that happen. The other thing is, which I take as a good thing, all of the videos that we have watched People are now able to see with their own eyes, when I say people I mean everybody, able to see with their own eyes what African Americans have been complaining about and trying to get the nation to listen to for decades. And while unfortunately it takes video to get people to sort of understand our common humanity and we wouldn’t want to be treated that way, the fact that we have this The fact that we have this body of evidence to look at, yeah it raises racial tensions. Racism is not an easy topic to talk about, but the fact that we’re talking about it actually is a great thing. The hard part is Moving from talking to actually doing something to make things better. On the individual level, There’s so many people who are doing great things to bring about reconciliation And move their communities forward, but as a nation we are so not there yet.

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  1. Sorry… The Aspen Institute is a Communist organization… Nothing worthy of consideration is published by it.  So I reject this propaganda out of hand.

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