Aspects in Astrology: the Key to Understanding Your Natal Chart

hi guys welcome back to my channel today we are talking about aspects in astrology this has been a video that has an arrested many times and although I touched upon aspects in other videos that I've uploaded onto my channel I have not dedicated a video to aspects solely so here it goes now what are aspects and why should you care about them and where do you start with aspects in general so I'd say the following you have to start by looking at your natal chart I'm going to leave a link in the description box down below it just follow that it takes you to a natal chart generator it's free it's online all you need to do is put in your dates time and place of birth and once you've got your natal chart generated it usually comes with like a list of aspects so what are aspects basically they we present the angular relationships between planets in your natal chart between planets in general but they can also describe the angular relationship between a planet and an important point in the chart such as the ascendant the Midheaven the icy which is like the opposite point to the Midheaven and also the descendant so aspects between planets are super important but also aspects between planets and these four angles of the natal chart are also very relevant now what do a SPECT between planets describe they tell us how the energy of the two planets mixes together so do they work together easily are they prone to collaboration or descent are they going to blend in well are they going to frustrate us because of the way they fail to blend aspects between a planet and an angle have the capacity to imbue what that angle represents very strongly with the energy of that particular planet so let's say for instance you've got Venus training your ascendant then you are very much likely going to be perceived by other people as if having Venus in the first house so depending on where Venus is placed in your chart and from where it's training you your ascendant you might take a great deal of pride and you might also be very well liked so it has to do with how other people see you and how they perceive you in a positive light because if certain qualities that you have it might also have to do with the fact that let's say if you've got Venus in the ninth house and it's training your ascendant you might feel like you are liked and you are appreciated because of your knowledge and because of how wise you are and because of how much knowledge you have acquired throughout your life so that's a way to look at it but let's move on to aspect so there are I would say three major types of aspects in astrology there are different ways to divide them to classify them I'm just gonna try to break it down and make it as easy as simple for you to work with first of all we've got the so-called neutral aspects and the conjunction falls within that so what does neutral mean it means that it's not felt necessarily in like a stressful or in a very beneficial way by the individual it just is it's there and the conjunction falls within that category so I'm gonna tell you all about it now we've got the hard aspects and they are as the name indicates hard why are they hard because they push us out of our comfort zone they make us take on the status quo they make us want to do things in life and to move on from the place that we were born in to because when you've got hard aspect in your natal chart it basically means that you're not gonna be satisfied with the way things are in a certain like area of your life other hard aspects are the apart from the square are the opposition these are the major hard aspects and we've got the minor hard aspects such as this quadrant the semi square the Queen comes or the in conjunct the semi sexes style but I would say first of all focus if you're looking at your natal chart and if you're trying to make sense of it focus on the major aspects more than anything so the conjunction is a major aspect the square is a major aspect the opposition is a major aspect there are also two very positive major aspects which I'm gonna move on to now so the soft or easy aspects and some people like to call them positive I don't necessarily like to use that terminology because nothing in the natal chart is good or bad it just is and it's there for us to decide what to do with it so who says that like good things in life are easy I mean there's that saying that says good things in life come to those who work hard something like that anyway I'm sure whoever invented this had a lot of squares and opposition's in their chart so the easy aspects the major easy aspects are at the trine and the sex style now let's break them down one by one and like I said I'm going to focus on the major ones because I do not want to confuse you too much with the minor ones and most of the times the minor aspects what they do is basically they repeat a theme that is present somewhere else through a major aspect especially when we are talking about natal astrology what we are talking about horror II astrology or like mundane astrology then minor aspects are really quite big just to put it out there let's start with the conjunction now the conjunction is the division of the circle and when I say circle I'm talking about the natal chart because if you've ever seen what your natal chart looks like it's basically a circle now the conjunction is the division of the circle by one and if we first do two planets that are close to each other with an orb so sorry about that guys talking about conjunctions and I'm getting like in conjunct messages comes the conjunction refers to two planets that are usually in the same sign and that are known norm no more than eight degrees apart that is the maximum orb that is allowed so the Orbis basically is the distance that we allow either like before or like after planet and we still take that into account as an aspect even though it's not exact so it's very rare for a person to have only exact aspects exact aspects mean let's say for instance you've got moon at 15 degrees Capricorn and you've also got Neptune at 15 degrees Capricorn so that is an exact conjunction and that is even stronger than one with an orb so it's very relevant in the chart it tells a very important story about your life and about yourself but we'd still consider a conjunction to be there if let's say you've got moon in Capricorn at 15 degrees and you've got Neptune at 19 degrees that's actually me but not the second scenario in the first scenario the 15 degrees Capricorn that's where I've got a conjunction between the moon and Neptune now in a conjunction the energies of the two planets blend together in order to form a new force so it's as if we've got like two substances coming together and after they've like been mixed up you can't actually go back to you can't reverse the process and go back to what they were beforehand so they still retain some of the properties that they had before they went into that mix but they work to create a new force all together conjunctions in a natal chart are usually very important because they generate self sufficiency they generate self motivation and if you come to think of it it's as if you had in one basket several eggs right so the focus in the natal chart is gonna be on that particular area where you've got conjunctions or where you've got like a lot of energy pulled together now the energies of some planets blend easier with similar kinds of planets rather than with others so for instance let's say you've got a Moon Venus conjunction well both the moon and Venus are concerned with femininity and the feminine principle and protection and relationships and nurturing however whilst that's like an easier conjunction to have and to take out with you in the real world so it impacts you both on a psychological level and in turn on a day-to-day level if you have a conjunction between Moon and Saturn well the energies always they don't go as well together because we've got the moon which is concerned with the principle of nurturing with the principle of protection with the past with our needs our subconscious which is like a sea a stream of water and on the other hand you've got Saturn which is like tradition boundaries hard work how can you set up boundaries for emotion it's just not doable or like really hard and very frustrating see so some conjunctions are gonna be felt a lot easier than others but the point is they do channel a lot of energy whatever house they are placed in and whatever sign they are placed in and you cannot avoid them you cannot escape them they are going to be like a force that propels you in a certain direction like I said in a natal chart having a lot of conjunctions leads to a high degree of self-sufficiency and a high degree of motivation conjunctions are motivators because you cannot escape them you cannot even like try to dissect them into the energies that they represented before they entered a conjunction now let's move on to the hard aspects the square and the opposition for the beginner for the beginner astrologer I would say conjunction squares and opposition's are the most important aspects to look at in a natal chart that is because they delineate the life story and the major life themes more than anything else more than the minor aspects more than the easy aspect the opposition is the angular relationship between two planets situated in opposite signs so they are going to be placed at roughly 180 degrees from each other so they are facing each other and we allow again an orb of 8 degrees 4 conjunctions and 4 opposition's in general now the principle of the Opposition is concerned with polarity and Tunis planets that are in opposite signs are usually in the same mode so they're either both in like the Cardinal mode or the fixed mode or the mutable mode so for instance Leo is opposing Aquarius we've got a fixed opposition Aries is opposing Libra and Sagittarius is opposing Gemini we've got the the mutable opposition in the natal chart and in your life basically if you've got an opposition between two planets you have to somehow meet them halfway the challenge there is to give each of the opposing parties enough attention and enough fuel so as to not interfere with the opposing party people who have a lot of opposition's and the natal chart can find it quite hard to decide to take decisions to make up their minds because they can always see the other side of things they can be very good judges and they can be a very good referees because they always listen to the other side of things however they can be a sign of internal conflict now opposition's tend to be reflected mainly in relationships with others because we tend to project on to others what we cannot assimilate in ourselves so let's say you've got a Jupiter Saturn opposition if you identify very strongly with the Jupiter side of things then you're going to project the Saturnian energy which is very restrictive law-abiding very structured very serious you're going to project that into your relationships with others and you might feel like you tend to attract like very serious hard-working tough people who might not contributes to your sense of optimism like I said if you identify very strongly with Jupiter or the other way around so opposition's tempt to be felt mostly in relationships with a significant other or in our relationships with the world in general it's good to have our positions in the natal chart because like I said if you don't have them then you cannot relate to the other party and you can be incredibly subjective having opposition's makes us objective and makes us look at things from the other person's shoes basically and if you ask me that makes us better humans right now if you've got squares in the natal chart and we all have squares Jesus of course we do so squares are incredibly frustrating but also they are the force that propel us forward so squares tend to be squares happen between planets at 90 degrees distance from each other again you can allow an eighth degree orb between them the square is a frustrating aspect because it makes us dissatisfied with the way things are squares are the main motivators in someone's life and if we say that opposition's tend to manifest themselves through relationships squares tend to manifest themselves through an element of the physical world something that we are dissatisfied with something that we just we can't live with it so we're gonna do something about it so whatever you have squares in your uh whatever planets you've got squares in your natal chart in consider them a blessing because they give us the the drive the motivation and the shove forward to progress to do things to take actions to take steps squares can also make us overdo things because it feels like in that area of our life we have to prove something to the world to ourselves but there is something that we need to prove we're not just gonna rest on our laurels because we have not found our laurels yet and we are going to go to great extents in order to make that energy turn it into something tangible now the last point that I wanted to make around squares before I ran out of space on my camera and the video got cut off was the fact that squares happen between planets or angles that are in the same modality so I'm trying there is a square trying to make its way to the real world by me verbalizing it um so for instance we've got a square is happening between cardinal signs so planets and cardinal signs such as let's say you've got your moon in Capricorn and you've got your Mars in Aries now that's an explosive combination or between planets and fixed signs and squares of the fixed signs are probably the hardest to deal with because it's very easy for planets in fixed signs in a square to reach a stalemate and it might feel like no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put into it there's just no moving forward and sometimes an external event has to clear up things and push you in a certain direction now that's it around squares we could talk about them forever but for the purpose of this video I'm gonna keep it short and sweet as short as soon as possible because you know me I ramble only on videos though in real life I'm not that Rambler to be fair let us move on to the softer aspect the trine and the sex style now the trine is an aspect between planets 120 degrees apart from each other we can still allow an eighth degree or but because it's a soft aspect I would only give it more consideration in a chart if the orb or around five ish degrees give or take planets that are in a trying relationship basically hold hands together so they are working very well very smoothly the energy between the two flows easily there is no stopping it it's just like a song it's beautiful and smooth and there's nothing getting in its way and it generally leads to zero productivity because let's face it we grow when we face struggles and when things are hard we don't grow when things are easy and we don't grow in areas where we are naturally in doubt speaking of being naturally endowed trines happen between planets or angles that are in signs of the same element so tribes can happen between planets let's say that are in Sagittarius Leo and Aries or that happen between Scorpio cancer and Pisces so these signs all try on each other a word of caution if you've got planets in Scorpio cancer in Pisces it doesn't necessarily mean that they're gonna try on each other they only try each other if they are placed at roughly the same degree so you know how we were talking about orbs so for instance if you've got a planet at one degree Scorpio and then you've got another planet at 27 degrees of Pisces they're not really gonna try on each other right now trying to indicate areas of natural talent that we take for granted and therefore we don't do too much of it and it can easily go to waste FYI so trines are meant to help us in our life but we tend to be oblivious to our natural talents and we take because we we haven't worked for it we take it for granted and we tend not to use it as much as we use the energy created by a square which is tense and dynamic and sparks something on the other hand if we talk about sextiles sextiles happen between planets 60 degrees away from each other and I would allow like a really small orb like three to five degrees sextiles happen in happen between planets that are incompatible elements but they are not in the same element so sex sounds can happen between planets that are in fire and air or between water and earth now because the energy blends well together of the two planets if this is called a collaborative aspect however we have to keep in mind that it's not planets in the same element therefore they kind of like acknowledge each other more than planets in a trying for instance there I go there you are I wouldn't not normally like hang out with you or be friends with you but I can see that we're getting along pretty well so let's do something about it right um planets and sextiles give birth to creative sparks and because they're a collaborative aspect I would say they can be much more productive in vana drawings now what we need in life in order to make use of the sextiles is the opportunity so that is the main difference between crimes and sex styles so sex tiles can still lead to growth now last but not least I said that I wanted to like lightly touch upon the minor aspect first of all I wanted to talk about the ones that are moe that they are hard but motivating so the semi square planets 45 degrees apart and the cesky quadrant planets 135 degrees apart they are still tense aspects they are very similar in nature to the square however the focus of them of semi squares and sesqui quadrants tends to be more around a very specific niche area of our life and because we're frustrated with it we have to do something about it now the Orb for minor aspects including semi square and semi quadrant is 2 degrees so that's that don't allow an orb bigger than that because it won't mean anything in general with minor aspects what they shine a light on tends to be also present in the chart somewhere else and the theme is present somewhere else through a major aspect as well so the minor aspect only repeats it now the frustrating minor aspect so the ones that we can't really make good use of are the semi sec style and the quincunx so the Sensex style happens between planets 30 degrees apart from each other and the Queen comes between planets 150 degrees from each other and they are frustrating and irritating and we can't really get anything productive out of them because it's as if these planets that are in Queen concern semi sextile they have zero things in common so for instance the opposition is an opposition planets have to be in elements that are compatible so Leo versus Aquarius in a square planets have to be in the same modality so Aries and Libra so Cardinal with planets and semi sextile which are literally like one degree apart from each other they've got nothing in common think of like Aries and Pisces so not the element not the polarity not the modality nothing quincunx same thing so they don't see each other now these the planets in these type of aspects they're like a pebble in your shoe that it's it's kind of annoying it's not your number-one priority to get rid of because you've got bigger fish to fry and I'm looking at the opposition's and the squares but in the long run because you haven't acknowledged the pebble it's created like a hole through your foot right so quincunx is in particular it's also called the in conjunct aspect are associated with health issues because it's the little things that we don't pay too much attention to that end up taking their toll on on our health so planets and queen comes and semi sexes out are out of our field of vision we're not aware of them that's why you don't do too much about them but like I said I if I were in your shoes I'm like moving on with the pebble metaphor I would pay a lot more attention to in the major aspect especially a nail chart astrology and mundane or hoary astrology I would also look at the minor aspects but in natal astrology look at the major aspects and look at the hard ones in particular plus the conjunctions so guys let me know how your natal chart looks like aspect wise let me know which of your aspects you feel the most on a day-to-day basis and if you've got any other questions and our aspects let me know also keep in mind that if you want to get a natal chart reading and get help interpreting all the aspects in your chart you can always reach out to me I'm gonna leave a link in the description box down below and thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe and I shall speak to you soon bye

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  5. Exactly! I have Venus in Taurus in 9th house and it trines Asc(maybe, it depends on how accurate my birthtime was written by med. personal. Also my Venus have no major aspects and I have a South node in 9th house in Taurus and NN in Scorpio in 3rd. Venus 'in shact' pleaseee)))

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  7. Nice video, thank you for sharing! I would love to hear about how to work with T-square aspects, I have two of those in my chart. And I've also been curious about the chiron uranus opposition, from what I've read this is a very common opposition to have in the chart so will be relevant for many, what are your thoughts on the meaning or result of this particular aspect?

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