Aspects in Astrology – Meaning Explained – Conjunction, Opposition, Square, Trine, & Sextile

hey everyone welcome to this video on the aspects of astrology this videos intention here is to help those of you understand more about the aspects in the birth chart which essentially are the configurations between the planets so are the planets next to each other which is like a conjunction are they opposite in opposition you know these configurations really help us work with that planet and work with the energy this is also very important too for transits of course so if you have you know like returns our conjunctions like Saturn returns do you have shrines or squares with Pluto or Uranus or something understanding these aspects can go a long way so it's important to understand here that aspects aren't actually a thing like it isn't visible in the sky you know it isn't something that is really considered a component of astrology the three main components of astrology are planets houses and signs aspects are essentially just getting additional information in terms of the planets particularly and of course the houses and signs once you read into that but it's the configuration of the planets are these two planets in your Charter in the sky easy to work with are they in ease working with two of them or is there more of a clash between the two of them and this represents essentially the aspect of our personality in a birth chart of is it more of a clash or is it more supportive in those two components of the personality like say the Sun and Moon or Venus and Mars you know what is the configuration there so let's go ahead and start by looking at fundamentally what our planet so planets are again either aspects of the personality in the birth chart but also there are experiences so for example Mars type of experiences are the ones that have more to do with self-assertion action removing obstacles right these kinds of experiences and so through these kinds of experiences it does represent the site of ourself that is built through that so it represents that of ourselves so when something is in a certain aspect let's say Mars is in a certain aspect you know is this going to be more challenging for that side of ourself for that assertive side of ourselves is it going to be more easy or is it gonna be more challenging or more easy when it comes to those aspects of our experiences those Mars assertive related experiences so this is basically what aspects are showing is is their ease or is there more challenge when it comes to that either personality characteristic or experience of life now I think it's also important to note that the planets do naturally tend towards imbalance I do believe that as human beings our goal is to strive towards health and growth but of course this requires a sense of balance because there's always an over or under extreme of any energy and a planet is a great example let's take Mars again there the over extreme of Mars might be aggression or anger frustration the under extreme of Mars might be passivity or passive aggressiveness or you know now not feeling confident to express our needs and so both of these are potentials with the energy but the healthy expression of Mars which is that centered approach is that of directness independence assertiveness clarity on who we are what we want these things that are a very important vital part of life so all the planets essentially have this kind of natural tend towards imbalance that we are working on finding the healthy expression of that so this is where aspects come in is is that side of our self ie the planet is this side of our self more easy to work with or more challenging in other words does it tend more towards imbalance or does it tend more towards or is it easier to work with the more balanced side to it right as a more challenging to balance or is easier to check to balance and even with the easy aspects the challenge is to incorporate that easy aspect all right because sometimes we get lazy or we get apathetic you know if it comes easy and there's no real challenge in life isn't challenging us then we may not you know you know cultivate that healthy expression of that planet so it's easy to see it as is there an over you know with whatever the planet is let's against they were analyzing Mars in your chart is are there more challenging aspects with it are there more easy aspects is does it tend to be a little bit more challenging to bring into balance the Mars energy or is it easier to do that or does it require a little more of that intention with that you know intention to to integrate it even though it's easy all right so the the chart essentially is showing these aspects so if you look at in the middle of most charts and if you don't have your chart down in the comments section there's a birth chart calculator using the actual size of the constellations called true side aerial astrology so do check that out if you want to take a look at your chart but in the center of this particular chart in most charts you're gonna see those lines and those lines are going to show essentially what are the aspects and those lines are showing the degree of Association and so let's get into it one of the different lines mean well first of all starting with the conjunction which actually doesn't have any lines is though is when two planets are next to each other so you could say that when they're at 0 degrees right when they're next to each other they're considered conjunct and we use what's called orbs in astrology which is saying okay well then how close does it have to be so usually in Western astrology about a 10 degree orb is given two conjunctions are on either side of of that planet so if we're talking about let's say Mars and Venus if Venus is within 10 degrees on either side of Mars it's usually considered conjunction now every astrologer is obviously going to have a different set of orbs but that is the most popular for conjunctions so when they're next to each other that's the conjunction now looking at the lines when they're opposite each other you're gonna see a red line and it's when they're opposite so same thing in this case they're also given ten degrees for opposition's most astrologers give about ten degrees so again if it's say Mars and Venus if Mars is over here and one one part of the chart Venus is in the completely opposite part of the chart and when she's within ten degrees of that opposite point that's considered an opposition so this can be seen as a hundred and eighty degree 180 degree association between the planets all right and then looking at the other red lines which are called the squares which is when there is a 90 degree association between the two and you'll even see a little red square between the two in the chart down below so this is the ninety degrees this is if you were to see all four planets and a perfect 90 degree relationship and the whole chart it would form a square in the middle which is called the grand cross but it would form that square as well which is where that name sort of comes from but the 90 degree relationship is also a bit in that challenging side and we'll talk a little bit more about each of these when we go through here now the trends are the blue lines that are in a hundred and twenty degree relationship and you also see a little triangle so the blue lines with a little triangle and that's going to be about four houses away from each other that's forming the synergy the trine which we'll talk about and that's on the easier side and then you have what's called sextiles and these are considered minor aspects relative to the other one so the major aspects are going to be your conjunction your opposition those two arguably being the most important then you have your squares and shrines by the way squares and trends are given about an eighth degree orb usually and these four are the ones that are considered the major aspects then you have sextiles which are still used a lot these are at the 60 degree relationship so this is when they're two houses apart and these are considered a little bit to work with kind of like trines but nothing that is completely supportive sextiles are a little bit more about just an opening okay and we'll talk a little bit more about those but they are certainly on the easier side to work with all right so those are the five the four major and then the sex styles that are most often used now you do also have other aspects in astrology you have what's called the semi sex styles which are minor as well I would consider even more minor than the sex styles and that's when you have a planet that's one house away so the relationship there is 30 degrees and then you also have quincunx or in conjunct which is when the planet is five houses away and I can't remember the degree off the top of my head I'll put down the comment section below but that is the relationship there so it's almost an almost an opposition but one house away from that opposition so it's kind of like what a semi sex tile is to a conjunction is the quincunx are in conjunct to the opposition it's one house away from the opposition there I guess that would be 150 degrees right so if you have a hundred and eighty yeah so then the quincunx would be a hundred and fifty degree relationship okay so those are now as you can imagine that's the whole chart right because we've now looked at the whole chart from one house away is the semi sex style two houses away is the sex style three houses away is the square the 90-degree relationship and the the fourth house away is that shrine and then the fifth house away is the quincunx or in conjunct and then the sixth house away opposite twelve houses in the chart six is the opposite that is your opposition and then of course the same thing on the other side now let's talk about okay what do these aspects mean what is a conjunction what's the point of it so again we're talking about is there a tendency towards balance or imbalance with the planet so when it comes to conjunctions this is fell in the chart as a blend of energy that's really the key word with conjunctions is that it's a blend and so in this case it really is going to be determined by the type of planets that are in the conjunction to determine if it's going to be more easy or more challenging because conjunctions are considered inherently neutral in that they are blending so it's more about what is the energy that's being blended is it more challenging or it is easier for example if Pluto is conjunct up to say the moon a very personal planet you know Pluto being a very deep and intense energy makes that conjunction slightly a little bit more challenging to work with collectively just by its very nature now it's still a neutral aspect and a lot of it is going to be determined on our perspective of it in our approach to it are we willing to do the plutonic thing in this case are we willing to dive deep are we willing to see the intensity of the matter or about our feelings and emotions in the past and be non-attached and practiced that these are the kinds of experiences but you can see just by those words Pluto is a very deep planet and so by nature it's going to tend a little bit more towards the challenging to work with but still again inherently neutral that is conjunctions now the key is again to bring balance to it so it's all about incorporating the energy consciously this is really the case for all the aspects but in this case especially the conjunction and to see how we can become aware of them separately because when you have a blend of energy that blends in our personality like Moon and Pluto intense deep feelings you know whatever that is and so the more transformative deeper aspects of life are meshed with the personal and emotional aspects of life so what helps us is to see them as distinct although they aren't for us because it's a conjunction to see them as distinct so that we can work with them to see what is Pluto energy by itself you know Pluto being about empowerment and transformation breaking cycle and so once we become more aware of Pluto energy then we learn a little bit more about how to incorporate that into the moon energy into the emotion since the personal life so being able to separate the two just to have that conscious awareness of it really helps tremendously with helping again find that balance towards the planet involved and this big brings up a really good point for all the aspects it can get confusing looking at all these aspects in the chart so the simplest way of reading these is always take the most personal planet and then look at the aspect relative to that planet so for example we were talking about Musa the moon and Pluto we're not looking at as from Pluto's perspective we're looking at it from the moon's perspective we were talking about it in terms of the emotional and personal personal life perspective another example is if you have say like mercury squaring Uranus mercury is the personal planet here it's the closer so I'm basically if it's closer to the Sun also including the Sun and Moon Sun Moon being the most personal but those inner planets right also very personal so if mercury squaring Uranus we're not gonna look at it from Uranus as perspective because that's a very distant planet very deep part of the personality we're gonna look at it from the mercury perspective how is our mind our mercury related side involved with that is our minds more erratic so these would be some descriptions our mind is more erratic perhaps or uneasy or nervous when there's a square to Uranus so against from the perspective of the mind of mercury or maybe communication mercury related things okay so with this being said so we talked about the conjunction now in terms of opposition's incorporating these how do we incorporate this so opposition's I consider to be more neutral in nature but most astrologers will say it's on the more challenging side no degree it's definitely more on the challenging side but inherently neutral in the sense that the key here is to incorporate these opposite areas which is again going to help us bring balance so let's take the analogy again let's say at let's continue with moon Pluto so if you have the mood on one part of the chart and Pluto in the completely opposite part and they form that opposition this is where we do have a distinct awareness of the two different ones we have a very clear awareness of our emotional inner world the moon as is distinct from the deeper aspects of life Pluto and so this awareness of both is a gift in the sense that we can work with both clearly another really good example this is if you're born during a full moon your Sun and Moon are opposite each other this is the inner world being very distinct from the outer world or the emotional world from the conscious outer conscious world gave us a mind and body and so there's a clarity there can really help us become aware of both as distinct not so much enmeshed right so that's the gift of opposition's as seeing them as distinct but the challenges is of course to balance them because the natural tendency here is going to be to seesaw to do one or the other so with moon pluto it might be to go all into the emotional aspects of life without much depth or you know more about wanting to protect and and have the safe and secure environment but then the other side then it oscillates to the other side of our selves that wants to really dive deep with the feelings and disrupt the feelings you know in such a way that we're connecting to what truly matters most and we're becoming more vulnerable so there's an imbalance here one side that wants the security one side that wants to change and so that's the challenge with the opposition is to is we're already seeing them as separate but to incorporate the two so as where conjunctions were about again a little easier to see them as separate and work with them separately we want to do the opposite with opposition's which is we're already seeing them separate and we want to incorporate the two how can we bring that Pluto depth deeper awareness into the moon energy into our motions the feeling and the personal life so opposition's awareness of both is the gift the challenges is to blend them in incorp right them both because both are needed in that experience or in those experiences all right so those are the two most important I believe as them as the conjunctions in the opposition now the next most the square and the trines now squares like we said that's the 90-degree relationship when there is what's considered a bit of a clash and the reason there is a clash and you can think of it as like two planets squaring up to each other you know that expression squaring up the reason there is is because in the sky when we have these plant these constellations in the 90 degree relationship between constellations represents a very different energy for example Aquarius and tourists are considered in that square relationship and if you know Aquarius is about free spiritedness progressiveness innovation disruption then you have Taurus which is about stability stabilizing security you know this kind of earthy grounded energy that doesn't want to be disrupted so squares are naturally just two energies that are very different from each other more different than an opposition because at least an opposition you're dealing with duality and they're two sides of the same coin with squares it's they're very very different and so the challenge here between the two planets is to be conscious of them as we were saying before it be conscious of them and to intent fully integrate the two energies not because they're opposites but because they're different and so if let's say moon is squaring up to Pluto then there's a very you know there's this sort of clash this is intensity perhaps with the deeper feelings with the deeper plutonic stuff that's more uncomfortable for the emotional body writer for the personal life because they're so different alright these these deep intense experiences are very different from what we're wanting in terms of the security and the emotional fulfillment with the moon so there's a clash it's it's intense sometimes but like for example with Pluto it's intense if it's Saturn maybe it's more serious maybe it's more you know we're feeling more attached or you know this kind of thing but it really brings out the more imbalanced energy the most I would say is with the squares and so that's why it's so important to integrate the two and to have that conscious attention to say okay how can i integrate these two it might be very you know it might be a bit uncomfortable or sometimes very uncomfortable depending on the energy but how can I do this in ten fully consciously I know that I know they're very different but that there is actually an integration point and so in this case would be you know yes there is this value of vulnerability depth and willingness to change that I can incorporate into my personal life or emotional life it may not be easy but I can set the intention to do that and take the actions to do that and to face the fears to do that with Pluto that then can be incorporated ok so setting intention taking action and consciously integrating our really good ways of working with the square alright so now we have the trine which is about synergy in harmony these are on the easier side of things so this is what comes natural and easy so if you have planets that are trining in the chart in your birth chart you know these are these are aspects of your personality that come easy so let's say moon was trying Pluto you would just be naturally willing to you know dive deep with things emotionally and they're probably some changes in your life you'd be probably very not attached to your home life and personal life things of this nature because you have a you know your your again emotional relative to the moon because that's the personal most personal planet relative to your mood to how you feel in the emotions it's easy for you to transform and dive deep and make changes and so because it's easier you're more willing to do that so like I said before though the challenges is that it may become too easy and so if there's anything that you can do to also set intentions with to say okay I have this gift I had this ability to dive deep with Pluto emotionally in personal life at home how can I use this in a way that benefits myself and others more you could say or benefits my life more or the lives of others more and so setting that intention and only help strengthen the trine because again if we're talking about easy energy you know things in life that come easy the challenge is there that they don't grow right they stagnate or they become weak right so I heard a good analogy of like if you help a butterfly come out of the cocoon you know if you strip away the wood you've got the pot or whatever to allow to help the butterfly I'll come out the butterflies too weak to fly if you help the butterfly the butterfly needs that challenge to press through to grow through that pod do you know to to fly to be able to fly and so the the trine is that easier energy so anything we can do to you know be aware of how we can challenge ourself more with that energy with the trine energy can be super super constructive and really help strengthen that trine even more all right so those are the four major ones now you also have the sexes style which is the the opening so this is also a bit of a gift but unlike the trine it is gonna require you to make some choices with the energy what are some choices you know in other words you can choose or choose not to work with it it's there it's maybe easier as an opening it's like a door opening but you have to walk through the door so that's this whole analogy of what comes easy is easy what I would say with the sex style is that it's if it if it's there it may never even integrate into your life unless you actually develop it consciously you know or choose to work with it alright it does require that to be utilized and so if you do choose to there is a bit of support a bit of synergy to help make that happen all right so that's the sextiles there also consider them as gifts but gifts that have to be utilized and developed alright so then this leads us to the two very minor aspects which are the semi sex styles in the Incan junk so you know oftentimes these aren't even used in birth chart analysis but I'm not even sure if they're in the birth to our calculator below but if they are they'll be either dark or light green color if you do want to look at them and by the way the orbs are even less for these so with sextiles the herbs usually about five degrees and so those are minor and five but these are sometimes two and three degrees okay so this is you know how a minor they are but anyways semi sextiles are very different energies that again require a bit of intention like the sextile does very different in the sense of if you if you think of when constellations are next to each other in the sky they're very different right so for example pisces is next to Ares in pisces being water receptive signs very different from that active direct assertive sign and so it does require again that's sort of intention to work with consciously with that because they're very different so it probably tends a little more towards a challenging side some would say it's more on the easier side i'd say it's more important to just know these are very different energies that are an opening like the sextile that you can choose or choose not to again set intentions with and focus on and develop then you have the quincunx or the inc conjunct which is very different energy as well i would say even more different than the semi sextiles because again it's not the opposition on the same spectrum it's like next to the opposition it's the sign next to the opposition so if we take the energy of say aries again where the opposition would be Libra you know aries is about assertiveness directness and the opposite to that is working with relationships and focusing on other's needs and although that is an opposition you know our needs and other's needs what's even more different than that is like virgo and Scorpio relative to aries those are the quincunx relationships so this is how you know with aries which is about our drive our independence and then you have virgo which is about doing the work and self-improvement and nitty-gritty energy and focusing on the details of things which to an aries which just wants to take action and be direct and assert ourself is very very different and so this also does require that just like the semi sextile that conscious intention to integrate but in a transformative sense to really come outside of our comfort zone is the way I would describe it it holds that energy of of transformation and of it being so different that as we are willing to learn more about and explore it more and to improve it a little bit all right we send intentions to improve and get outside of our comfort zone with it but to develop it a little bit then it becomes very constructive and I would say again it's an opening just like the others but in this case very different energy that maybe requires coming out of that comfort so I'm probably the most from all the other ones even though again the square is that more challenging and classy energy this is more of it's just very different kind of energy alright everyone so that is aspects I think that pretty much covers it so if you have any questions feel free to comment down below I hope this was helpful and I'll see you all in the next video series if you do have any specific topics you want to look at comment down below because I do plan on making more videos like this to cover these you know astrological topics whatever it might be alright everyone's have a fantastic day thank you for watching see in the next video

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