Aspect Peel & Stick Tiles Installation by Skip Bedell

hi I'm skip Vidal or here my house talking about backsplash tile and today we're working with a great product that we've been installing in our own home here they're the ashtec peel-and-stick tile now everybody knows that backsplash tiles makes a huge improvement and a big transformation to any kitchen but a lot of times it takes a skilled pilot person or a lot of money or time or special tools and get the job done so we wanted the fun and power that was easy to install and expensive and we came up with a great pile of pass tech ideas comm they make a peel-and-stick tile that comes in various selections of natural stone glass metal they're super easy to install the best thing about this tile is the install anybody can do it I mean any DIY er with no tools very little skills if you have a tape measure or pair of snips you can install this pot it doesn't require higher and a title guy it doesn't require a wet saw or trowel and water and glue in fact you don't even have to grout this here's how easy it is to work with basically take it out of the package you measure it cut it the size and the pair of snips turn it over peel off the back and stick it right on the wall and that's it there's no grout there's nothing more to do and I got to tell you it looks phenomenal what you see right here in this backsplash took us about 15 minutes to do no mess no fluff inexpensive and you get a professional job every time go on to their website at aspect ideas comm check out their full selection of products or you can take a run on down to your local home store like Home Depot or Lowe's they don't carry this product now I saved the best for last the other side of our kitchen because I'm going to show you actually how we do it we're going to finish up the other side with you guys let's take a walk over there and I'll show you how it's done as I mentioned this product is super easy to install the best part about it is all you need is a pair of snips and a measuring tape a pencil and that's about it you're going to measure and cut it to size with a simple pair of snips after you do that you're going to peel off the back and stick it right on the ball so I'm going to show you how we do that with this pile we're going to keep running right all the way down this line just peel off the back it's got very sticky back to it so you don't need any trowel anymore turning in said any of that we're just going to line it up with the title that we already have on the wall make sure the seam is nice and tight stick it on and that's it I know we've got this other piece on we're going to come back and to our horror piece and we're going to notch around the box so you want to make sure the factory edge is cut nice the square always matches up to a factory edge so the best way to do that in this case we're going to take our piece instead of measuring in here putting a cutting edge to the factory edge we're just simply going to flip it over put it into the wall measure where we want to cut we're going to make that cut and then when we do we'll turn it back over the cut side will be in the wall and our back to the factory will work out perfectly let's go ahead and do that now when you're making a cut on this profit again it's super easy you're just going to use the simple pair of snips but a great way to make a nice straight line is to go ahead and take a simple square put it on your product take your pencil mark your one wherever you want to cut watch how easy it is to cut this product the distillery and your slips it was almost like using a pair of scissors it cuts very easy right through this natural stone and that's it it doesn't require any wet saw any special tools and in diamond blades just a simple Paris net now we have our cut edge you want to flip that back over we're going to put that cut edge of the corner where you're not going to see it and our factory is going to line up with a factory perfect seen every time right look at that nice and tight beautiful okay now that we have this in place we're going to come back over here we're going to mark wall outlet what we want to cut that real simple two nice cuts here with the snips one and two now I think for this case you might want to use a utility knife which is real easy go into the back we're just going to cut that piece of backing take that piece out there we have our notch for our electrical box all right like it was custom fit every time Oh well as you can see the kitchen came out great using aspect peel-and-stick tile you want to check out their products get on down to your home improvement center or check out their website to see a full lot of all their finishes textures and colors and all the products they have to offer on aspect ideas calm

14 thoughts on “Aspect Peel & Stick Tiles Installation by Skip Bedell

  1. This is so gorgeous, I didnt even know this was a kitchen until i saw the stove at the end. I though it was fancy bar or so. Great job, I'm so doing this right now after watching this video. Thanks

  2. dark tile….use lite colors and its harder hiding seams ect. i bought the brushes aluminum. i got 2 corners and tile dont look like they cut spectacular on anything. stuffs he using you can cut away cause dark color will hide alot.

  3. I used this but in Ivory Marble color for my fireplace remodel and it was awesome! I did grout between mine though and it looks incredible

  4. I’m buying whatever Skip is selling….😊 👍seriously though I’m going this route instead of the traditional tile. I think it would match well with my green granite countertops. I did price comparison & the best deal is on Overstock…thanks Skip, you’re a rock star.

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