Asleep in 60 seconds: 4-7-8 breathing technique claims to help you nod off in just a minute

the famous four seven eight breath the relaxing breath that I teach to all patients and doctors and students and Friends another yoga breathing technique and this you try to keep your tongue in the yogic position touching the tip of the tongue to the ridge of tissue just behind your upper front teeth like that and try to keep it there the whole time you breathe in quietly through your nose to a count of four and you hold your breath for a count of seven and then blow air out forcefully through your mouth helps if you purse your lips out and you make a whoosh sound when you do that so the exercise begins by letting all the air out through your mouth then you close your mouth breathe in silent we need to account a for hold your breath for a count of seven out through your mouth audibly to a count of eight and you will repeat this for four breath cycles looks like this that's it you must do this at least twice a day you can do it more frequently if you want but never more than four breath cycles at one time at least for the first month after a month if you're comfortable with it you can increase the eighth breath cycles and that's the absolute maximum it's desirable to slow the whole exercise down as you practice it what limits you is how long you can comfortably hold your breath but as you practice that you'll get better and better at it and after doing this for 4-6 weeks you can begin trying to use it for things if somebody says something that pushes your button you do this exercise before you react it's a great way to deal with cravings that's a great way to help you fall asleep if you get up in the middle of the night for any reason get back in bed you do the exercise you'll fall asleep easily after 2 months 3 months of regular practice there are very significant changes that happen in physiology this lowers heart rate it lowers blood pressure improves digestion it is a very powerful anti anxiety measure in fact much more powerful than the anti-anxiety drugs that are commonly prescribed takes no time needs no equipment very time and cost effective everything to recommend it so I urge you to begin practicing this

20 thoughts on “Asleep in 60 seconds: 4-7-8 breathing technique claims to help you nod off in just a minute

  1. Wow this really does work! I have problems with falling asleep since I was a kid so I obviously didn't sleep it I did feel much sleepier

  2. Does work. I tried a similar technique before I had to make an important presentation. Calmed me down, gave the best talk of my life in front of a room full of VIPs that included my boss. You can make fun of it, but take advantage of it anyway.

  3. me, trying to focus on the exercise: 1…2…3…4…


  4. I cannot sleep when it’s night, as soon as it starts getting light outside I can fall asleep within minutes. I’m so desperate for a decent sleep I’d even consider smoking dope again lmao.

  5. Nothing works I’ve tried everything I did hypnosis meditation 4-7-8 idk what to do someone help me😭

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