ASL 2 Deaf Organization Video- National Deaf Children’s Society

Hello my name is Rebekah Today I’m going to be talking about a deaf organization What is my organization? The National Deaf Children Society or NDCS Where is NDCS located? It’s located in the UK, with offices in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. How did NDCS start? On December 15, 1944 a group of London parents with deaf children united to support deaf children. Who does NDCS serve? They serve deaf children and young people. What does NDCS do for the Deaf community? They support deaf children and young people by giving them, their families and professionals information to help deaf children succeed the same as hearing children. What is NDCS’s mission? To remove barriers to achievement for deaf children worldwide Interesting Info: they host over 15 different charity events every year. Thank you for watching!

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