Ask the Vet: Get Fit with Your Pup

the following portion of daytime Blue Ridge is sponsored by we all know that getting more exercise is good for us but it’s also extremely beneficial for our four-legged friends as well and here to tell us about a great event to get fit with Fido is dr. Courtney we guard from Vinton veterinary hospital thanks so much for joining on you you know you have brought on possibly the most popular guest we’ve ever had I think she’ll perfect this is Arthur he is a 10 week old Shepherd mix he’s got two he and his sibling that are being fostered are already spoken for but he has two siblings who are available for adoption at Franklin County Humane oh my and he is my freshness I know you just like having the real baby he is absolutely precious those eyes okay so he’s not available but two siblings are and they look at me some very shepherd markings or they’re gonna be pretty good sized dogs okay so cute dead behind but go see them last long that’s for sure all right so you’re here to tell us about an event getting fit with Fido yes aha tell us about it so we decided to collaborate Vidhan vet hospital is collaborating with fleet feet of Roanoke local Roanoke gem we recently had a staff meeting there where we got shoes for our staff and inserts and we thought wouldn’t it be fun to collaborate with each other and do something to promote fitness for humans as well as dogs and we know that you know fitness for humans it’s very great for us we should do it but let’s talk about the benefits that there are for animals so just like humans obesity is an epidemic in animals as well so they find the animals will live years longer when they’re slim when they have exercise when they’re well muscled they have good nutrition so years for a dog could be 20 years for us so think about that we want them to live forever and sadly they don’t so wouldn’t it be great just simply going out and exercising with your dog can have benefits to last a lifetime for them yeah and you mentioned nutrition you’ll be talking a lot about nutrition because that’s a big component as well correct I can show you’re feeding the right thing yeah it’s tough for us as humans yes but good foods are our bodies it’s equally as hard for a dog’s I want to spoil them and and in our minds you know the table food is a good idea because that’s boiling them well people don’t realize is when you give a little tiny treat a little piece of cheese or a little piece of that steak that you’re eating it’s like giving a Big Mac Wow if you don’t think about the calorie content in just a little piece like this little treat I mean he’s gonna take a while to get through this but this is a big deal lots of calories in this so they add up very quickly okay and then let’s talk supplements because we take supplements is that something that’s available for animals is what it is been finding the right one so we’ll have all kinds of information about you know if you feel like you’re not getting the right nutrition what else can I give fatty acids omega-3 omega-6 is those are all fish oils all very popular around human side but also popular now on the veterinary side and the health benefits of those are astronomical okay I’m sort of paying attention to you watch this one over and over again okay chronic pain that’s something that we suffer from dogs can – oh absolutely and what’s what’s important to know – is that your dog might not tell you or show you signs of it so you have to be it can be really subtle so some things even animals with chronic pain need to get out in exercise to get in the blood flow to the joints getting those legs moving it’s actually very very beneficial to combating pain and fighting off inflammation so even if you’re not running on the green we’re walking take them down to the river let them splash around a little bit water therapy is excellent for animals suffering from osteoarthritis oh okay talk about all kinds of stuff you can do okay so tell us when and where it’s Wednesday June 13th 13th the right after hours the staff at fleet feets gonna stay around it’s free space is limited so they encourage you guys to people to sign up you don’t have to be a client at Benton we encourage everyone in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas to come check it out the whole there will be a whole crew from Benton bet there we’re gonna have swag bags cool everybody loves swag thank you appreciate it yeah all right

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